NOVEMBER 2018


A circle of roses, Goddesses all
Birthed from unconditional love
And a desire to serve
Incarnated on this beautiful earth to raise it up
Instead they fell
It started out so well until the forgetfulness set in
They forgot who they truly were
Earthly life got in the way
And the Rose circle shattered; hearts torn apart
Bodies broken and battered
Over the centuries, in times of great strife
They managed to find each other
Managed to remember the bond, the love
Faced the pain and the persecution
Together, briefly before the aching separation
We have found each other again
And this time the forged bond can never be broken
We have remembered who we are
There is no denying our strength; our power
Love has conquered all and reunited our Rose.

Janet Jordaan

November 2018

On The weekend of 11 / 11, seven members of our Sisterhood of the Rose met on the Gold Coast in Australia. Many of us had never met in person before in this lifetime. The recognition was instantaneous. A bond of pure love and sisterhood was rekindled during this time and I know none of us present will ever forget; our hearts were healed as we shared recollections and opened our hearts to the divine energy that is the Rose. The only sadness felt was that our sisters in the US, England, France and Finland could not share this cherished time with us in the flesh – they were however certainly with us in spirit and we were aware of their love throughout.

This precious time was spent in meditation, planning, sharing, anointing each other’s feet and opening our hearts. There were tears and much laughter. We were able to finally shift what no longer serves us and allow in the new crystalline energies of endless possibility. We are looking forward now with purpose and a renewed intent to serve in whichever way we are called to. Linda suggested a circle of intent to be used to assist each other and as a potent for change on earth. We were left wanting more and have promised to make this reunion an annual event – wherever the Rose may take us. The past was important but it’s done with and it’s the renewed focus and intent of our sisterhood that make us a potent force for change and the healing of our beautiful planet and all living beings on her.

And so it is.

Noelene’s impression of the meeting:

An image that comes to me is that we started on Friday as a rosebud heart and through each other’s generous offerings blossomed into a full blown Rose Heart. Thank you Every One for the gift of your Rose Hearts and Rose re-union. 

As mentioned in my Rose reflection on Saturday, I have seriously felt the Rose wound of separation… and my 30 years in the convent so often left me feeling the pain of something missing. I realise that what was so often missing for me was the HEART warmth and the expression of feeling, of our LOVE and our heart TRUTH. 

I so welcome the opportunity to expand and amplify my emotional body- along with my spiritual, mental, physical bodies.  … to follow the Rose Way of becoming truly HUMAN AND truly DIVINE

Here’s to the Rose Way, Rose Love, Truth and Life …

Rita from Finland wrote:

Dear Rose Sisters,

You were often in my thoughts and my crown area was very active with the flows of the liquid Light.

Much love ritaxxx

Linda in the UK wrote:

Hello Rose sisters,

I would Love to share the following with you…and you were all often in my thoughts!

Janet – thank you for the newsletter topic!

Leslina – thank you for the beautiful photos! I just LOVED the beautiful group photo of you all! I passed the first ones onto our european sisters because I did not know if we all got them individually.

Cris – you were in my dreamtime (which would have been the 11.11.11. for us all). Ha! ha! I came to visit you in Australia and we had a lovely day shopping! I found some beautiful lace material to make lace curtains – Nottingham is known for it’s lace. I did some research on lace and it is to do with being “connected”….(how appropriate!)… and “the truths of faith which are of the new understanding”….we had lunch and then I needed the toilet (is that too much sharing?!). There were two doors next to one another with some strange writing on them and you said to me “don’t go in that one that’s the men’s…go in that one! I get a sense this was the balancing of the masculine and feminine.

I posted this on my FB page for the 11:11:11…..


Child of Light, the Angels are calling to ignite your Light and uplift you.  Are you ready to embody the Mastery Key Codes of Ascension? You have an opportunity to step into the Light frequencies of this Divine 11.11.11 gateway to activate your Diamond Heart and move into the higher consciousness of the Angelic frequencies of LOVE and colour. Use this Galactic Portal and step into this quantum vortex to move to the next level of Light and change your life forever.

Much Love and Rose blessings to you all! It’s gone midnight here now so I’m off to bed! Linda x x 

Leanne’s Experience on the last day of our reunion:

Sisterhood of the Rose 12 Nov 2018
11.11.18 at 11am

Mediation on last day of retreat. In the inner sanctum of the temple and what message did I receive?

The last meditation at our gathering was powerful, starting with the visualisation of the sacred temple. Then with the energy of all us we were there in this most beautiful space with blue hues and i felt it was Mary’s love we were graced with.
A coming together of all the female deities in love.
As the energies of love strengthened all the rose sisters looked so beautiful .
The Rose and the heart are one, was the message I was given.

Leanne took this beautiful photo of our Rose Altar

by Robyn Adams 15-11-18

Listen to my story
That spans so many years
It’s a tale of love and laughter
Of loss and many tears.
It began when the Creator
Expressed sparks of pure light
That formed the souls of billions
To begin their eternal flight.
Listen to the music
That plays a mystic song
When we can hear that humming
Then we know that we belong.
My journey has been riven
With ecstasy and woe
It’s a never ending story
With aeons yet to go.
If you listen to my story
Then you will surely know
Of a life of courage and disaster
Of constant ebb and flow.
Those souls I’ve met along the way
Have all played their part
In a constant cosmic dance
That lives deep within my heart.
The process of awakening
Can be fraught with loss and change
But once through the dark night of the soul
Life is usually rearranged.
So now as this existing chapter
Of my journey draws to a close
I’ve remembered that my focus
Is linked to the Heart of a Rose.


It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives. Marrianne Williamson

From Robyn   Nov. 2018

We are at a pivotal point in our journey to the Heart of the Rose, for recently we finally met as a group for the first time in this incarnation. Some of us were already known to each other through finding our way back to each other physically after such a long and lonely journey since our last incarnation together. My memory of that time was in the latter part of the 12thC during the time of the Third Crusade. Perhaps there was one in between that I do not recall. We reunite at times when the Earth is undergoing a major change in consciousness, which influences everyone incarnated at that time. We were together at varying times in the long Atlantean civilisation, in Egypt, at the time of Christ, during the reign of King Arthur and Guinevere at Camelot, at Versailles during the time of Marie Antoinette, (executed in 1793), the last Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI, and perhaps others of which I have no memory.

Marie Antoinette

Aeons ago a call echoed through the Universe to participate in a great adventure, to assist the struggling Earth to ascend to her true place among the galactic nations. Those who answered came from different star systems, some from Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, and from Pleiades to name a few. We brought with us great ideas and enthusiasm but were not told that we had to truly enter into the Earth vibration and remember how to awaken from our asleep state. This took some of us many incarnations. I have a memory of being a tall golden being when I first arrived on Earth so long ago. Now the time has come to pass that the Earth has truly reached a pinnacle in her ascension process, which began with Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, and was accelerated in December 2012. It is also time for the ancient order of The Sisterhood of the Rose to reunite.

Our activities during past times together were mostly done as a group living together in a Priory, our lives dedicated to healing, teaching, alchemy, herbalism, arts, meditation and helping the community. Now we are dispersed around the world, but with the amazing technologies at our disposal, are able to communicate audibly and visually with each other. It is now time to change our mode of service, by being able to once again access the 5th and 7th dimensions and beyond, where the new vibration we are to work with is located. Now that these dimensions are accessible to us, by spending time in our etheric temple, the Crystal City and Healing Fields located there, we can step down these vibrations and through our body, send them out to others to assist their ascension process. Our method of healing is moving towards absent healing instead of hands on, and our meditations link us together on those planes, especially the Sunday night one. But as powerful as these methods are becoming, nothing compared to our actual physical reconnection during the weekend of 9-11th November, 2018, where we joined our hearts and minds in a circle of love and light and merged our auric fields, so we now know how each Sister resonates, her strengths and weaknesses, her power and vulnerability, her detachment and sensitivity. 

In our psychic or energy body are found energy structures which are regenerating from an infinite number of experiences which formed from previous lifetimes. The ego of each individual is carried in her own basic frequency; and each of us is different or vibrates on a slightly different frequency. The individual is then not only a broadcasting station in the abstract sense but also a receiving station. For as she is connected outwardly and inwardly through energy structures to the infinite cosmogony, she participates in life according to the sum and total of these harmonic structures which are constantly being regenerated to form the sum and total of this basic frequency or to oscillate with an individual in a manner wherein this oscillating frequency between two individuals, as a sine wave or carrier, carries with it idea, form or consciousness. So it resonates and spreads through conscious intent to others who can receive these vibrations or are open to be lifted up by them. If one is   an old soul and has properly preconditioned for this great change; the amount of faith personally expressed in exchanging old thought patterns for new leads to a willingness to leave behind the illnesses, aberrations, destructive emotions and thought patterns which are all reflexes from escape mechanisms and which are brought about by numerous unsolved deflations of the ego consciousness.

This evolution of consciousness is indeed quite complex if it is approached and realized in a more complete infinity within the present moment of consciousness; however, it does not necessarily need to confuse anyone who approaches the Infinite, in the sense that these principles can be rationally integrated; we can form different necessary basic concepts, and above all we can assume a more completely dedicated purpose and intent toward the Infinite creative force in our desire to incarnate into a higher life. That is how I see this Reunion of the Rose Heart; to assist each other into this higher aspect of ourselves on our journey, by combining our energies to further empower us.

However, we cannot approach the Infinite with very definitely formed convictions which we have derived from other lifetimes in the past. We need to regain our innocence for we cannot constantly compare the Infinite with that which has transpired in our former earth life experiences, or with any other previous affiliations or denominational orders. We cannot classify the Infinite in generally accepted terms of relationship with political systems, religious dispensations, credos, etc. We can, at any time in our evolution, completely evolve our mental consciousness with the combined elements of Infinity, as they are so presented to us, and not necessarily compound them from out of our past experiences into the present mental tense; or the recombinations of these various elements become a compromising dispensation of life which seems to flatter the immediate apparency of this life as it is understood by us.

One thing we can do though is to remember how to locate and access the knowledge and memories we inserted into certain seed crystals before Atlantis was destroyed for the final time when the grids around the Earth collapsed when the balance was destroyed. Using light frequencies, we downloaded with the mind our ancient knowledge, original teachings known before the distorted teachings and mistranslations of imperfect memories that resurfaced in the places around the world repopulated by survivors of the cataclysm. Before the deliberate collapse, all the frequencies that kept the nation strong, all the geometry and the patterns of creation were placed in crystals for access by our future selves. This was to prevent the total destruction of the Earth by those misusing the crystal network, exploring Dark Matter and disrespecting life. Now it is time to find and translate them. We carry some of them in our own bodies, water holds memories, and even rocks, but these seed crystals are the key to unlocking the information we need.

Alternatively, we can access it in the Akashic records which are like an ancient Dropbox, held in the Cloud, by pure intent, and by merging our DNA with that of a particular crystal. The grid is now being restored both in and the Earth as she is now more etheric, by the combined knowledge and abilities of many people who have awakened to this work. Crystals in the earth are linking to those activated seed crystals and forming a whole new pattern around Earth. Those who are Earth walkers acting as acupuncture needles, are called to certain areas to open blocked portals and connecting new pathways. They can use a crystal, a twig from a living tree or just let energy flow through their body to align and activate sites and repair grids. So when you feel called to spend time at a particular site, just go there and be yourself.


For more information on this subject I would recommend the website:

The unarium wisdom site is well worth reading as it resonates with the new chapter in our journey. See Resonance Theory of Consciousness and Atlantis And Its Advanced Use Of Crystals. I have used some of their information in my article as it so resonates with my thoughts.

Remember Sisters why we came to Earth so long ago. We came to lift the consciousness of those humans on Earth ready to evolve; we came to ease pain and suffering and ultimately to ascend back into our light bodies and merge with the Infinite. We didn’t really come to ‘save the Earth’ but to assist humans to save themselves. Now that we are finding each other again, we can be far more powerful as a group than we are as individuals.

When our job is done we can return to any place we wish, or continue on our eternal journey. We touched the Celestial City during a meditation during our Reunion weekend and were warmly welcomed by the Light Beings who are part of our ascended family. I have been going there for over twenty years and it is where my twin flame lives. Its love energy opened a few Sisters to release ancient pain and memories.

This has been one amazing journey, full of highs and lows, joy and pain, elations and suffering, but now I am ready to move to this higher dimension and work with the Sisterhood to assist the Earth to ascend to the next dimension.

I DREAMED A DREAM – the rose codes
From Dr. Cris for the Rose Reunion

This life, the life of the Crucifixion is the rose key to our current life experience more than any other.  This is the first of the lives I have explored when I have been in the life, part of it, feeling each feeling, smelling each odour and walking on the streets of the time.  Previously I used to remote view however when I began to receive information on the crucifixion which began in 2012 all this changed.

This life has influenced us both individually and collectively because it contains layers of the rose codes.  Once the energy surrounding this time is released – then the journey back to wholeness for us and for everyone – truly begins.

One of the major reincarnations of all members of the Sisterhood of the Rose came at this time of the crucifixion. The Sisters all have individual dreams about the time of the crucifixion – there is a collective dream and individual dreams – you can choose to experience whichever one you feel is most relevant to you.  You can choose to experience both.

As we begin we say this Buddhist prayer to open the energy.

Let me be protected from the known and the unknown

From the seen and the unseen

And the hidden!

There is dust in the air.  As we run in and out along the streets hiding in the alley ways we inhale the dust.  We do not mean to.  We cannot help it.  As we inhale we begin to cough – over and over and on and on and this cough is drawing attention to us.  We do not need attention.  We must not have attention.  We must hide. We are tempted to run – we cannot – if we do we will be picked up and that will be the end of the Sisterhood of the Rose – and more importantly the end of Mary and the Magdalene too.

We hear the sound of marching feet and our hearts jump violently.  The feet belong to soldiers.  The sound is terrifying. The soldiers are searching for us and other rebels. All of a sudden a woman wearing a thick cloak appears at our side.  We do not know her.  We do not know her origins or how she has arrived here.  We only know she is here.  Her coat is a cloak of deep amber – one of the signs of the sisters.  So we do not run and in the next instance she has brought us to safety. 

We look round to thank her when the dreaded noise of marching is gone and she is gone.

Before too long we have manoeuvred through the streets and found our way back to the cave underneath this city where we are hiding.  We are back together again – the sisters – the sisters of the rose.

We stay in hiding – it is not an easy time – some of the sisters are beginning to annoy others as we are in such close confinement.  We are however learning and teaching – we have done this in other times and places – and we will continue with this role down through the ages.


The door is waiting
It stands before us
And we are here
A group of potent women
Waiting to move
Into the next level
Encompassing a new dimension
Of reality not surviving
Some of us are leaving
They cannot face
All elements of their new being
Behind me
I feel some sisters pull away
Choosing to be busy or distracted
Choosing really to run again
Those who remain
Will face a baptism of fire
More frightening than the Rose Fire
Understand the collective choice
Being made now
Along the way
We have given up ourselves
We believed in our role
In this life
And we delivered
And now the choice is ours
As individuals
And as a collective
Do we go on
Do we open this door?
Or remain to repeat
Old patterns interminably
Those of us who stand together
Decide to move
A golden feather finds us
It is the key to the kingdom
We will now be
All that we can be
We will open to the true depths
Of our intensity
The tears flow
We join hands
We use the key
We enter
The Feather is potent now
The Gold is glittering
The way is clear for you
Your role defined
And we choose Rose Consciousness!

We hear in the background the sound of rose voices echoing down through the centuries. They are sending us energy and support – the storm is beginning – the tempest is coming – the feeling of gloom and doom sends out its whispers to inhibit us however our collective might is more than all of that and it cannot touch us or wound our resolve.

And then that day has come – we are out on the streets watching for Him.

Mother Mary, well we knew she was going to be a handful.  This was her son who was being crucified and she was always going to fight for him.  And then down the street He came carrying the cross on his back bleeding from the temple where the Crown of Thorns dug cruelly into his forehead. 

I remember starting when I saw Him first – I had no idea the sight was going to be so truly dreadful. 

We were standing at a bend in the road about half way along the route.  He rounded the corner and saw us and saw Magdalene and Mother Mary.  Magdalene stayed in close eye contact with Him – she pulled the distorted energy from his field and absorbed it herself and then we took it and transformed it as well so that we had a constant field of energy changing and moving between us all.  It was phenomenal.

We also heard the crack of a whip.  When we saw the whip we recognised it.  It was the same whip that had been used by the Ringmaster in Atlantis – the symbols stood out on it just as they had in the circus ring. In that moment when I recognised the whip I realised the signs and symbols emblazoned on the whip we had known about forever.

Mary flew from our restraining hands and attacked the Roman soldier.  She tried desperately to wrestle the whip from him. He was the one who had tried to seduce me for the secrets of the sisterhood at the feast of Cana and some of you know about that.  This was no accident. He recognised me even though we had turned our Rose Cloaks inside out.  I distracted him which gave Mother Mary more of a chance to hit her mark – how anyone could think that she was meek and mild defeats me – she was a tigress fighting for the life of her only son then – and she fought and continues to fight for the world after that incredible day.

The crowd straggled on following Him. When he sees a sister in the crowd he exchanges eye contact – he does not miss a single sister.

We went to Gethsemane – in all my life I have never seen anything like it – the crosses were there – many more than we are shown in standard representations of this scene – Jesus was hanging on a cross at the front. The scent of evil and suffering hung in the air – however the closer we approached Him on the cross the more we felt the power of forgiveness – he exuded forgiveness and grace.  The atmosphere was so dark as we knelt there  together in front of the cross – the two Mary’s were being held back by other sisters for now –there were pieces of soot like material falling around us everywhere – grit, grime – I could feel it in my nose and even in my ears and certainly in my eyes. 

I swallowed so much of this grit that I could hardly speak as the sky changed colour and became darker and darker. It was the middle of the day and it seemed like the middle of the night. I touched the cross – no wonder people call it the True Cross and no wonder it is sacred.

At the foot of the Cross I continued to kneel as I wept tears of blood and asked His forgiveness which He gave to me.  He generated such love and understanding that I fell prostrate to the ground in front of Him.  I remember looking up and His glorious face beamed down at me and touched me with his gentle forgiveness.  What happened to you at this time I do not know – so kneel with me at His feet and your personal revelations will then be made.

On the site where we knelt and His tears and ours mingled grew the moss roses – and the legend of the moss rose is one that is now part of the history of the Sisterhood.

When the moss rose grew I knew that my role was to carry the rose energy, to work with Mother Mary and to release the rose knowledge.  This pertains to you and your life’s purpose – because here in front of the cross is the ideal place to find out exactly what that might be.  There is no emotional residue in what we saw – it just is – and it explains so very much – and it has, in being lifted, lifted the group energy of the sisters as well and released the rose codes.  And then I came back and the memories are more real than this life –

I want very much to go to Calvary – to feel what I felt – to be there – to find Him – and one day I am sure that I will go there or turn more fully inward and be able to find what I am searching for – the generative energy and love of the Christ. As we bring this journey to a fitting end please use the Triple Rose to bring in the energy of love and forgiveness and release all that has gone before.  And so it is done.


Hidden knowledge, and protected Rose Wisdom was guarded by the Inner Sanctum Sisters of the Rose in secluded monasteries and abbeys of the Middle Ages. The Sacred Order practised Rose Consciousness and studied the teachings of the arcane Mystery School salvaged from Atlantis and the times of Mary Magdalene. In fact, many of those drawn to the Sisterhood have had incarnations in secluded Orders where they prayed, often in cloistered conditions for laymen and women as well as the perpetuation of the Order. They also conserved texts, manuscripts and teachings sacrosanct to the Sisterhood.

Karmic patterning was embedded deeply into the DNA and the etheric bodies of these Sisters, to the extent that rising above this cloistered past life and the lessons endured can be traumatic and challenging. Many  of us of have experienced fragments of these memories, and certainly our recent Gathering on the Gold Coast, Australia, activated pieces of the puzzle. Energetically we need to release these remembrances before we can move forward to future Rose Journeys in a pure and powerful way.

Members of the Inner Sanctum prayed  and meditated together to raise the consciousness and expand the layers of Sacred Rose energy so as to heal, bless and protect communities all over the world. Exactly what our group continues to this day, except, we are vibrating on a higher, more acute frequency due to knowledge gained through so many incarnations together and so many portals crossed.

The card shows pink, purple and gold light refractions. The scene is a prayer cloister in the crypt of an Abbey where Sisters sat on stone seats with a glowing candle .Pink and Gold symbolising the Magdalene energy and her bloodline. The purple emanates the wise and ethereal elders of the Sisterhood of the Rose, known as the Inner Sanctum. The diamond light shape represents the current new evolving level of the Sacred Rose.

Before a diamond can sparkle it must endure pressure. Similarly, the true Sisters of the Rose have experienced hardships in these incarnations but will eventually transmute this energy to emerge unbreakable and breath taking.

Affirmation: I reflect deep into the wondrous layers of my being. My metamorphosis is imminent, the alchemical processes are flowing within my body, soul and spirit, allowing the shimmering diamond light to merge with the raw truth of the Rose.



For those who are interested in exploring more these sites have come to our attention – please let us know if you do use any of these items and what effect they had.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

TreeSisters Women Seeding Change

Shell Essences are vibrational essences created from an energy imprint found within the calcium-carbonate body of specific shells, corals and fossils.

Live molluscs are never used, nor are the shells crushed or damaged.

They return to our cellular memory our own light-healing information that has been lost over time – the ability to self-heal; to live in harmonious, compassionate cooperation with each other and with all other life-forms, and to understand our spiritual dimension within our current human identity. As the vibrational energy of the planet is rising, new Infinite Energy Essences are being created to help us access this higher energy.

Nora WalksinSpirit Diamond LIGHT CODE Transmitter – Rose Sister Arainna’s beautiful jewelry


– “Flower Essence Remedies for Mind, Body and Soul”

– “Creating Flower Essence Remedies”

If you know of any resources that you would like to share please do send  them in to the editor

In the meantime happy journeying

With love and gratitude