There are so many poems
I could write
if only
you were not an ocean away
but your eyes are like
a ripple into the sea
and the words you’ve held on to
left your body
shipwrecked and crinkled
If only your fingers
could find mine
underneath the ocean
underneath the surface
beneath the soil
the fire the land
where reality fills a gap
where imagination
sinks in
The world may pull
you from your sleeves
but Atlantis
can reach you
from the weakest parts
of your knees
to the lines on your
There are so many poems
I could write
if only
you were not an ocean away
If there was an alternate universe
I would be writing
your name across the
spider web stars
I would dig into the deepest
parts of your mind
where you keep all
of your bad thoughts
I would collect each of them
with my bare hands
and I would remind you
“this is how I fell in love
with you.”

Annisa Vincent Sep 2013

There is much written about Atlantis; some believe it fanciful but more and more proof of its existence is beginning to emerge. There is also growing evidence that it was the survivors of the fall of Atlantis that populated and indeed significantly accelerated the development of humans in many areas of our earth. Some theorise that The Atlanteans were from different stellar systems involved in a developmental experiment; others believe the first Atlanteans were a secular spiritual cult that used mysticism and magic to create paradise on earth. We can all only theorise and accept the version that best resonates with our inner knowing.

Regardless of what we believe to be true, Atlantis existed possibly 30 000 years before the birth of Christ by current reckoning – why then do we as a group keep harking back to it? Why our fascination with this mystical place? Why is it such a focal point for the Sisterhood of the Rose.

As is my wont, when I am faced with something I don’t understand I meditate and ask. I accept that the answers I get are my own inner knowing and thus very personal and will probably differ from the views of everyone else. I also want to say, before I go on, that I have purposely not watched the clip that Robyn has so generously forwarded – I didn’t want it to cloud what I felt from my meditations – I will watch it keenly after.

I believe that the reason we are all so fascinated with Atlantis is because it is the seat of our collective soul wound, our Rose wound. I believe that this is where our hopes and dreams were shattered and we were introduced to the concept of separation and duality in its cruellest form.

The version of Atlantis that most resonates with me now follows:

I believe that Atlantis was first “colonised” by the Lyrians. The Lyrians were a quiet, reserved, academic group. They built the original Atlantis and then observed the humans around them much the same way David Attenborough watches wildlife. You hear and feel his passion for them but he never interferes. He watches and then uses what he has seen to inform others or to help others make better choices for the planet. The Lyrians were there for quite some time observing and slowly developing their humans. Contact between the humans and Lyrians was very limited.

Then the Sirians came along. They were altogether different. They were the Steve Irwins of the universe. They liked to get directly involved, get their hands dirty so to speak. The Sirians were extrovert, dominating, very loyal beings and there was soon quite a bit of tension between the two groups. To add fuel to the smouldering fire, the humans who had been significantly educated and developed by the Sirians were now wanting more. They wanted access to the energy and healing sources of the Sirians. The Sirians took this as a sign of ingratitude and disloyalty.

The Sisterhood was formed at this crucial time. A call went out for volunteers from a number of Stellar groups to come in and help diffuse the tensions. There were a mixture of male and female energies that responded. The energy that was needed and which we each agreed to embody, was that of the Rose and the stellar beings who were to oversee this project of reconciliation was the Rose Council. The Sisterhood of the Rose had the task of working with the Sirians and Lyrians. It was thought that perhaps the more gentle female energy would be less threatening to the Sirians and indeed most of the Sisterhood were from Sirius so understood the dynamics of the groups really well. For a time things seemed to progress and it looked like the situation was going to be diffused. The Sisterhood grew into their roles and became teachers, healers, negotiators, planners and filled many respected posts in Atlantis, all the while retaining their original guiding principles of unconditional love and a belief in oneness; the essence of the beautiful Rose energy which we have embodied.

The now very sophisticated humans became more problematic. They had none of the finer energies of the Lyrians and Sirians; their guiding principles were survival of the fittest and a drive for more. They would not rest until they had access to Atlantis’ energy sources. The Sirians, at that stage the dominant leadership presence in Atlantis could take no more, would take no more. The Sisterhood did everything they could to intervene. They tried to calm the Sirians and at the same time to negotiate with the humans; tried to warn the humans of the consequences of pushing the Sirians too far. To no avail.

Sadly it was at this point that the growing fears and tensions started forming rifts within the sisterhood who began to take sides and apportion blame – concepts that up to this point had been foreign to them. Those from Lyra believed there shouldn’t have been interference in the first place. The Sirians pointed out how much progress had been made since the Sirians had arrived. Others sided with the humans and believed they should have access to the energy sources – they had earned the right. Subgroups began to form within the Sisterhood along with feelings of mistrust – the beginning of our Rose wound.

The Sirian leaders reached a point of no return. They had the power to manipulate asteroids and did.

Fair warning was given to a select group who left Atlantis. The rest suffered the same fate as the general inhabitants of Atlantis. The Asteroid broke into many pieces as it entered the earth’s atmosphere resulting in a number of direct hits on Atlantis as well as huge tidal waves. Atlantis was totally destroyed and the vast number of its inhabitants with it. Some escaped and were able to regroup in different parts of the world to start again and share their knowledge and expertise.

The catastrophic demise of Atlantis did bring the sisterhood together again in a united front for a time, but I don’t feel that things were ever the same again.  We became more human than Goddess energy through various incarnations and although we have still been able to unite in times of trouble and need, we have also had our own karmic issues to deal with through our now many incarnations.

I believe that by revisiting Atlantis now, we are able to really look at our original wound. We can acknowledge that as much as we wanted it to be, the Sisterhood hasn’t always been one of endless love and light. We can acknowledge that we are all different beings who have down the ages given it our best shot, have risen to the call and agreed to incarnate together at various times to assist not only the earth but to assist each other back to our original principle of unconditional love and oneness. We need to celebrate our differences rather than try and conform to an idea of what a “Sisterhood“ should be. The opportunity this group has to interact with each other and share our deepest beliefs and feelings is something wonderful indeed. We are certainly not run of the mill women and many if not all of us have had to hide our true feelings and beliefs for fear of being thought odd, doolally or generally weird– I’m sure many more negative expressions have been bandied about.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for us to heal our Rose wound and help each other up and back to the light. It’s an opportunity to express ourselves freely and safely and without judgement; to be loved, accepted and respected for who we are and what we can contribute. I feel privileged indeed to be part of this collaboration, this sharing; to be able to read other women’s thoughts, ideas, memories and insights; to feel the energy in their words and the love behind them. Writing as we do makes us very vulnerable – I don’t think I could do this in any other forum and for your love and acceptance I am truly, truly grateful.




I don’t know about anyone else – I am tired of being in the shadows –  as well as this when I look back on my recent life I find that on many occasions I have allowed other people – interestingly enough many of them women – to bully me – and this has  got to stop.  Partly this was because I did not know where I was headed – and so I put up with it – in one case it was two women who both denigrated me in a way that I still feel as painful – and interestingly enough I regarded these people as my very close friends.

If you knew me in person you would wonder at my saying this – you all know I have had to be fearless during the opening of the rose in my life – you know my spirit and I don’t know if you can feel anything from that other than the love I bear for the women in this group – the gentle graceful gradual enhancement of our relationships means the world to me – and I watch and learn from you all every day.  In the meantime I am aware of the big changes in your lives and what it has meant to all of you to stand up and be counted. And this is why I decided to remind you – and myself – of the earlier influence of the Atlantean Circus in our lives – and the reason why bullying can become an issue.

At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth. This pattern began in Atlantis – it began in Circus, Circus – where we were ridiculed by the Ring Master and his cronies – so much so that many of the participants in the circus have followed us down the timeline to this life.

In fact just recently I found someone who was interfering with my energy flow and who was actually a ringmaster in Atlantis – for me there has not been just one ringmaster alone – there are many who have taken this form and come and gone throughout my life – so the ringmaster as I see him is a personification of a form of vitriolic threatening energy which has let up a pattern for us to endure and which challenges us to change. 

We have all inherited an expectation of criticism and being belittled for who we really are– and this came originally from the Circus – however now it is possible to live in a relationship free of blame or criticism – and I am grateful that the Circus appeared in my consciousness to show me what we had endured in our earlier struggles – and to also show me how to move out of this pattern for all time.

For those of you who do not know of the Circus and wish to know more please contact me – for those of you who can remember – please know that the Circus also limited our creative expression. Knowing about it – and really feeling into its vibration – not just knowing it on the surface – can solve many of our current problems including those directly related to our creativity. 

We have also been haunted by the shame of our bodies as revealed in the Circus – this is over now – it is at an end. Many have said that the past lives were over long ago.  Perhaps they were – however I am still conscious myself of these echoes from the past although now their energetic influence is very much in decline.

If you are experiencing interesting changes in your body it is also wise to check in with the Circus and see if you were hurt in any way when you were forced to perform.  See who was with you then – see who had your back – see who joined the ringmaster and gleefully participated in your torture – you can always use the old favourite declaration – show me – and then you will see an interesting pattern of light and dark that may well be showing up in your life right now.  However the brilliant way of moving through this is to know that once you find the pattern you can change it – you can say – look this is it – whatever it takes I am changing this for all time – if I am too much for people –too bad – I am not going to restrict myself anymore and wait for others – I am off – I am going – I am moving – I am changing – I am soaring – I am flying. 

Once you do this and you are not fettered by the chains of the circus then the energy changes are truly magnificent! And remember if you break free then other sisters will as well!

As well as this you may wish to shift into a direct experience of appreciation – let appreciation and gratitude mingle with the declaration of your complete independence that you creating at this time – and soon as you begin to bring this energy into your bloodstream it will grow stronger – it will change the patterns – and it will expel fear and hesitation from your body, mind and spirit – and from your consciousness – for all time.

As a result of what we have been through we must understand that our body intelligence has gained in potency. It is the best personal guide we have to help us to open to the new energies.  Our bodies – our beautiful abused shamed neglected denigrated bodies – oh please tell your body as you read this that you love her more than anything else in this entire world – tell her you are sorry for the abuse you have given her – as well as for the abuse that has been heaped on her by others – cry if you must – release the tension and the shame – stand tall and proud as a Sister of the Rose – be at one with your glorious body and thank her for everything she has done for you.

She kept going through the shame of the Circus performance – look now once again and see if you know this ringmaster – or perhaps he is changing and he is morphing from one person to another.

As you do this ask yourself – what action step can I take to loving my body today? What can I do for her to tell her that I understand her dilemma?  What can I do to explain to her that she no longer needs to be in flight or fight mode?  What can I do to reassure her I am no longer going to indulge in the restraint and mimicry imposed by others?

Feeling safe in the company of others is a feature of our lives – whilst you may feel comfortable in company – there will come a time when you will leap forward from this phase and stand alone becoming even stronger and brighter in terms of your truly brilliant shining light.

We are now approaching the time which will be the game changer for all of us! So understandably we may feel a bit on edge with the energy – we are going to change and become almost unrecognisable – we are in that process now – so let’s keep going – we have come this far – we cannot stop now.

Now that you have understood this phase and seen the influence from Atlantis please demand respect in all your relationships.  I am mentioning this again because it is important and I would like to hear from you on this – I don’t know if you have been bullied lately – I have – people with whom I normally get on so well have turned on me and abused me at a time when I was really down and worried – and now I can thank them – they brought with them a shade – a shadow – a watcher – an observer from the past who was still there – still lingering on just a breath of energy because I had not come right into the light – I was still partly obscured – I still – after all this time – was hesitant to show my colours – and now I can – so thank you to the bullies in my world –and I run the ho opono pono to release me from your clutches for all times and in all places – and I  thank the rose and the goddess for Atlantis and its circus – without you I would have remained in my shadow safe and secure yet limited for all times! 

We are opening to the planet of dreams – to our old home base on Sirius – and here we find universal knowledge, great mysteries and divine grace which will push us to open to the unknown to live with faith – and once we have reached Sirius – we can fly beyond that and into another phase of glorious reawakening!

 Change is happening.

Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist


If you have not read the Young Adult book ‘Prospero’s Children’ perhaps now is the right time.  It is a piece of pure magic – a fantasy based on Atlantis – and a key to our understanding of what really happened.  In terms of the descriptions of Atlantis alone never have I read a finer more accurate rendition – it brought back to me a range of extraordinary memories and it highlighted the nuances of the energy of Atlantis that still remain with us until this day. ‘Prospero’s Children’ is written by Jan Siegel.  I highly recommend it.

Cris Henderson Rose Alchemist


Hi Janet I spoke with Cris about the following and she asked me to send it to you for the news letter…I had this vision 2 years ago before I found the Sisters. I had no idea what it was about but now I know it was Atlantis falling….

We were all on the tallest of many beautiful green rolling hills. The air

Was pure and sweet and I could hear the ocean in the distance. I was standing with the man who is my husband today ( as he has been through the ages) he was and still is a giant of a man, he was dressed in emerald green and and golden robes and glints of golden armor peeked from under the heavy robe, he had long dark beaded hair and was a powerful presence he is today a Knights Templar…then I believe they were called Paladin Warriors, I was dressed in flowing white, I looked much like I always have. Our young son of 3-4 was with us I was holding his hand. He was mine and Johns then which was much forbidden. He is our child today too though now 21 and extremely gifted spiritually. There were 3 Holy Men of some sort before us. The mood was sad, intense and worrisome. The Holy Men told John it awash time and John then let out a sort of loud screeching call. And above us from the sun itself it seemed a massive golden eagle circled once and then landed upon Johns arm. The Holy men handed John a scroll and John gave it to the eagle and whispered something in a lilting beautiful language to it and then with a cry it took off into the sky. Another circled and landed . And he did the same. And then a third and he did the same again. After the last one the Holy Men told John the boats were ready and we’d better hurry and go. John picked up our son. I had tears running down my face. I knew I had to be apart from the other sisters as my being with them would only place them in more danger. John was taking us somewhere secret ( I know now we were going to Jerusalem and then Egypt) I was heartbroken to be leaving. And that was the end of my vision.

Like I said this was 2 years ago. I’m glad the pieces finally fit.

Many blessings

Rose Henderson


Hello Sis-Stars,

I have felt a strong nudge to share something here…if it does not resonate let it go. I have a set of Galactic Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal Holt , a divination system to tap into our Star lineage, karmic patterns, and lessons brought to Earth in this life. A wonderful deck to learn about our Galactic heritage.

She also wrote a book called the Prism of Lyra – Lyra supposedly attempted integration with the star systems of Vega and Sirius. The Fall of Atlantis and on going religious wars are supposedly memory patterns from Orion that need to be cleared. From what I can understand Earth is still playing out Orion’s past in an attempt to balance itself. There is mention of Lemuria, the Pleiades, Arcturus and Zeta Reculi too.

Thanks again Janet for your time and effort you are putting into the newsletter. If I can get something to you in time I will.

Freyja, thank you for having the courage to be vulnerable and share about your waves of depression with us all. I see you. If I can be of assistance, please ask.

Love and blessings to all,

Linda Red heart


Dear Roses,

Love reading your meditations, seem to be a variation on a theme of the white rose and attendant beings. I conked out again last Sunday after about 15 mins but do remember going to a very high place above the Void (Black Rose) band. I read the Prism of Lyra many years ago Linda, and found it really resonated with my understanding of the time. I have always know I came through (not from for I remember being expressed as a spark from the love of the Creator) the Pleiades (Electra to be exact) and wrote about it in my factitious novel The Golden Disc. Janet I will send you the intro to it to put in the newsletter. When the call went through the universe for volunteers to assist the ascension of Earth we responded from many star systems and that is what makes us all so diverse, but working for the common goal of the Sisterhood.

I will forward you all a pretty amazing video I received recently outlining the evolution of humanity on Earth and beyond, giving a different perspective than the one taught in schools and what I was taught in my archaeology uni degree. Take from it what you will but keeping an open mind so some of it is pretty radical. Made by an Australian bloke called Phillip Lindsay. At Uni I wasn’t allowed to mention Atlantis – big red line through it!!

We will probably all go through highs and lows emotionally until we can rise to the level where we are no longer affected so deeply, which doesn’t mean we will cease to feel but actually able to feel more deeply as the emotional strings cease to be pulled and our hearts become pure channels of light and love.

Sorry I haven’t got the Skype sorted out yet Linda. But it would be great to have a group chat one day so I can see all your lovely faces, dear Sisters.

Roses to you all



Hi Janet,

 sharing with you the Atlantean experiences.

One is a dream about two years ago.

I walk and see three statues,the Goddesses with golden fish-like masks on their faces, hiding who they really are. Their bodies slides out of the masks in icy water and dives under the water that is covered of ice. They must export their knowledge to safe. The Three Goddesses arrive at some place, a building with rooms. I am one of the Goddesses. I feel distressing and destructive energies around me. I hear “the sounds of Atlantis” … we try to sleep and keep our minds calm.

The other is all that i know by now.

I had a beautiful crystal Pyramid, of pure rose quartz, enormous in dimensions at which I served with grace and gratitude, I led people back to their hearts, to the purity of love. I used the rose quartz vibration, sound frequencies, chanting and music to help to open up the heart and their highest soul purpose. It was total dedication to this service.

Love and Blessings Ritaxxx




The universe is supremely creative – we all know that – and she imparts her creativity to us.  We have come together as soul sisters creating together for the purposes of this project and perhaps beyond.  It is time now for each and every one of us to give ourselves permission to succeed – remember we have tried to do this before in other times and places – and in other ways – and it has never happened – we were hurt, sabotaged, limited, frightened and one by one we broke away and hid once more from those that wanted above all else to limit the expansion of the rose. 

I can assure you that will not happen this time.


Shortly I will be on my way home to Hong Kong – I say home because it was in Hong Kong that I found Kuan Yin.  She was there for me and unfolded her magnificence to me through the agency of my Chinese friends who gently and persuasively showed me her glorious nature in different forms and different ways.  Hong Kong was home to me for eight years and I have loved it unstintingly ever since – and I have missed its energy, its verve, its strength and its prosperity – for it was here too that I learnt about the magic of money – I learnt about the power of intent – and I learnt about positive energy.

And so another phase of the adventure will begin shortly and I am sure Kuan Yin will have more information and guidance for me this time – she of course is a member of our guiding body, the Rose Council.

The Universe is always working in magical ways – and I have discovered with our project the magic seems to be intensifying.  As you all know the portal between Atlantis and Sirius has recently been re-opened.  This has meant that I have been guided to prepare an amazing series of initiations or attunements or changed energy frequencies – well yes the word ‘initiations’ has lost its original meaning now however I still use it because it seems to be the best I have to try to describe the energy of which I am aware and which is coming in strongly now.

I think I am up to the creation of the third initiation and I will be offering these to people at some future time.  However something exciting happened in the course of their preparation – I met with the Rose Council as I do frequently –some of you will have done this in the course of your travels too – and they advised that they are coming to Atlantis soon and that they will be repairing the rose area of Atlantis damaged we thought beyond repair in ancient times.  I am not sure of what this means to us except I know that they have offered to meet with us as a collective and as individuals during the course of our Sunday night meditations. 

It would appear that the Council is delighted with the progress of the project – it is they who recommended that it go ‘live’ at the end of January around the 25th.  Whether this time will work or not for me – and for all of us – I have no idea as a lot needs to happen in the interim.  So the purpose of this little piece is to tell you that something very exciting is happening – and I imagine it is linked to the powerful times and timing this December leading up to the 12.12 – so should you wish to take part in a meeting with the Rose Council either on your own, through the Sunday night meditation group – or as a collective – please do go ahead – and if you have any queries please do let me know. It would also be wonderful if you felt that you could share these experiences afterwards. One of the simplest ways to reach the Council is to go inside their signature rose which Alex found and sent to me and simply find them there.

Remember as you bring your projects to their final stage – or as you contemplate the energy of your project already submitted and now waiting to come alive – that words can change the world.  With words the world shifts.  And when you marry the words with images, with joy and with your pure essence as well as with the pure essence of the sacred rose – well anything can happen – and believe me it will!

Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist


We also wish Robyn well as she begins her journey to Egypt – which is coming soon – I have asked her if she has a moment and is working with a sacred site whether she might think of creating a short video that we can post on our site. So we will see what magic will come from Egypt – have a simply wonderful time Robyn!  Happy journeying!