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Leslina Fanelli is a Tarot Counsellor, a Spiritual Facilitator and a qualified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of New England. Leslina was born in Sydney, Australia where she  studied the esoteric arts with the Rosicrucian Master Berj Panikian. She also undertook psychic art studies at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted in the U.K.

Leslina’s Rose Journey began in 1991  when she undertook a Rose Seichim workshop with Dr Christine Henderson in Sydney. At that time she was initiated into the Sisterhood of the Rose and is of the Pink Rose group of teachers and healers.

Leslina resides most of the year in a cottage near Terracina, an hour south of Rome. She grows a variety of roses and  works with the colours and beauty of the Italian landscape to create collages and visuals based on the Sacred Rose.

Leslina has developed THE ROSE SISTERS ORACLE DECK, an esoteric tool which uses symbology and perceptions of the Sacred Rose for readings and consultations.

Leslina also uses astrology in combination with the Oracle Deck to clear  past life and karmic patterns.

A new version of the Rose Sisters Oracle Deck with a detailed guidebook will be released in late 2018.

Card sets can be ordered through this page or by contacting Leslina direct on

She also offers Rose Soul Readings and Rose Soul Healings on Skype/WhatsApp using the Rose Sisters Oracle Deck.

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My rose journey began in Hong Kong many years ago when my local friends introduced me to the Divine Feminine in the form of Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin as the Goddess of Mercy opened my understanding of the expansive energy of the goddess in her many special forms. It was some years later that I realised that my life’s work was to gather the myths and legends of the sacred rose and to interpret, teach and write about them. For this purpose I have travelled extensively locating records both ancient and modern as the basis of my rose work. Currently I enjoy training people all over the world as Rose Alchemists. The subject of my latest books, the Rose series, is presented in the form of a sequence of six books and several workbooks which signal the re-emergence of the esoteric rose energy into contemporary life. The beautiful rose energy can help all of us to change and develop and grow.

As an innovator and writer my focus is on assisting individuals to achieve their fullest potential in the face of life’s challenges. I provide assistance in a number of ways – by training dedicated individuals to be Rose Alchemists through the agency of Rose Reiki, Rose Seichim and Rose Alchemy, by activating memories and the rose codes of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose predominantly through my course ‘The Rose Revolution,’ by creating unique Rose Poems for special purposes, by accessing the Rose Akashic Records, by providing a link to the Rose Council or by developing a Rose Sacred Journey for individual needs.

Please listen to the YouTube links on my web site and read the rose articles. And should you be drawn to the rose energy please contact me for further information on 61-(0)424-949-742 or e-mail
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I was born in South Africa but have lived with my family in New Zealand for 21 years. Married with two daughter, a son, 2 grandsons and another grandbaby on the way. Have a nursing degree but spent most of my working career in sales and marketing of medical devices. I read my first books on Atlantis when I was 18- I was inexplicably fascinated by this lost world. I explored many religions around this time trying to find something that felt right to me. Study, marriage a career and a huge move to a new country got in the way of my seeking and it wasn’t until I turned fifty that I made some tough decisions and resumed my spiritual quest. I found much solace in my Reiki and became a Reiki Master. About 5 years ago I had a soul reading done for me by Judith Kusel. In it she had written that I was part of the great Sisterhood of the Rose. Those words seemed to come alive and leap out at me so I started doing some research. My research led me to Cris and the magic of the beautiful Rose energy. I have never looked back and it is the primary focus of my spiritual growth; I live it, breathe it, am guided by it – I am a sister of the Rose.

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Robyn Adams incarnated onto the planet this time in Toowoomba, a peaceful city on the Darling Downs of Queensland, Australia. Schooling was mainly in Brisbane and began travelling the world at age 19. Main highlight was participating in an archaeological dig in Israel at Masada in early 1964, which gave me my lifelong interest and love of archaeology and ancient history. Finally graduated as a mature aged student in 2008 from UNE, Armidale, as an archaeologist.

After marrying in 1968 I spent many years living as an expat wife in several countries, before returning to Australia where my spiritual journey began, as so many do, following my marriage breakdown, for which I am very grateful.  Needing to have some sort of career I studied for 4 years to qualify as a Naturopath and worked for many years in a Health Resort called Crystal Lodge in Katoomba. I lived in Melbourne in the early 1980s which was humming with spiritual awakening and teachings. Whilst listening to Paul Solomon, in a crowd of over one hundred people, a shaft of light zapped me through my crown chakra and I have never been the same since. Some called me a walkin but I believe it was my higher self settling into my consciousness. My first spiritual journey was with a group led by Paul to Egypt in 1981, where I received my note, name and purpose in a small pyramid behind the main ones at Giza. So began my Earth Walking life.

In 1986 I left Melbourne and married Philip, who owned the retreat centre of Belltrees (later renamed Glastonbell) in the upper Blue Mountains west of Sydney, in 1987, where I remained until 1993. In the meantime I made several spiritual journeys Earth Walking various lands and becoming conscious of sites of power, ancient energy vortices and grids around the Earth. Whilst at Belltrees, messages from the Spiritual Order of Malta began to come into my consciousness and in 1991 I made my first journey to Malta, to find it actually existed. Whilst there I was contacted by The Sisterhood of the Rose at the 5000 year old temple of Ggantija on Gozo, and asked to write a book of remembering for the Sisters scattered around the planet, as it was time for the Sisterhood of the Rose to be reactivated.

For several years I wandered around the Earth, living in various countries, spreading the Rose essence and empowering people with its perfume, until I settled in Yamba on the north coast of NSW in 1999, where I have lived ever since, using it as a base to rejuvenate myself in between journeys.

A few years after my book was published in 2004 the Rose seemed to lose momentum, so I wrote another book called The Golden Disc, a fictitious spiritual adventure. A couple of years ago I met Cris Henderson and Leslina Fanelli who injected new life into the Sisterhood and were already playing their part in its resurrection. Now the ripples are pulsing around the planet, energising many more Rose Sisters to join this great ancient group.

Recently I made a pilgrimage back to Egypt and Malta, where I have been released from further Earth walking and can now concentrate on The Sisterhood of the Rose, and perhaps write a sequel.

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Linda Raven lives in the United Kingdom and supports humanity’s Sacred Heart awakening in remembering who they are, by offering support and guidance to help others transform their lives and empower themselves through healing the Hearts wounding of the past and integrating the shadow for the embodiment of our heart-centred divinity. 

The Black Rose is deep soul work and offers a Path to Love and Freedom and alchemical transformation in service of the soul, and also further assists us for our opening to and anchoring the Diamond Codes of Light from the higher realms to embody the crystalline frequency at a cellular level within. 

The Rose and Path of the Heart came into my life in 2011 at a time of personal crisis. The Black Rose was born from the Love and courage to go deeper and do my inner soul work, and was brought forth after healing my own Heart wounding through the experience of my own Dark Night of the Soul. 

I have remembered and reclaimed the lost parts of me, the acceptance of it all, and learning to forgive myself. I remember all those feelings of hurt, pain, fear, betrayal and separation from this life and other lifetimes and learned to Love those too. And in becoming conscious of it all, this consciousness is my new expression at a time when humanity needs to acknowledge their suppressed emotions to heal their personal and collective shadow. 

My role now is one of service, offering transformational healing through the Black Rose teachings and Light Transmissions, Core Wound healing, and emotional Alchemy via Skype, and sharing loving guidance for self awareness, self Love, and healing the Heart of “shadow” and Core Wounds and awaken to Cosmic and Galactic consciousness. I also write a Blog to deliver Love’s healing messages and now dedicate my time to sharing the hidden knowledge, wisdom and gifts found within the “darkness” of our life’s challenges and crisis’s – including the mind/body connection in illness and disease.  

As a sister of the Rose, Linda is an anchoress of the Diamond and Black Light frequency, and founder of the Black Rose Teachings, Black Rose Light Transmissions, Temple of the Black Rose gatherings, and authoress of the Book of Love – The Black Rose. 

Teacher, healer and energy worker for many years, her training includes being initiated as: a certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, Warrior of the Light Practitioner in new Shamballa, a Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner and Counsellor, Accredited Meditation Teacher and a public speaker at major Mind, Body and Spirit Events. She also holds Diplomas in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, Spiritual Response Therapy and NLP.

Further information of the Black Rose can be found on my website at

If you are drawn to the Black Rose or want to deepen into the Black Rose path, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me via the Contact Page on the above website

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Rita is working as a beautician over 20 years and offers holistic wellness services. She is also a Shindo Pro®Instructer, Rose Alchemist™, ALH Angel Light Hypnosis™ -therapist and a Sister of the Rose.

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Noelene Kelly is an energetic healer, teacher and co-creator of the new Earth. She has made more conscious connection with her Rose lineage over the past decade. As she opens her Rose Heart petal by petal, and embodies more of her soul light, her work amplifies.  She is a Soul Whisperer who assists others retrieve their soul fragments in and through transforming inner patterns that no longer serve.

Her practice draws on the riches of the wisdom traditions, especially the mystical elements of those traditions be they Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Shamanic and so on.  It also draws on her psychoanalytic knowledge.

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Greetings – I’m Rose, yes thats really my name.

I’m a seasoned practitioner of the ancient arts for 30+ years and a card reader and spiritual counselor. I own an esoteric/occult shop called The Holy Rose In Raleigh, NC which is anchored by The Magdalene and The Lady of Avalon.

And after 5 years of business I found Cris and SOTR. And everything made sense! I live an incredibly busy and full life with a husband and 3 very fluffy cats. We have two grown boys whom are married and off on their own and so we enjoy traveling as much as we can between the demands of my shop and clients and his career.

I enjoy being outdoors in the mountains or walking the ocean shore as much as possible, but quiet time in my garden is every bit as magical. I’m currently working on bringing to life for all to be able to share a Grimoire of Rose Magic, but its much more of an undertaking than I ever imagined.

The SOTR has brought more meaning and expansion within my life and the readings and counseling I do for others than I had anticipated and for that I’m blessed. Meeting Cris and Leslina and my affiliation with SOTR has been one of my greatest gifts and I am so honored and to be here and a part of it all.

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Nilüfer Aliyanah

I live in France, near Saint Maximin la Sainte-Baume. A place where the lineages of Mary Magdalene, her sister Sara Kali and the black virgins left a strong imprint.

For many years, eager to follow in their footsteps, I am interested in spirituality as well as in the sacred feminine.

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My name is Venus Ascending and I come forward with the Golden Rose. I found the Rose during a deep meditation where I was visited by a divine being by the name of Roslyn who showed me with the use of Golden Light how the planet Venus moves in the divine pattern of the Rose. I then remembered a dream I had where I was told my true name was ‘Venus’ which I have now adopted as my spiritual/magical name. All of these incredible happenings shifted the energy in my life like never before and as more and more synchronicities began to unfold (like a Rose) I was overwhelmed so decided to do some research about the Rose where I found Cris Henderson and her incredible work which continues to amaze me to this day. 

Along my Rose path thus far I discovered that Poseidon is my twin flame and guide and that I am also very blessed to be deeply connected to the energy of the Rose Mermaid. For this series of videos my aim is to delve deeper into Poseidon’s teachings and allow each and every person the chance to know and more importantly remember their inner Rose Mermaid. 

Watch the video –  “Rose Mermaid~ A Sacred Journey”