20 FEBRUARY 2018


Oh so different
And yet the same
Bound by love of each other
All part of the one
We feel each other’s pain
Laugh in celebration of each little victory
Souls entwined
We send out our love
Without conditions or boundaries
Hearts of gold and vibrations of light
We stand together
Encircled by the petals of the rose that we are
Janet Jordaan

When I first joined this group of Rose Sisters, I confess to feeling a bit weird about it. Here we were, essentially a group of strangers from different walks of life, living in different countries and some of us having had only perfunctory email contact. That wasn’t the uncomfortable part for me….it was the calling of ourselves “sisters” and “roses” and then linking these to sentiments of love that had me doubting my sanity for a while.

And then something happened. On four separate occasions that I can clearly recall, involving four different members of our Rose group, there was a call for help; a plea from the heart for help; and they got it! Without any hesitation whatsoever, every Rose in our group poured out love, strength, protection and the intent of healing in whatever form it was needed. It highlighted for me the undisputable bond or link that this group of apparent strangers has – an ancient bond of unconditional love that has come with us through the ages and will stay with us forever.

We all lead busy earth lives, are separated by distance and our own individual aspirations. Our personalities and perceptions in general may be poles apart and we have, one way and another, all been trying to free ourselves from past karmic and contractual obligations. Some of these are related to the Rose and others are from our individual past life experiences and yet, that bond of love has remained intact and binds us fiercely; keeps us loyal and caring – a bond of such strength and beauty.

I now no longer feel silly about calling ourselves a Sisterhood – that’s what we are; an ancient group carrying the essence of the Divine Feminine and expressing it through the beautiful energy of the Rose. When I end my emails with love, that’s what I mean – the sincere, spiritual and unconditional love of one of us to another. I know that if there is a call, in whatever form, from one of my sisters, I will drop what I’m doing and answer it and I know without a doubt that the same would apply when I was in need. How blessed are we!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – press control and click on the link below to get in picture and song what my words can’t express.


Roses and the Full, Blood, Blue Moon, Eclipse

I was not prepared for the journey of emotions that I experienced this past January 31st, 2018. Coming together as a Rose Collective has been a Beautiful experience, and although I do not know any of you on a personal level at this time, our sisterhood and my love for each of you comes with an Ease and Grace that feels familiar and well just natural. Maybe because I have not connected in person I do feel a little detached at times, still wrestling with “ is this real” , but that passes and I move forward with each day bringing a new adventure on this rollercoaster ride we call life. The eclipse was no exception to the ride, I did not sleep well as expected and spent hours listening to the Earth humming away. I found myself overcome with a sense of fear during this time that overtook me very deeply. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a part of the website, I was not sure I wanted to be seen, I felt doors close permanently , although I wasn’t sure which ones? I had a feeling of dread and fear and I wrote an email (that I never sent) telling Cris, saying I wanted to hide away, I did not want this, this is not what I expected to feel. I decided to sit with it for a few days and see what was up? I could not shake the fear, which turned into a little bit of anger. I felt that I just wanted to go back to being by myself with no label, I did not want to be seen. It was a very hard few days and I am sure the emotions were magnified by the intense energies from the eclipse and full moon. I realized most of my emotions were coming from a place of self -doubt and fear. Am I really a part of this sisterhood? Do I really have anything to contribute? Seriously, who the heck am I????? This shouldn’t be happening now, I wrote the piece, it came together, but do I really fit with the group? So this has been my experience so far! Have I figured it all out? Well of course not, that would be too easy! Lol !! What I do know is that I connect and vibrate to all of the writing’s, the woman, their experiences, and I feel a closeness even though we are far away, I know you, I love you. I also know this fear, I have felt it before. Like an old friend, it comes from the many lifetimes we have had to hide to be safe and then there were the times we could not hide, we fought long and hard as Rose Sisters through the lifetimes. BUT, we do not have to hide away anymore, we are together, we are safe, we are strong and powerful and we are united as one Beautiful Rose. Fear has been by my side all my life, I have tried to shake it, to run from it, to hide it away, underneath it has lingered in the shadows waiting to trip me up on many occasions. But now, I know it’s there, I know it’s tricks and I honour its teachings, I Bless my fear, I love it and talk to it, try to understand it and help it to move on, It has no place here anymore, it has done what needed to be done and I am grateful, there is no room anymore for it. So with Ceremony I release this piece that does not serve me anymore, and with your Blessings I call each of you to be by my side and hold Sacred Space with me as we have done through many lifetimes together for each other.

I am praying now with the Rose Angels and my Rose sisters for help releasing fear from my body and my being, in all dimensions, all realities, all universes, all time frames, past present and future to the void and back, I am praying for a peaceful transformation of the density of fear within all of us, that I find a way to let go, and release it. I pray this for all of us! Aho! Amen! Thankyou!

Today Raven came to me! Two Beautiful Ravens sat above me on a telephone wire, they were magnificent!

“Raven Magic is a powerful medicine that can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form. The void is called the Great Mystery. Great spirit lives inside the void and emerged from the Great Mystery. Raven is the messenger of the void.”

Jamie, Sams

My message from Raven is not to fear the void not to fear being seen, Magic is in the air, power is in the unknown and something special is about to happen. The Ancients are calling. This magic moment came from the void of darkness, and the challenge is to bring it to the light!

Cynthia Karkalia Ayton




I particularly like the theme that Janet has chosen for this newsletter – Lean on Me.  It made me reflect.  It made me think.  It made me question.  And you all know that I often recommend against going to conclusion – rather wanting us all to stay in the question – conclusions close the energy – questions open the energy to the flow and keep it flowing.  Well I asked – What is this?  Where are we headed?  And why?

And this is what came through – I hope it might be helpful to others….

There is no doubt that the glue between us the links, the generative energy and the combined love of the rose has brought in a new level of rose vibration for each and every one of us – a new level of rose awareness at both the group and individual level – a new level of physical actualization – an on-going release of all limitations – so Janet’s newsletter – as well as her theme – is in perfect timing. 

We are starting to have a collective vision of what it can be – this new vibratory life that we are dreaming and living – this Rose Consciousness as I call it.  I am not saying that we do not feel the fear still – however to overcome the fear and transmute it I have been guided to continue to write the rose initiations and sacred journeys which I love so much – on request from a sister or because of a space that we are in I have been creating more sacred journeys to pierce the veils that have been covering our past lives.  Our past lives have been like layers – and even though we have cleared some of these areas before we are now at the core – which is why we need to share with one another our experiences and learn from one another, hence my feeling that Lean on Me has come at just the right time.

This major clearing which I believe could not have happened before 2018 and its new energies – well these clearings certainly affect our present – their release enhances our awareness – and clears any blockages we might be experiencing – and it does so quickly, easily and permanently. We don’t need to dwell in the past any more – this is absolutely true – past lives may not even exist – or they may exist as parallel lives – we don’t need to do anything much at all except vibrate at an enhanced level – at this enhanced level viruses, illnesses and fear – none of these can exist. However we do need to clear anything that might inhibit us on the next stage of the rose journey – whatever that might be and wherever it might show up.

So for now my Rose journey has shown up the Amber Room which takes us back to the hell of Auschwitz through a special portal – in positive terms it shows us how we can transmute and transform that hell so it no longer exists in our energy field in this or in any other lifetime.  In Auschwitz in spite of our desperate circumstances we were together supporting one another – we stood together, we covered for one another, we raised one another’s vibrations.  We did not subsume one another’s process – we did not create dependency – we actually created a Rose Ring of Fire – the Ring that could defeat all attempts to wound and dismember us. As for other initiations the Ringmaster you know about – and then just the other day the energy of the Crucifixion came up for change.  I actually thought that I had written a Crucifixion release – I had not – I have now – I think it is so incredible that I wonder who did actually write it – not me that is for sure – some powerful extraordinary energy showed me the signs and symbols and took me on this journey – the first person is using it now – and it has come just before Easter – of course it has! 

So what I want to try to express here is my gratitude for the group – the actual reunion has triggered my rose journey in an entirely different way to what I expected – and we all know things always show up differently to what we expect – it has shown me the power of words in a way that I could never have imagined – the connections that I can make now are so vivid and so strong that nothing stops them – before they were there – however they did not come at the same level of energy – now they are like some invincible force field which descends through my writing to reveal a shade, a nuance, a spot where we might still be separated from Rose Consciousness – and it opens that part up for revelation – in so doing I feel so connected with my own DNA that I cannot really explain it to you – I know that we can change anything now – and I am being shown in much more detail how we can do it.

I knew the Rose Reunion was important – so I followed my guidance and called us all together – I had no idea where it would lead – or how potent the writing I love so much would become – and for this I am so grateful to you all – and I send my love and congratulations – the journey has not been easy – being here together is all that is required really – as we expand through the group and individually we affect the lives of everyone whom we encounter – and so the vibration of the rose  continues….. and the Rose Ring of Fire is ignited.

Love from Cris xxx

Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist


Lean on me.
By Robyn Adams

There is a time to lean on others for support until we can stand on our own two feet without becoming dependent on those stronger than us. The need to be needed is strong in those who are always supporting others, at times to their own detriment. Perhaps this stems from a karmic responsibility as a longing to be of service to others. I see one of the roles of the SoftheR is to help and support others, physically, emotionally and spiritually, but not to allow them to become dependent of us, for it is natural for the weaker members of a society to lean on the stronger. Compassion is not pity and empathy is not giving our energy away to those who absorb it.

Few of us are so self-contained and strong as to never need help or support from others, and that is a vital feature of the SoftheR; to send love, healing and support to each other and those in need, along with sharing the many other talents the Sister are blessed with.

There have been times in my life when I was learning the way of the spiritual warrior that I leant on others for a time, but ultimately found that this weakened my ability to become a true Sister. As women, we are considered the weaker sex; perhaps that is true physicially but emotionally we have great inner strength, which often rises to the fore in times of adversity, as we are tested, honing the template of our soul through suffering and hardship. But once through the Dark Night of the Soul and we have crossed the dark abyss (and worked with the Black Rose), we are freed from the devastating effects of being dependent on others and able to stand true to ourselves and our spiritual journey, awake to the reason we are here journeying on Earth. Once we have awoken to our eternal selves and uderstood our purpose, we are sustained by the Divine presence of our Being and rarely need others to lean on. However, I am very thankful for those souls who helped me through my Dark Night so many years ago.  They came into and left my life fairly quickly and then went on their own way, allowing me to travel mine.

So I see one of the roles of the SoftheR as being there for others temporarily and for each other when the journey becomes difficult. When the ‘crisis’ passes we retreat, thus empowering them to walk tall in their own mastery. For ultimately, we are each responsible for our own destiny, have a certain amount of free will and can call on a huge amount of Divine assistance.

As we as a human species shift into a new vibrational resonance, our personal morphogenesis, great confusion is created for many as the old paradigms fall away and we move into our higher vibrational essence. The old grids of mass consciousness are collapsing and we can’t take the old thoughts and ways through the veil to our new reality. I see another of our roles is to guide those who seek our assistance into these higher realms that we ourselves are entering, for we incarnate as a group at times of accelerated consiousness on Earth for this reason, in whatever capacity we are able. And we are certainly now in a time of acceleration So hold on and enjoy the ride, and hope we don’t hit too many bumps. The more we are relaxed into our life role, the less bumpy is the road. Sacredicity, abundance and good health abound.

Rebecca sent us this beautiful artwork!

ALEX wrote this piece on labyrinths

Enhance your health and wellbeing in the essence of the Rose & the Labyrinth.

An ancient symbol that relates to the concept of wholeness, labyrinths have been used for generations as a tool for prayer and meditation. While there are many modern versions of the labyrinth design, the most common are the Medieval Labyrinth and the seven circuit Cretan labyrinth. Metaphorically, a labyrinth is used to represent life’s journey. By walking the path of the labyrinth it’s believed we uncover our deepest self and have a better understanding of our place in the world.

With labyrinths, the same way in is the way out, so the path is circuitous, thought to take us to the centre of ourselves and then out again with a more profound knowledge of who we are. The inner circle of the labyrinth is also connected with the rose – by peeling the petals back we uncover different parts of ourselves.

The centre is in the form of a ‘six-petal’ rose known as the rosette. The rose window is a jewel symbolising heaven.

Labyrinths all over the world are in churches and cathedrals. The labyrinth appeals to seekers of every faith and seekers with no or very little faith background. The labyrinth has been used for centuries as a pilgrimage, a way back home.

Labyrinths are often mistaken for mazes, although these are very different.  A labyrinth is a beautiful seamless journey inward, setting your intention at the beginning, walking on a path of discovery to the centre, with a feeling of peace and calm, where you take time to connect, align and create, the journey outward is contemplation and confirmation of the imagery and visions that come up during the walk. The labyrinth is a path of self-knowledge and meditation that balances body, mind and spirit and helps to find inner answers during life transitions. A labyrinth only has a single path which takes you to the centre and then out again. A labyrinth contains non-verbal, implicate geometric and numerological prompts that create a multi-dimensional holographic field. These unseen patterns are referred to as Sacred Geometry

‘A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own centre and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools and for creativity‘

There’s really no right way or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, but generally speaking there are three phases:

1.   Releasing on the way in – letting go of what no longer serves.
2.   Receiving a sense of peace and calm – as you pause in the centre.
3.   Resolving – to engage with the world in a new way as you follow the same path back out.

Some general guidelines for walking a labyrinth are,

Focus: Pause and wait at the entrance. Become quiet and centred. Give acknowledgment through a bow, nod, or other gesture, and then enter.

Experience: Walk purposefully. Observe the process. When you reach the centre, stay there and focus for several moments. Leave when it seems appropriate. Be attentive on the way out.

Exit: Turn and face the entrance. Give an acknowledgement of ending, such as ‘Amen’ or ‘Shanti’

Reflect: After walking the labyrinth, reflect on your experience.

If you wish use journaling or drawing to capture your experience.

To prepare, you may want to sit quietly and reflect before walking the labyrinth. Some people come with questions, others just to slow down and take time out from a busy life. Some come to find the strength to take the next step during times of grief and loss. Its winding path becomes a metaphor for our journey and where we find ourselves on our path.

The labyrinth is all about flow and acceptance.

Because of the labyrinth’s close relationship with meditation, wholeness and the human psyche, it’s being introduced into modern lives as a tool to enhance both mental and physical health through providing a coping mechanism that helps with decision making and promotes relaxation.

Subject: Labyrinths for contemplation

Labyrinths with the rose  for Contemplation
September 19, 2017

A labyrinth comes from ancient traditions,  used in many cultures throughout history as a contemplative tool.. Unlike a maze with several different pathways, a labyrinth has only a single path and no dead ends.

Labyrinths have received much attention within the last decade, particularly for its acknowledged therapeutic and medical benefits.

Labyrinths are being built around the world in universities, gaols, rehabilitation clinics, parks and schools.

This article from the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the movement.

Centennial Parklands in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs built a beautiful labyrinth from sandstone in 2014. They have information on the labyrinth on their website, along with a free music download to listen to as you walk the labyrinth.

Below  is some words and a beautiful poem by Vinod Sehgal
As long as we quote in the newsletter the source (we are allowed to use it )  

My words to go with it …… as an introduction …. 

The Way of The Rose is a pathway to consciously heal and transform all that inhibits your ability 

to fully embody beauty, truth and love in every step of your journey through life…

and to then live and manifest from that vibration…

For when you align that which is above with that which is below and bring balance to 

left and right, yin and yang the Rose of the Heart fully blooms… you enter a unified field of 

presence in which all things are possible… and create heaven on earth.

These are the words of Vinod Sehgal.
A rose is a symbol of beauty and expression of love. Beauty is in a vulnerable position, open to damage but entitled to a source of creative inspiration. My poem Vulnerable Rose directs us to the path that leads to the completeness of nature. The glory of the rose gives us a drive to be pliant and face any adversity. Centring  happens through the glory of vulnerability and a feeling of completeness gushes in. Vulnerability of the rose juxtaposes the completeness of nature. Here goes the poem :

Vulnerable Rose

I see a rose,
A source of my poetic inspiration,
Its brightness and glory,
Gives me a free reign to derive a creative imagination.
Brilliant resilience makes it face the winds of all directions,
Does not thirst for trivial pleasures,
Enacts pain to absorb the nectar from the sky.
Radiant rose stands out,
Breath essence spreads the fragrance,
Without moving an eyelash,
I keep on gazing the pure beauty,
Eyes caress the softness.
The rose blooms,
Fragrance pervades the air,
Stainless color of original radiance absorbs me,
It creates a meditation mode,
Spotless color is a pure vision,
Tranquil radiance abides,
All the defilement is erased,
Quiescence brings all freedom.
All senses float,
Feel the weightless delicacy,
Heart assimilates all senses,
Reaches the center,
I look lovingly,
Suddenly the centering happens,
I am blessed.
There comes a boy with his girl,
Plucks the rose,
Gives it to the girl,
And says ‘I love you’.
The vulnerable rose!
Tears ooze out of my eyes,
A thing of beauty also gives pain.


Hello fellow Rose Sisters!  My name is April Aronoff, and I want to take this time to share a little bit about myself.  I am a wife and mother of 2 boys, living in Northern California U.S.A, near San Francisco.  I am a Priestess, Earth keeper, Bee-keeper and keeper of the Sacred Rose.  I was given the Holy Rose oil when I went through my training as an Anointing Priestess almost 4 years ago.  At the time I was a huge gardener and had a love for Roses, but was taken aback by this information.  How could my energy be that of the Rose?  I was the depressed, anxious person, while Roses are the highest vibration of love.  “How could this be?” I asked myself.  Well, fast forward 4 years, 50 Rose bushes, 2 bee-hives, and a garden full of Elementals, and here I am embodying that deep love that seemed so far away.  There is so much more this story, and you are all part of it!  Since finding the Sisterhood of the Rose my remembrances have been coming in swift and strong.  I know I am an Amber Rose, and am recreating the Amber Room in my Sacred garden.  My dream is to bring to consciousness all that I know as a member of the Sisterhood, from all my prior lifetimes, and bring this into present day to share with the world.  All my healing abilities and Rose Wisdom, my love for ceremony and community.  For I am a healer at heart, and here to serve.  I look forward to sharing my complete journey with you in the next round of posts on the beautiful new Sisterhood of the Rose Website.

I am so looking forward to getting to know all of you precious ones.

Much love, April
“She of the Rose and the Bee


Linda’s BLOG

I have been working through Linda’s Black Rose work which is up on the new Sisterhood of the Rose website. This work takes time and a fair amount of dedication but is worth the effort – it has helped me work through things in my past that I had thought I had dealt with only to have them resurface and bite me all over again. Linda welcomes contact from us and is always willing to offer help with our shadow side.


We will be looking for new contributors to the next round of our website for submission by mid July 2018.  We intend to launch the second phase on the 11th August 2018.
Should you know of anyone who is a Sister of the Rose and who may have an interest please contact Leslina, Robyn or myself for further information.



Leslina and I managed to catch up during her recent visit to Auckland – yet more evidence of this incredible bond between us – we hadn’t met or spoken to each other before yet chatted away like two old friends and indeed that’s exactly how it felt! I know this wasn’t our last meeting…..

With infinite love and Rose blessings