Hello beautiful Roses.

This is the first newsletter under the title of the Reunion of the Rose and hopefully not the last. I’ll aim to send one out by the last week of every month. A big thank you to all those who have sent material to include in the newsletter – it makes it so much more interesting and meaningful when we have input from as many of us as possible.

I chose the title because it so succinctly describes what we have been doing over the last few months. We have reunited as a powerful group to express the potency of God’s love through the energy of the Rose. I have a sense that the very tentative bonds that have been forming again between us are going to grow from strength to strength as we start remembering our previous collaborations and the camaraderie we shared through our work.

Robyn Adams, in addition to writing an article for this newsletter, has given me much food for thought and research around Atlantis. Our next newsletter will therefore be an Atlantis extravaganza and I would so appreciate it if you could all send me any memories you may have of our time there or anything else Atlantis related you may want to include. If I could have these by mid-November that would be fabulous.

Speaking of deadlines………

October 31 is the date that all our pieces of writing are to be submitted to Cris and Leslina via Dropbox. I know some may be submitting a little later. Rebecca,  has very kindly offered to help anyone who is having difficulty uploading the files. You can send your work to her at the above address and she’ll work her magic on your behalf – thank you so much Rebecca. Below are her instructions for the brave hearted:

The other sisters do not need to physically download Dropbox to use it, they just upload their file to the Dropbox link provided in the email i sent out~ by clicking on the blue “Go to Folder” tab. This takes them to the dropbox link (they will be able to see Janet’s file already uploaded to there) and on the right hand side of the page there is a tab saying “Upload Files”~ they just click on this and upload their file from there.

As you are all most likely aware by now, the title for our written collaboration is: THE ROSE COLLECTIVE.

Cris and Rebecca have been working together on a banner and have produced the beautiful piece below:

Rebecca has sent this explanation of the imagery for the newsletter:

This is a draft banner idea for The Rose Collective website. It includes a painting by Dante Rossetti called “Rosa Triplex” and Leslina’s “Inner Sanctum” rose. “Rosa Triplex” depicts May Morris as the Triple Rose~ referring not only to the original trinity/triple goddess comprising Maiden/Mother/Crone, but more poignantly the Goddess as the primordial Creatrix, Sustainer and Destroyer/Regenerator. She is the Three-in-One, Trimurti, or what has become known as Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu energies within herself as shown through the states of the roses~ full bloom/decaying/budding roses within the continuity and cycle of Life. This also refers to among other things the “Three Marys”, the “Three Mothers” in Kabbalah, the “Thriae” Three Bee Priestesses, also Hekate, Brigid, and “The Three Graces”. It is significant that three of the Pre-Raphaelite sisterhood women were of Greek heritage and were collectively known as ‘The Three Graces’ within the Pre Raphaelite circle. In “Rosa Triplex” May Morris embodies the triple energies of an enlightened feminine Creatrix within herself, as the original Rose Sisters did and still do today, consciously. The triple energies also refer to the triple Sirius star system~ Sirius A, B and C and directly with the Chintamani/Jewel in the Lotus/Monadic Flame related to Sirius.

The Pre Raphaelites were linked to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose and it is evident in the imagery of the Marys/Magdalenes painted by Rossetti. Most of the paintings include roses and other encoded imagery linked with the Sisterhood~ the Scarlet Thread, The Rose Branch/“Tender Twig” of the Melchizedek Lineage, the Inner Sanctum Rose, Golden Keys, Knots of Isis, Rose jewellery, PHI spiral hair clips, red haired Magdalene symbolising Divine Union of the Soul with the Monad through Communion imagery and she is referred to directly as “The Beloved” in Rossetti’s painting titles. 

The Inner Sanctum rose also contains all these energies plus the new Cosmic frequencies, thus creating a synthesis of Old/New into the Eternal Now through The Rose Collective banner. Leslina writes the following about the Inner Sanctum rose: The Rose of the Inner Sanctum was originally dedicated to four Rose Sisters in January 2017: Robyn Adams, Dr Christine Henderson, Vivienne Rose Diamond and Leslina Fanelli. It is seen as a symbol of the raised vibration of the Rose Consciousness, of the new Direction of the Sisterhood of the Rose. The Inner Sanctum is a term which denoted the nucleus, the core Sisters who, were, at that particular time, responsible for lifting the vibration of the Sisterhood to higher dimensions so that the energy could expand outwards and reach Sisters in every part of the globe.

The colours of this special rose are pink, the colour of universal love, compassion and healing; white, its purity signifies respect for the legacy of the Sisterhood of the Rose, pays homage to new and multi-dimensional directions and expresses hope for the future. The inner part of the Rose is gold, signifying the treasures, the rewards accessible when the Sisters go within and surrender to the full complexity of the Rose Journey.

Thank you to all involved in the creation of this beautiful banner!

Leslina has been pretty busy too and sent us lots of information and images about her travel.


Spring in Bella Italia this year was just full of an explosion of roses of all shapes, sizes and varieties, both cultivated and wild.

Visits to churches and abbeys in my home region of Lazio as well as trips to other stunning spots yielded many signs of the Sisters of the Rose.

Like a secret code, the symbols give me glimpses of the ancient wisdom the adepts protected, like pieces of a gentle and beautiful puzzle:

Rose Windows, spirals, Madonnas and of course roses: real and stylized.

It is only a matter of asking and the roses appear, in whatever form. From Italy to Thailand and have seen so many roses here, which apparently signify high status. These are often sold in conjunction with Mary’s gold, offered to the Buddhist goddesses at the many temples and the shrines.

And so, the rose is with me, as always on my travels.

Viva la rosa!







If so, welcome to the Sisterhood of the Rose. As we begin to find each other after such a long hiatus, many of you may remember our time in Atlantis when we gathered during an early time on Earth when we performed what today would be called miracles, but to us were merely our sacred roles? That ancient time, possibly our first time on this planet, was filled with love, companionship and support for each other. Our work comprised healing of mind, body and spirit, telepathy, balancing the Earth’s energies, alchemical experimentation, and teaching the younger ones, sacred rituals, special exercises, to name but a few. I am sure you will each remember the various roles you all played.

With the traumatic collapse of that ancient continent, many of us were deeply traumatised and it took some time for us to regroup. Other memories will probably be written by the Sisters as their memories are recalled, but remember, they were happy and fulfilled until the destruction, which was beyond our power to prevent. However, it is important not to hold on to any emotion associated by such memories for they are long past. It is time to release any residual effects in our minds, bodies or spirits as we move forward into a higher level of development and towards ascension.

In times when the Sisterhood of the Rose was fully functioning and its women were awakened to their roles, they knew that each group of twelve consisted of twelve different coloured roses, which complimented their auras. If they weren’t aware of their colours when they were initiated into the Sisterhood, it soon became apparent that their existing skills fell into different categories of expertise. When they were assigned their rose colour group, teachers enhanced their skills so that each woman became highly proficient in her role. Their combined, shared skills made life easier.

The 12 Roses

White Rose – this Sisterhood group create resting and safe places for the teaching women of the Pink Rose to stay, teach and regenerate as they travel from place to place. There is a purity in their devotion which draws others to their door.

Yellow Rose sisters are the administrators who are responsible for the day to day running of the priory or house where they live.

Amber Roses are the predominant healers of body, mind and spirit who have a great knowledge of herbal lore, flower essences and energy transferance healing like Seichem.

Green Rose sisters are the agriculturalists responsible for growing foods for feeding the groups and flowers and herbs for medicines.

Blue Rose sisters are the mystics, those who spend a deal of time in meditation and prayer to contact the higher realms and bring down vital new teachings (although all the other groups are highly trained in meditation).

Lavender Rose sisters are those in transition between the Pink and Blue rose groups, those who no longer need or wish to teach and becoming more finely attuned to the higher realms.

Red Rose sisters are those who display courage, passion and fearlessness in the face of danger. They are the protectors and the emissaries.

Orange Rose sisters are very creative, artistic and the scribes of the group.

Then there are the Sisters of the Black Rose – those brave souls who walk between the worlds, who carry the pain of aeons, who help others through the dark night of the soul, the hidden ones. They are the most spiritual of all for they delve deeply into hidden mysteries.

There are two more colours about which I have no information. Perhaps another sister could provide this. They may be Coral and Pale Pink.

This supports the Principles of the work in a united fashion. These Principles for this 21st Century group are comprise:-

A group of strong, capable women and men.

Freedom of heart and spirit.

The strength and wisdom to be forthright in word and deed.

To each rediscover their sacred note, to express it in unison to open multi-dimensional doorways.

To anchor and emanate Divine Feminine energy around the Earth.

To pulse peace and healing around the Earth.

Direct combined focus on freeing the suppressed women of the Earth.

Assisting women to be free from the desires of men and the desire to please men to their detriment, teaching them to say no and mean it when necessary.

Free then from being possessive Mothers and let their children go emotionally free by 16.

Teach women to love men as equals, not superior or inferior.

Above all, teach women to LOVE.

Once again, we have been called to reunite. Now with the ease of international travel and the wondrous, world wide web, we can choose to live anywhere, not together in a priory as we once did. However, that would still be a wonderful option – imagine – a Spiritual Retirement Village.

For me our reuniting now is the fruition of over twenty-five years of waiting, for the Rose revealed herself to me in 1991 on the island of Gozo (Malta) in the temple of Ggantija, home of the ancient divine Feminine. I had been called there on the inner level by the Spiritual Order of Malta; (not connected to the Order of Malta whose headquarters are now in Valetta) and asked to write a book as an awakening call to the Sisterhood. As I had not written a book before, this seemed quite daunting, but the words just flowed as though I was over-lighted. I sent it off the several publishers that rejected it until I rewrote in in 1999. In 1993 I returned to Malta to meet up with nine extraordinary people to continue an ancient task we undertake every 5000 years, and met the actual Spiritual Order of Malta inner core who resided there. That story is written elsewhere, in a book by Francis Aloisio called The Islands of the Dream Speak. Ch.5. Anyone contemplating a trip to Malta should read his books and my book The Sisterhood of the Rose. This book, set in the time of the third Crusade, was not published until 2004 and again in 2009 in USA. It is recommended reading for al awakening Sisters as it will give you an insight into the Sisterhood and hopefully, awaken many ancient memories and talents. The Maltese temples act as a receiver for the down-pouring Cosmic Consciousness and transmitters up to the Cosmos via inaudible sound and their structures are encoded with ancient wisdom, maps to humanities origins and future.

Following five years of wandering around the world spreading the energy that I received in Malta (Rose perfume) into hearts and souls and opening the Rose pathways until 1999, I settled in Yamba, on the north coast of NSW, Australia. Part of that story is included in my chapter in this eBook.

In January 2018 I will be returning to Malta, via Egypt, to research a sequel to The Sisterhood of the Rose, as a lot has happened since I first wrote it back in 1991-3. I am also looking forward to returning to Egypt. My last visit was in 1981 when I was given my name, my sound and my soul journey on Earth. Since then I have been Earth Walking. Perhaps that was the Alpha and this will be the Omega of my Earth walking journeys. I am joining a very focussed spiritual group, so guess what will be will be.


There are basically two types of sound; the world sound and the supra-worldly sound.

The worldly sounds are very important to our sensory and mental comfort, but the supra-worldly sound draws us back to GOD, or our Creative Life Stream. If the worldly sounds in wind, water, birds, music, insects, the sea, singing, human words, or the outer melody as so important, then the inner celestial, wondrous Sound is even more enchanting and full of Grace and Blessings. It vibrates within all lives and sustains the whole universe. The inner sound brings solace to our restless hearts and minds, can heal wounds, can fulfil desires and quench worldly thirsts. It is all powerful and imbued with LOVE. Because we are made of this sound, contact with it brings peace and contentment to the heart. Saints and enlightened beings use this sound stream to return to their original source. Higher sounds represent the higher worlds or higher wisdom. The Kingdom of God is within each of us and when we tune into the correct station we connect to the Source of our being. As we are individuals at present, we each have a variation of the inner note. When expressed in unison, they make wonderful celestial music.

It is easy to hear worldly sounds; they abound. But to hear our inner subtler sounds, mostly inaudible to the human senses, we must bring our consciousness to these higher levels for they vibrate on a much higher dimension. The way to these higher dimensions lies in the Sound itself, which we follow back to its original source. Because all worlds were made by this sound or vibration, so-called karma or original sin is cleansed when re-connection with this more powerful source occurs.

When we are disconnected from Source there is a sense of loss and loneliness in this world, no matter how much material comfort we have. Worldly achievements don’t seem enough, the highest and noblest Bliss is missing when we begin to awaken from our deep sleep. Only when we re-connect to the Inner sound current which leads us back to our Source will we know true happiness. If we can come into contact with this Sound Stream we will benefit, but ultimately we need to make our own connection as there are not many real Saints or Masters around to assist us. One way to enter this sound stream is to find your soul note – many notes make a symphony – each unique and essential. Start by listening to the worldly sounds which inspire and uplift you, especially those outdoors. Then begin in quiet stillness to listen for you inner note and tone it audibly. This takes some practice. Your colour and vibration can also be discerned. Sound your note audibly, then in silence.

This realigns you, not only to health but to the whole Sound Stream. My sound seems to come from the roof of my mouth and up through the crown to connect with Source and then back down through my crown to the roof of my mouth to connect to my heart. The sound is assisted by breath but doesn’t seem to come through the vocal cords.

Do this just before you go to sleep and you may develop your inner hearing more rapidly.

Projecting your tone can also lead you into physical contact with those of a similar or higher vibration. You can also use it to attract a partner who resonates with you. We become conscious Creators of our Life Stream and can more easily connect to the Source.

Your note may be of any pitch and located in any part of your body, usually a chakra point. Go through your body carefully and when located vibrate it through your body in a ripple on a pond effect, healing, cleansing, disassociating from negative influences and thoughts. What a beautiful orchestra we make when our pure notes ring forth through the spheres.

Alternatively, you may be given your sound spontaneously as I was in the small Pyramid.

A baby in its mother’s womb is in contact with the inner sound which nourishes and comforts it, but after birth it is often disconnected. The pain of birth is far greater than the pain of death, if one is not riddled with disease. A melodious sound will calm a distressed baby, especially its mother’s voice.


Robyn also shared with us an image of the beautiful blue pyramid that she has standing on her desk at home:

And from Freyja these lovely images of the shrine that she has above her bed:

Thank you both for these beautiful images.

A while back, Cris made contact with a Rose in the USA who has absolutely beautiful images of Roses:

I received this message from a rose in the USA with whom I have just made contact. Her name is April Aronoff  She sent me the most glorious group of roses – their photos – and said that I could have them for my book cover – she is also willing for others to use them on request and with acknowledgement so if you happen to need roses for the cover of your book please do let me know –

As evidence that there are miracles at work, Cris received this email from her

Hi Cris, I thought you might want to hear a bit about the picture you have chosen for your cover.  Those were roses that I picked while the fires were raging in Northern California, where I live.  Did that info make its way to your part of the world? 200,000 acres burned, about 50 people died, many injured, and hundreds lost their homes.  Schools were closed and you weren’t even allowed outside.  I was away for my niece’s funeral while most of it was happening and when I returned I picked all my blooming roses that were still so beautiful despite the thick smoke in the air.  The fact that they were blooming was a miracle.  Thought you would want to know


I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s contribution during my email fracas. I know that Linda in the UK is also still having problems with hers and is gong to send us a piece for the next newsletter. She has sent me the link to her latest blog  – which she is sure will help those struggling with the disruptive energies we all seem to be experiencing. Thank you Linda!

I’d like to end by including I piece I have written on intent and I hope that it provides you with food for thought at least.



The Rose above is the first rose to bloom this year in my New Zealand spring garden. Its name is Jolie Noel or Merry Christmas. When I did some digging into the old Latin root of the word ‘noel’ I found that it means ‘new born’. How appropriate is that, at this time, for us as a group – happy rebirth of the Sisterhood of the Rose; and so it is here to guide me as I write this piece for the next newsletter.

I always meditate before I write and ask for guidance around the message the Rose energy wishes me to give. There have been a number of times when I have questioned the message in earnest and this is one of those times. In my meditation I was given the topic of ‘intent’. At first I thought it would be okay and I even wrote to Cris to tell her. As the information started to come through and gel for me though, I started digging my heels in. I imposed my own judgements of myself and my perceived lack of credibility in this group and said “NO! I can’t write this!” Immediately I was made to understand that by judging the validity of what I was being asked to do, I was judging the integrity of the energy of the Rose and in so doing, denying its potency. In that one act of judgement I had shown that for all my telling myself that I completely trusted the Rose and was allowing it to be the guiding force in my life, when push came to shove, my mind had taken over and imposed its own judgments. That one act of judgement showed me how far I still had to go. I feel like I’ve been slapped. A real wake up call. There is either complete trust or no trust at all – there are no half way measures with the Rose.

So here I am. I’m writing this just as I was asked – humbly and with gratitude for the lesson I have been given in all of this.

We often hear and read of people intending to do something and sometimes setting an intent. The two are very different things. To intend something is a verb. Something you are going to do but which may be affected by external factors like time constraints, lack of enthusiasm and lack motivation. An intent however is a noun, it is a thing, a creation. It exists and it has energy. It’s alive and it’s waiting to be directed and used for the purpose for which it was created. It can be something of intense power or something that wanders around sadly – a creation without purpose and meaning; an opportunity for greatness lost.

“Why is this important for those of the Sisterhood of the Rose?” I asked. Surely this is not new to us. We all know what intent is and we use it all the time! But do we………

If we go back to the time of Atlantis we see a time when we all worked together with pure intent. We had all gone through many initiations together. We had a common goal, a common intent and everything that we did focussed on that intent so that it grew and became incredibly powerful and potent. We were loving beings of light incarnated on the earth but we were extremely disciplined loving beings of light. We all knew what we had to do and although we had different ways of expressing our intent – the intent was clear and we all focussed our very existence on that intent.

This is a new birth for us. A time of great opportunity and joy if we choose to take it. In order for us to maximise the potential to create a dramatic and lasting change for the planet and all living things on it though, we need a disciplined and focussed intent. We’ve all stood up to be counted, we’ve all indicated a sincere desire to work together again and create something powerfully potent for our earth, but in all honesty I don’t think we really know how. I really wrestled with this. I felt that the Rose energy would take our intention to work together and our intention to affect change and then do the rest. We could pat ourselves on the back – job done! This is partly true – half a loaf is better than no bread…….

What the Rose showed me though was a possibility way more powerful and potent than we could ever have imagined. It showed me a group of the Goddesses that we are, in a powerful union of intent. It showed us directing that intent, that energy, with purpose and precision. It showed the focus of that intent amplifying it into something magical and transforming. We don’t yet have that intent. We have not made the solid, unified declaration to the universe that is our combined intent.

This is not something that one Rose can do on her own. This is something that we all have to create as a group, together. This is the mantra, the declaration that will be behind our every thought, word and action. It is what we declare to the universe first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It is the guiding principle behind everything we think, do and say. A focussed powerful intent that will transform not only our lives but the very nature and existence of every living thing it touches.


Perhaps our focussed, group meditations on a Sunday night could start focussing on this. Could we as a group develop an intent as powerful as the one we used in Atlantis – could we remember and use it again?

I don’t have the answer here. I have not been given the magical mantra – it is our job to find it again.

I have written this as asked and I submit it humbly and with love.

Arohanui (Maori meaning with deep affection)