Marie Antoinette by Marie-Louise-Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1783)

Any discussion of Versailles will always be dominated by the tragic figure that is Marie Antoinette. Born into a world of wealth, a world dominated by politics, she was no more than a political pawn from the day she was born and it was ultimately the political clime of the time that sealed her fate. It is my belief that we choose the circumstances into which we are born because they are the most likely to afford us the opportunity to live out our soul’s purpose. If this were not the case, Marie Antoinette’s life would indeed have been a frivolous waste with a justified end.

I believe that Marie Antoinette was a beloved member of the Sisterhood of the Rose. I believe she chose to incarnate as Marie Antoinette and act as the crucial focus for change that was the French Revolution. This was a daunting mission especially since she would have understood the immense battering her mind, heart and soul would experience during her life. She accepted her role and she saw it through with dignity.

The masses that first loved and then reviled her were not ignorant bullies who just wanted what she had. The French had developed a strong, well-educated middle class who were no longer prepared to accept the status quo. They would not accept that the Monarchy, nobility and the Church were exempt from paying taxes yet could spend the tax money as they chose, be that on wars or frivolous waste. The masses began to see the injustice of their situation. They had aspirations and they wanted more. Many were educated and propaganda was widely spread by the poets and societal influencers of the time. They wanted democracy, wanted a say in their futures, and they needed a scapegoat. Marie Antoinette’s frivolous life style made her the perfect target. It didn’t just come about by circumstance that she became the hated Austrian, it was a planned, targeted campaign and her death would draw the line under the French Revolution so that the country could move on. By taking on the role of the sacrificial lamb in this life time, she aided in the significant uplifting of the lives of ordinary Europeans and the spread of democratic government throughout the world. Her life gave an impetus for change for the better for many.

She was not alone in this monumental plan; she had help. We her sisters were with her every step of the way. Marie Antoinette did not live her life in the knowledge that she was part of something energetically wonderful. She lived her life of excess and conspiracy because that was all she knew. She had no privacy, no quiet time for reflection; her every movement was watched and analysed – even the birth of her children. Not for this Goddess the sacred, primeval right to birth her young in privacy. She had her children with the officials of the Church and all the courtesans watching and commenting. When her daughter was born, she murmured that she was glad it was a daughter and not a son because “they” wouldn’t want to take over and groom a daughter. This was heard by a representative of the church and reported. What a traitorous thought – she should have expressed sorrow that France did not have a male heir!

To escape this constant intrusion into her life she commissioned the building of Le Petit Trianon and those who got to spend time with her there were invited and trusted. This exclusiveness angered the excluded who were quick to spread rumours of the debauchery being enacted in this private domain. We know better. We know it was a place of beauty and tranquillity. A place where her soul could recharge and she could be prepared for the ordeal ahead. Some of her closest sisters would be killed during this time of revolution. They could have betrayed her to save themselves but they didn’t  – the bonds of the sisterhood were strong and sacred; they completed the work of the Rose and played their part in the uplifting of the circumstances of millions of people. Once humans can escape the basic drives for survival they begin to realise they have dreams and aspirations and in those dreams a stirring and awakening can happen. There is a greater possibility that they will start remembering who they truly are.

Our work today does not involve so much the physical easing of the circumstances of the people of the earth, but rather their energetic awakening. Like Marie Antoinette many of us don’t have access to the blueprint, don’t have a map or plan of what we’re expected to do or when we’re expected to do it. We’re doing the best we can with what we have and seeking to grow as we go. Those who have been fortunate enough to find out the truth of who we are, have been given the opportunity to band together and work energetically for the good of every living thing. What a Grace and what a joy! I am constantly humbled and amazed to realise that just by knowing we are beings of unconditional love and light and in doing our best to truly live this truth, we are making a difference. The energy of the Rose fills our hearts to overflowing with love and this radiates out to every living thing we encounter and in turns fills them – how truly wonderful is that!  Thank you all for making your presence known to me – my Sisters of the Rose.




In this lifetime I have made two visits to Versailles – and on each visit I was quite overcome by the size and impact that Versailles had on me.  At the time I did not realise that I had been present during the time of Marie Antoinette with some of the sisters – not all of us were there – although some certainly were – and some in recent times have approached me for Rose Record Readings which brought up the theme of Versailles – initially quite unexpectedly for me – so it has been my privilege and pleasure to open to the energy of Versailles, Marie Antoinette and the Sisters of the Rose and to be shown more about the characters that inhabited Versailles and the nature and form of the buildings themselves – the tapestries, the elaborate furnishings, the paintings and of course the impressive grounds – including its statues and of course Marie Antoinette’s fabulous rose garden.

When I do a Rose Record Reading it is remarkable – it is an experience for me as well as for the recipient.  I access the Rose Library which as many of you are aware is on Sirius – and accessible through the Rose Portal from Atlantis – it is always an interesting journey for me as well as for the recipient!

It is often like a patchwork – or a jig saw puzzle –sometimes obtained from ancient manuscripts such as the above – and it is usually an enormous amount of work energetically.  I cannot sit and link into the energy in one go – for a start it is too strong – too vibrant – too intense for my human body and for the recipient’s human body as well.   And so the energy brings the information in a way that it thinks is best for us – it generates change as it does this and almost always the recipient receives the energy as it is being unloaded – and then for a long time following the link.  Sometimes the recipients are aware of this – and sometimes they are not!! Sometimes they think the reading is not what they imagined it would be – and usually they are right – it is not!  The readings are always confirmed by the Rose Council – so that is another part of the process that is normally not explained as it is not necessary really – suffice to say that the generative energy of the readings is profound.  It sometimes continues to download months or even years later – the recipient suddenly receives information elsewhere and writes to me to say – guess what happened!  To tell you the truth I am never surprised!

I think that the Versailles readings have been part of a suite of readings that have opened the energetic links with the rose – healing ensues – so what I am saying is that the reading was not only for one person – it was for one person who triggered something for all of us.  Interestingly too in my books I have barely mentioned Versailles – whereas I have mentioned other lifetimes in detail – I have ‘seen’ us in those lives, for example the Blue Nuns come to mind – and so the detail in which I have seen this life in 16th century France is enormous – I just wish I could write  one special book about the Blue Nuns experience alone as it is vivid and bright and with me all the time. However with Versailles it has been different. The vista has been brief and intermittent emerging now more clearly as time has gone by – and it has been dominated by symbols which have combined many of those that I already teach in Rose Alchemy into an amazing vista of symbols – for example – see the symbol outlined below.


The general patterns as you traverse Versailles are amazing – there are symbols embedded in the palace, outbuildings and grounds in the most amazing ways – and many of these – I think really all of them – well these symbols link into my teaching of Rose Alchemy – the fabled combination of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim – the teaching tool of the rose.


In more recent times I have realised that the sacred architecture of Versailles links directly to the sacred architecture of Sirius – I do not know all of the ramifications of this linkage – I can just share it at this time through Janet’s sacred newsletter – to let you know that the link is there – the way is open – and the information and knowledge that is being unveiled to all of us now is absolutely incredible!

Enjoy the rose journey! 




The beautiful Petit Trianon Activation – please take the time to watch this beautiful video.

< On the surface of the planet, the Light Forces are beginning to activate certain objects and places of power inside the planetary energy grid as part of the New Atlantis project under the guidance of Comte de Saint Germain. The first place that is in the process of activation is the Temple of Love in Versailles ( France ) near Petit Trianon. The cabinet of movable mirrors in Petit Trianon building is the place where true Goddess mysteries of Atlantis were anchored in 1776 by Princess de Lamballe and Marie Antoinette as instructed by Comte de Saint Germain. The Queen of France was initiated into the mysteries of the Goddess. Activation of Petit Trianon sends powerful Goddess energies through a leyline that goes through another Temple of Love on Long Island, effectively healing the eastern US plasma anomaly vortex. Sources :………… Triumph of the Light ! Many thanks to the photographers and all other artists that made this video possible >

video published by Arbre Solaire on 16.7.2017

Also from Rita, she is sharing with us a reading that was done for her by Cris some time ago and which is so appropriate for now.



The gentle essence of your essential self is visible to me now as I delve with your permission into the heart of the matter. I trace your Rose Line back until the beginning when first you were with the sisters on Sirius and then we move quickly towards the appropriate life, one that has been accessed by your personal rose. You are a keeper of the Sacred Rose Gates. You are the one who knows the Palace of Versailles where once you lived guarding the rose. You move swiftly between lives and emerge again sometimes like a shadow yet keeping with you the knowledge of the ages.  You use your knowledge to reactivate the lost Rose Lines and their companion Rose Codes. And for this we are all grateful. Now.

Cris Henderson

“As you and Rosamunde, your sacred Lion and darling companion, stand together the moonlight pours into the Garden of the Palace of Versailles.  Trails of moonlight fall on the marble rose petals that wander down the steps of Marie Antoinette’s special retreat and swirl in a circular pattern on the ground at the bottom.  The light makes them sparkle like scarlet petals swept along by the last winds of winter. 

The gardens of Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon were legendary for their extraordinary beauty. Marie Antoinette adored flowers and her love for them is most apparent in the magnificent gardens she had cultivated in her name at Versailles and the Petit Trianon. You were here at Versailles as one of her companions – however you were more than this –  you were a sacred companion, which means that you were there to protect her in a way that was unusual and different to the roles that anyone else played in that curious world.

Marie Antoinette was a rose, an extraordinarily special rose –  who volunteered to take on the role that she did to contribute to the energy of the time and to change the focus of darkness of that energy – at least considering what she could do when she was up against such rampant evil.  She knew her fate when she made the agreement – however at the time the contract was made she asked for spiritual help – and she was given – amongst other assistance – you as her guide and mentor.  

So the Sacred Rose was alive and well and living at the Palace of Versailles – and, most particularly, in Le Petit Trianon. 

Roses enhanced Marie Antoinette’s life so that she remembered in some deep part of herself why she was actually at Versailles and why she was being asked to take on this difficult and challenging role – and the roses reminded you too of your role and of how you were there to help .  Her personal aide – her companion – her spirit guide – her mentor – you were all of these things and more. 

Now we need to understand that the link you were protecting was a Stargate to non-ordinary reality – a portal – a journeying point – and this is why you were there – as well as to protect Marie Antoinette as well as you could – knowing as you did her ultimate fate. The Stargate was called in the Sisterhood legends the Rose Gates – however they opened to the stars hence the additional term Stargate.  It was situated esoterically not far from the Petit Trianon.  Systematic surveillance was necessary to protect the Gates and you had help with this part of your assignment.  On either side of the site looking as if they were simply part of the garden’s intricate design stood two amazing statues – large figures of angels – and this was the key to its geographical situation. There was also a sense of stillness near the gate as if the energy is open and just waiting.  The garden around it was well kept, however when you looked closely the grass was a different colour green.  Miracles happened near the gates.  And if Marie Antoinette could have reached the gates, if you had been able to get her there when the attack on the Versailles Palace came – well she could have escaped to another dimension – however that was not to be and she faced her fate

A light breeze flushes the trees with a special essence near to these holy Gates.  This breeze indicates the presence of sacred sprites in the air coming in to help you with what you must do. You had special connections with the sprites and the devas and you worked with them around this spot – the Rose Gate.  You also used magical aromatherapy in its sacred form as a mysterious aromatic substance and as the expressed products of naturally aromatic plants. 

Marie Antoinette attempted to live in harmony with her garden revering it as the source of life..  She used flowers as a health ritual under your special guidance.  Marie Antoinette loved to explore the shapes, colour and textures of the plants and you were her able guide to this experience gradually reminding her of who she really was in terms of the rose and why she had this special role to fulfill.  You organised a garden of rose spirits of the air.  You had the talent of making the everyday magical. 

And so lives in the Petit Trianon were bound up with more than one reality.  By day the pompous insistence on court rigmarole continued.  However by night you went to the gates, and sometimes through the gates, to instigate and continue the complex ritual of the rose.  You hoped that this ritual in itself might keep the crisis at bay – however that was not to be – the forces arrayed against you were too strong, too evil, too insistent – and you realised when they began to make their presence known that this was the same force of evil that you had encountered in Atlantis – another place where it was difficult to change the energy – “

With rose blessings from Cris


Sisters of the Rose in Versailles

Left to Right:

Fabric embroidered by Rose Bertin’s dressmakers for Marie-Antoinette
Laure Auguste de Fitz-James, Princesse de Chimay
Marie Gabrielle de Sinety,  Duchesse de Gramont-Caderousse
Gabrielle de Polastron, Madame de Polignac
Marie Antoinette de Lorraine-Habsbourg, Queen of France
Marie Thérèse Louise de Savoie-Carignan, Princesse de Lamballe
Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France
Alexandrine Charlotte Louise de Rohan-Chabot, Duchesse de La Rochefoucauld
Adélaïde Genet, Madame Auguié
Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
Marie Jeanne Rose Bertin
Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron
Alexandrine Victoire Eléonore Damas d’Antigny
Madeleine Angélique Charlotte de Bréhan, Duchesse de Maillé

Perhaps you recognise yourself?


Last Sunday as I was leaving my shop at closing time in a deserted cobble stone street with no one around but my husband  there was before my in the stones the biggest rose bud I had ever seen. Still mostly closed the size of a softball! Pink and peachy and looking brand new. As if she’d been left there just for me. I’ve been feeling rather down and alone lately. But there it was to remind me I’m never alone. The rose is there with me always…keeping watch, holding space for me as I do for the Rose. I think in a way she was there for all of us. To say…I am here.

Much love Roses!

Rose Henderson

Thank you Rose

ALEX sent this beautiful Rose and it reminded me of Marie Antoinette –time has not diminished from its beauty:

The Rose Collective project update:

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Well dear Sisters

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