20 January 2018


I am deeply grateful for the grace that is this newsletter. Through it I have been guided to write things I didn’t think I could around topics I believed I knew nothing about. My greatest lesson is to thoroughly and absolutely trust that everything I need to know, I know already.

Each topic for the newsletters, and all my writing for that matter, is given to me in advance. It arrives in my consciousness very clearly and no matter how much I argue against it mentally and protest my ignorance and inability, the topic stays put and I have to get on with it. This month’s newsletter is no exception. I tried to research “Christ Energy” and came up short. I’ve had to sit with this concept and dig deeply to come up with how I see it. I may be totally off track – this is my inner guidance that is being reflected here and will probably be different from other beliefs. I would really welcome discussion around this topic after it’s been read – perhaps we could have a comments section in future newsletters where everyone can get a chance to express their views on all topics in the newsletter or any observations generally related to the Rose and our growing awareness?

Through the Mother comes the Sun, and through the Sun comes the Mother.

I believe that the Christ energy and the Goddess energy are two aspects of The One. Like two sides of the same coin – The One is incomplete, in a state of separation without both these energies combined, existing not individually, but together.

The Christ energy is a state of being, in which there is an absolute knowing, a total acceptance that everything is of The One. The Goddess energy is no different but the being is softer and more nurturing. The Christ Energy says “this is the goal, this is what you have to attain, you know how, get on with it. The Christ energy is the vison, what we are all ultimately aspiring to achieve, the blueprint we need to follow. IT IS THE WAY.

The Goddess energy is no different in its ultimate goal, but she’s gentler and more nurturing. She says, I know it’s difficult, take my hand and I’ll help you. I won’t do it for you, but I’ll give you the strength and courage to keep going. I’ll give you subtle hints which you can choose to follow or not. Both these energies, when invited in will never leave us. In truth they are us, after all, we are all one.

But what of the Rose energy. I believe the Rose energy is the magnificent embodiment of both these energies. I believe that we have chosen up to now, for various reasons, to focus on the Goddess aspect of the Rose, but the Rose is both. The Christ energy is its architect and the Goddess its beauty. The divine love and grace that pours out from the Rose is the integration of the Christ and Goddess energies.

For me especially, the time has come to not only acknowledge the Christ energy in the Rose, but to embrace it. I have been up to this point in my life, very Goddess focussed. My life lessons have made me stand on my own two feet, step up in times of adversity and appreciate my own strength. I have almost at times felt stronger than most men I know. I have to now learn that while our approaches to things may be different, we are in fact the same – we are one – two sides of the same coin. I need now to own the male aspects of myself, and on reflection, there are many. I need to embody the true energy of the Rose, truly accept and know that the Rose represents The One, is both the Christ energy and the Goddess energy.

The Christ energy is the way, the Goddess energy the how – without both of them together we are rudderless. I believe that our purpose now is to remember this truth and live it.

We need to stop perpetuating the notion of separation and duality that the focus only on the Goddess fosters. We need to embrace the Christ energy, our ultimate direction with the grace, strength and courage of the Goddess. Easy to write and to contemplate, not so easy perhaps to put into action. I can only say thank you for the new insight I’ve been given and for the continued guidance I’ll receive as I try and make this a reality, try to embody the true energy of the Rose.

Love and Blessings to you all.


Thank you Janet for activating our understanding of the next stage of our rose journeying. Your perception of the energies is beautiful.  And thank you for the inspiration of your newsletter.



In my journey through the memories of the contents of the Rose Manuscripts I began to work with the energy of the Divine Masculine – this is an area that I had not ignored – perhaps left to one side may be a better description.

Dr. Cris Henderson

And as I wandered along the Rose Road remembering as I did the sacred words that I had written once before I began to feel into the masculine energy.  This process was helped by my links with John of God and his Casa in Brasilia.
[i] The photo of this glorious rose was sent to me by Alex. 

His portal is the Divine Masculine portal, just as the Divine Feminine portal is at Lourdes – and so I have benefited a great deal from this link into the cosmos. I have been able to wander here and explore with the blessing of the rose and with John of God as my guide to the Divine Masculine and ultimately to the Christ Consciousness which I call Rose Consciousness.

Dreams and images became so vivid as a result that I began to write them down and to refer to the arcane societies that the male energy had established and perpetuated within Atlantis and beyond.  The male symbol visited me in the form of Merlin in the first instance and he came from nowhere to make my heart lighter and to open me to the magic of the universe.  He told me that I had become far too serious and that I needed to open up more and more to the fun and joy and even to the levity of life. I found this hard to do – I am a very serious person in many ways – too serious – and so involved with the rose that I sometimes forget that our purpose in this life is to have fun – the male and female combined energies – are asking us to remember this – to remember the lightness of life – the infinite magic that lies at our fingertips – and the manoeuvrability that we hold within us and rarely seem to use..

And then came Poseidon – well Poseidon in his old form is a memory of the Ringmaster in one of his many aspects as well as a look at our detention in the ring at Atlantis.  This time of detention and torture is the basis of many of the events that have occurred in other lives to limit and contain us – as I now describe it – to keep us in the box.

And so with all this interesting information bubbling inside me I wrote an initiation which came to me in downloaded form in three days – the Ringmaster would not leave me alone until I did this piece – he happily informed me that I could not do without him – and that he was the link to recalibration and the integration between male and female.

I had no intention of doing anything about this interesting information – I had lots of other things on my mind. However the energy had not finished with me. Finally when I did comply I found symbols of a new healed form of male energy emerging.  And the feedback as I worked with others on this initiation seemed to prod me into recognising and acknowledging the role of the wounding of the male more – I perceived the depth of the wound and how it was now time for the healing to deepen and to continue.  And so I followed the energy trail and it led me to Poseidon.

Poseidon’s rose legend is one with mixed messages – his hurt and betrayal of women was increasingly exhibited even as that betrayal was healed.  And yet he continued to call to me and I knew he was part of the sacred journey we are all undertaking and I knew that he needed me as much as I needed him.

Once I reached this part of the rose journey the darkened energy bubble around Poseidon was lifted and he came into his true divine masculine form – prodding me to swim with him and to enjoy the sea creatures who came from everywhere for this celebration.  The Rose Mermaids, the Rose Dolphins, the Rose Seals – they were all there – swimming together with me and with Poseidon in a dance of life the like of which I have rarely encountered.

And as this portal opened and the Divine Masculine was released from all turmoil I journeyed through his palace to Sirius – on a remarkable journey of light.  And fascinatingly this journey opened the Rose Star Chakra which is the connection to the Rose Cosmos – I had, at the beginning, no idea of where this initiation was taking me until I found myself right in the midst of this extraordinary energy.

Having broken through what looked like an unsurmountable band of energy the Divine Masculine is coming into its phase of personal healing. So now I thank him now – thank you Poseidon for revealing this new portal to me – one which we can continue to explore together in the exciting days that lie ahead.

From Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist


From Alpha to Omega  

Having just returned from my third journey to Egypt and fourth to Malta, it is time to share some insights with my Sisters of the Rose.

Way back in the days when young Australians sailed in droves to England by ship, I did the same. As our ship passed through the Suez Canal we did the obligatory trip to Cairo and the Pyramids, shopped in the Khan al Khalil bazaar, went to the museum to see King Tuts Golden Mask, etc. I never knew I suffered from claustrophobia until clambering up the Grand Stairway in the Great pyramid, but it seemed like I was tossed out. I fought against the surging crowd to return to the outside and once there couldn’t understand what had happened. I won’t refer to the pyramids by the names given as they were not built by those Pharoahs nor were they their tombs. Evidence has been discovered that they only renovated the pyramids, not built them.

On my next visit in 1981, my very first spiritual journey, I realised that I should have entered the sacred space with much more reverence and that my ancient past experiences in Egypt were significant. During a meditation inside the Kings Chamber, I knew that I had experienced an initiation in the ‘sagophagus’ and that memory led to my expulsion during my first visit. Later, whilst wandering around the base of the third pyramid, a ‘guide’ approached me, asked me to follow him, led me to an opening in one of the three small pyramids beside the third one, gave me a candle and matches, pointed into the opening and told me to enter, which I did. Only later did I consider spiders and scorpions! I lit the candle, crawled along a low tunnel, found a place to sit, blew out the candle and tuned in to the silence. Somewhere deep underground I heard a low noise like a generator pulsing energy, was given my spiritual name, my personal note and my mission on earth. During that visit many memories of past lives in Egypt surfaced and were honoured and released.   

So began the Alpha time; my Earth Walking journey which has taken me around this beautiful planet many times during the past 37 years, visiting sacred sites and meeting special people. During this recent visit, much to my surprise, I was given the gift of Freedom from the guardian beings at several major temples along the Nile River. My Omega – from the beginning to the end. The first to do so was Sekhmet (the powerful one), Lion headed warrior goddess of healing, when we visited her small temple tucked behind the great Karnak temple. She had called me back in 1981 when few visited her and made a connection, confirming my mission. Now she has released me, thanking me for my long service and telling me to just enjoy the rest of my life on Earth. The mighty Karnak Temple embodied the powerful acts of Creation, of adding to the Divine Plan, and of new beginnings following the destruction of Atlantis

Illustration 3: Statue of Sekmet in Karnak

From Luxor we drove very early one morning to Edfu, where stands the temple dedicated to Horus and his wife Hathor, one of the most beautifully preserved in Egypt as it was covered in sand for aeons, which depicts scenes of the Sacred Marriage of the king and queen as the embodiment of   Horus and the goddess Hathor. The side chambers of this temple show rites that included healing, perfume alchemy, and singer’s rooms. One chamber called The House of Life stored all the sacred texts used in daily and seasonal rituals.

The next goddess to release me was Hathor, the cow headed goddess with a full moon between her horns; who personified the principles of abundance, joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of ancient Egypt, whose temple was located in Dendarah near Luxor. Within it is the famous zodiacal ceiling that recalls the origin of Egypt. In this temple, Hathor’s Priests and Priestesses gathered to partake in rituals and celebrations.

Early one morning we boarded our bus in the predawn light to visit the funerary temple of Hatshepsut, one of the very few women Pharoahs. It is in a remarkably good state of preservation. As we ascended the grand staircase leading to the building, several hot air balloons ascended behind us. A truly picturesque sight with the sun silhouetted behind them. Hatshepsut (1479-1458 BCE) was the first female ruler of ancient Egypt to reign as a male with the full authority of pharaoh. Her name means “Foremost of Noble Women” or “She is First Among Noble Women”.

Visiting the Valley of the Kings back in 1981 was a very different experience to the recent rushed one, when I recalled a past life during the long walk down the decorated shaft to the tomb of Ramses IV. As I walked down my breathing became so laboured that I threatened to pass out, so turned and retreated towards the entrance. However, on the way out I met up with the other members of the group so decided to return to view the sargophagus. I pushed myself down the long slope but again was overcome with lack of air, and a sense of great sadness, so retreated to the entrance again. Back on the bus on the way to our hotel I cried the whole way, such a feeling of abandonment and loss. That evening at dinner, a woman sitting opposite told me that when Pharoahs were interred in their tombs, they took with them their favourite Priest and Priestess to seal the door and administer to their needs as they travelled to the next realm. Slowly the oxygen was used up and we suffocated. The physical effect on me had been palpable, so there was no denying her revelation. I was the Priestess and one of my sons was that Priest. Another past life cleared and resolved, so on this latest visit there were no ripples when I ventured into the tomb again. During the earlier trip several other lives were released from memory and cleared. However there was one more to release during this recent trip, at Kom Ombo temple, 48 km north of Aswan, which we didn’t visit last time. Kom Ombo was one of two temples dedicated to Sobek, the Crocodile God of strength, fortitude, fertility and rebirth, and also to Horus, hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris. Sobek was revered for his ferocity and quick movement. He is also considered a fourfold deity, representing the four elemental Gods: Ra (fire), Shu (air), Geb (earth) and Wesir (water). He is said to restore sight to the dead, reviving their senses and protecting them from Set who was said to attack souls travelling through the land of the dead. As Lord of the Waterways, He is invoked to guide and protect the deceased soul through the Duat. Sobek’s other cult centre was Crocodilopolis (also known as Arsinoe, and Medinet El Fayoum).   

There is a most informative web site about Sobek, and the rituals carried out in his temples,

It seemed I had been a Priestess who oversaw the initiation of aspirants into this sect. The final initiation was particularly difficult and many failed, ending up as food for the voracious crocodiles housed in a crypt below the temple. One who failed has followed me through many timelines to this life where she managed to extract her revenge, thereby freeing me and clearing any karmic further connection.

From Luxor the group drove to Aswan where we were booked into the poshest hotel I have ever stayed in – the Cataract Hotel, once the palace of a late Egyptian president, Muhommad Ali. Before dawn the following morning we were at the temple dedicated to Isis, Philae on an island in the Nile. Called the Source of All, the Great Mother, this temple represents the fusion of three great civilisations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman. We did a powerful group ritual in the Holy of Holies where some felt the presence of Isis very strongly. No past life memory here although there were other places and times in Egypt that held strong memories.

Photos of Isis temple at Philae long shot and one of entrance.

Photo of sunrise meditation at Isis temple, Philae

Photo of Goddess Isis

In Aswan we boarded the beautiful Farah river boat to cruise for three days north back to Luxor, passing through the Esna Lock and visiting various temples, and culminating in a night visit to the Temple of Man in Luxor. This extraordinary temple is built in the shape of a human body, with the entrance through the feet, culminating in the head area, where the inner sanctum, Holy of Holies is situated. Here we did a powerful meditation, reclaiming ancient codes and trying to ignore the curious looks of tourists and guards. The role of this temple was to help focus on physical healing as one walked through the body of the temple, noticing how one’s body felt and remembering what it was like to experience radiant health.

(There is a great series of books written by Libbie Hawker about the women queens and priestesses in the time of Amenhotep III and Ankhnaten. Published by  Running Rabbit Press.)

Photo of entrance to Temple of Man, Luxor

Many of us had cleansing colds by this time, coughing and spluttering our way around Egypt, caught no doubt from the polluted air in Cairo, air-conditioning in hotels, constant moving and working with the intense energies to which we were exposed. To indulge in a bit of r and r and prepare for our big initiation for Particle Emergence on 21st December in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, we spent two nights at the luxurious resort of Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh at Hurghada on the Red Sea. Here we swam and cavorted in the clear crystal waters among fish and corals, cleansing our auras and wallowing in luxury. The food here was the best yet, high praise as the standard of food in each hotel was excellent. During dinner a violinist played haunting music and after dinner we were entertained by a belly dancer. On the second evening at the Sahl Hasheesh Hotel, the group gathered in a circle on the lawn for a ceremony to mix the waters of the world brought by the participants followed by a powerful meditation to meld our energies and send it out round the world. As the strength of the group grew, a great being of Light descended over us, merging into our energy fields. It must have been 8 metres wide and 10 metres high. As we surrendered to its uplifting presence several of us noticed unusual lights in the sky above moving in erratic directions. I have only ever seen (I think) one UFO before, at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, but it was confirmed by those who can see more than I, that there were indeed three ships in the sky above us, overlighting and assisting our meditation.  

During the flight back to Cairo the following day, the sky was ablaze with the most intense sunset any of us had seen. A gift from the Gods?

Back in Cairo at the Mena House Hotel, built in 1869, we settled in for an early night so as to be up at 0300 to be in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid by 0400. Here we spent two hours in meditation, initiation ritual and chanting our notes to the Universe and Earth. I have never experienced such a powerful ceremony; my Omega, the culmination to my Earth Walking. A deep peace entered many of us as we sat in pitch darkness around the stone ‘sarcophagus’, transported into another realm, perhaps the 5th dimension to which we aspire. At 0545 we staggered down the Great Staircase to get to the Sphinx by 0600 for another meditation, between its massive paws, during which a watery winter sun rose weakly in the east. We then circumambulated the Sphinx, returned to the bus and hence to the Mena House for breakfast.

During the journey I spent some time with a young couple from Estonia who, much to my amazement, were wearing symbols around their necks that matched the symbols I had etherically imprinted on my palms over 30 years ago, which were termed Spiritual Passports, which enabled me to enter into other dimensions at sacred sites. It was a sign that it was time for me to hand over my long mission to them, which I gladly did and they accepted. I have no doubt they will continue on the path and succeed even more than I have.

Later that day many of us took the opportunity offered to visit the Sheikh Abdul Perfume Palace to buy pure Egyptian perfumes. This particular place has created a chakra set of seven fragrances, energetically linked to its respective chakra, but for those of us with their chakras unified there were some very high vibration essences. I chose one called Flower of Sakkara, aligned to the 14th chakra. Unfortunately, much of it leaked out during the flight home.

On our last evening we celebrated with a fine dinner and group sharing. Many of the group had experienced profound awakenings, insights and downloading of codes from ancient times, codes which had been imprinted into the ancient temples to be retrieved when we could understand them. We carry them within our energy fields now, even though we may not intellectually know what they represent.  All in all, a very profound journey with a group of highly evolved people.

One observation I came to realise is that no longer are the Divine beings who guide humanity needing great stone edifices such as the massive temples along the chakra of the Nile to ground them. Once it was difficult to maintain their presence on Earth as it was very dense. Now that She is ascending, all is becoming lighter, especially with the presence of so many temples of light being activated around the planetary grid and Light workers being awoken daily. As we begin our journey between the dimensional worlds, these light temples guide and sustain us in a loving and peaceful way. Now they are merely tourist destinations, visited by thousands who take photos and leave footprints. The same holds for Malta, another place with great stone temples dedicated to the Divine Feminine and gods of ancient times. I will write of Malta and Gozo for the next newsletter.

Now that I am home I believe my role is to contribute on a deeper level to the Sisterhood of the Rose, and its continuing role of assisting humanity to awaken to its true destiny.


Attached are also  some images you can use without worry of copyright as well 🙂 they were taken in New Zealand and the Rainbow happened on Christmas day 🙂 🙂 how blessed I feel to have seen it!!  

If you have further questions please let me know 🙂 

xxx Freyja


Hope this is suitable for newsletter , I just love the energy of the ascended master Lady Nada and the fact we can call her in , she’s the keeper of the Pink Rose

Lady Nada is one of the sisters of the karmic board who offers all a connection to their divine truth through LOVE, she assists in the restoration of all karmic energies to love , she offers a PINK ROSE to all that ask, that restores energy to unconditional love.  Please find attached information picture of Lady Nada and a beautiful pink rose (I took a picture of )

Love of the rose
Alex x

The Master Lady Nada

Lady Nada is one of the sisters of the karmic board who offers all a connection to their divine truth through LOVE, she assists in the restoration of all karmic energies to love , she offers a PINK ROSE to all that ask, that restores energy to unconditional love.

Breathe in as you receive from Lady Nada, now as she steps forth to you when you call her name so you may receive this dispensation from her.

She brings to you the sacred divine heart of the Christed feminine Sisterhood that many of your aspects come from.

The pink heart that is made of many rose petals from the pink rose of the goddess that live within your energy body.

These aspects will feel refreshed from this feel blessed, and may wish then to move back to the one heart and merge with you. As they do this, they will let go of their wounds and Lady Nada will take them into a beautiful love cocoon.

That which you see through the raised consciousness is the image of The Master Lady Nada, whose role is helping Humankind’s overall needs rather than wants.

Lady Nada offers to remove the falsities which cover the Truths many fail to see. She also brings reassurance to those who feel that they have been drawn into whirlpools of misleading information generated by some traditional institutions.

Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to heighten the level of Spiritual Self emphasising the benefits of being non-judgemental in one’s attitude manifesting a more evenly balanced attitude within. Her LOVE works with you


We will be looking for new contributors to the next round of our website for submission in May 2018. 

Should you know of anyone who is a Sister of the Rose and who may have an interest please contact me for further information.


Thank you so much to all who have taken the time to contribute to our newsletter – so much appreciated by all of us. As I mentioned in the beginning, I’d like to introduce a comments section in the next letter so that people can add their feelings and insights from material in the newsletters. Please send contributions and comments to me at

From my heart to yours