MARCH 2018

From a very early age I was drawn to the notion of healing; loved it when siblings were ill and I could play nurse. This eventually led to me finishing a nursing degree and realising the limitations of medical interventions in terms of healing people. Modern medicine could indeed affect cures in acute situations, either medicinally or surgically, but there were many, many chronic conditions where the best we could offer was palliative and symptomatic relief. I also encountered people who quite honestly didn’t want to get better. I discovered that healthcare became proportional to funding. Time was money – patients were sucked into the healthcare system and spat out again as quickly as possible and the true spirit of caring and healing was lost.

After immigrating to New Zealand I moved away from working directly in healthcare and into the machine that provided the equipment for healthcare – it did nothing for my soul but did pay the bills.

I was never sure if I found Reiki or it found me; it really doesn’t matter. I went to my classes and was filled with unbridled enthusiasm. Everyone had such marvelous stories about how they had “healed” people with Reiki – this was going to be my chance to do something amazing! I joined a Buddhist hospice as a volunteer and began giving Reiki to my terminally ill patients. There were no miracles, no dramatic improvement in their conditions. Instead most experienced a new sense of peace, an acceptance and a loss of fear. Was this healing? My understanding of the concept of healing began to change. The day I received my Reiki Master initiation I experienced excruciating pain across my shoulder blades. I asked “what is this?” I was made, through the divine grace that is this beautiful energy, to uncover and re-examine an experience that brought with it emotional pain I did not think I could bear. I had squashed it down so deeply that I could almost have convinced myself that the situation had never occurred. This time the pain came with the boiling white-hot anger I had not expressed at the time because I had decided to take the high road, be the bigger person. This time I felt it all! I owned the pain and the anger and I found the grace in it. I found the lesson for all the participants in the drama. I could see how I had grown from the experience, how it had helped shape the person I’d become and I could truthfully say it had all been for the best – a miracle of healing for my soul.

I spent a lot of time after that experience meditating on the concept of healing. There is the physical aspect of making the body better and then there is true healing which is linked to the soul. A long process of bringing back together all the broken and scattered bits; of learning to love ourselves unconditionally. I came to the conclusion that true healing of our souls can only be done by the individual themselves. We can at best facilitate another’s healing but it has to be done by them and they must want to heal.

I began to remember who I was. I found the Rose again and through working with Cris began to get a clearer perspective of healing and our roles as facilitators of this sacred process. I was reunited with the healing fields of heaven, that wonderful, glorious place of unconditional, divine love and light. The place where our souls are helped to heal.

We probably all experience the Healing Fields differently. I see and feel light of spectacular colours, hear very high and fine pitched sounds like the strumming of incredibly fine wires. There are beings who are waiting to envelop us in limitless love while providing us with a place of safety and peace where we can start to remember who we are, start to love ourselves and bring together our broken parts that have been lost and scattered over many lifetimes. Each different form of the light, each colour speaks to some part of the pain hidden deep in our very DNA, coaxes it out, helps us to love it and embrace it. Each time we go to the healing fields we come back loving a little more of ourselves unconditionally, taking one more step on the long path to wholeness, back to oneness. Each time we go to this sacred place we encounter the highest vibrations of love and our own vibration is raised with it. The raised vibration makes us more open to healing.

How wonderful that we are able, in the healing fields, to not only work on our own healing but also be facilitators of healing for others. When we take someone to the healing fields, they too are immersed in this place of safety and unconditional love where they too can begin to remember the magnificent beings of light that they really are and begin their own healing. Here miracles do happen – even for those who think they don’t want to heal. The beautiful energy of this place offers them a safe place to let go of the fear.

There are different areas in the healing fields where specific issues can be taken for healing; the garden of forgiveness and reconciliation, the fountain of renewal, the Sacred Heart of Jesus which radiates love and compassion. The area where Mother Mary works to fill us with the courage to be our authentic selves, the labyrinth of clarity and the crystal cave of transformation  where old patterning and negative energy is transmuted into light. You may have discovered your own places of healing.

However you experience the healing fields and whatever your views on the concept of healing, it is a sacred journey, a road back to the beginning, the end of duality and we are blessed indeed, through the Rose, to be facilitators of this process not only for ourselves but for all living things.

With Love and Gratitude



HEALING FIELDS of Roses by Robyn Adams 27-2-18

Walk with me in the healing fields
Where the yellow roses grow
An ancient place where healers work
And the needy come and go.

Come with me to the garden where red roses bloom
To a place to heal your heart
If it is broken or untrue
Or has lived a life apart.

Perhaps we can wander through a garden
Where pure white roses bloom
To help you regain your innocence
And forego a life of doom.

Now let’s wander among the roses pink
So many shades there are
Where your mind will be much calmer
And you recall your birthing star.

Now if you have the courage
There is one more rose to find
For the Black rose is always calling
To our damaged state of mind.

Revealed from its deep secrets
Where it can now be free
For it holds us bound in sadness
If we refuse to see.

Breathing in the essence of the sacred rose
Brings a sense of healing, a state of deep repose
For when worry and tension are released from the mind
Healing flows in waves of energy, we find.

The perfume of sacred roses
Has a way of healing the mind
Negating effects of drug doses
That addle, confuse and blind.

Some people stumble into the healing fields
Through times of darkness and despair
And choose to stay when healed as they find
That helping others makes them care.

Let me place upon your shoulders
My warm and healing hands
To ease your pain and suffering
As energy courses through your glands.

There’s a little bit of heaven
In each person who can heal
For they are quite connected
To the infinite healing field.

I gift to you this bunch of roses
Their colours all displayed
To bring forth our deepest memories
Before they start to fade.

The Healing Fields  – FREYJA

When I visit the healing fields of heaven I always feel at home. I know the healing fields and feel very comfortable in my tent surrounded by Rose Angels, Cris, Rose Fairies and in recent times the beloved Mother Teresa. Everyone I come across in the tent blesses me, heals me and reveals many a mystery to me.

I always find it interesting how often I must dissolve any negative energies around me before any type of healing or upliftment begins – I literally see an image that isn’t serving me and I turn it into ashes – I feel sooo relieved when this takes place and then a beautiful ceremony will begin!

I will never forget one experience in my tent and these beautiful fairies arrived surrounded with blue light and they revealed a beautiful rose to me – and I became the rose… and the suddenly as I saw deeper into the rose an entire universe opened up to me… so many sparkling blue stars… and then they showed me how all creation comes from the rose and how significant it is… and they emphasised how our internal universe is truly or external universe. It was a very beautiful and moving vision! Thank you Fairies!

I will end with another beautiful memory in the tent – it was a golden tent covered in beautiful feathers! Cris and Mother Teresa were inside – I had a lung infection and dearest Mother Teresa used special healing smoke all over my body and then continued to cover me in many different roses, in particular I remember the colour green playing a huge role. While I saw Mother Teresa carrying out the smoke ceremony I felt Cris’s love and support.  This healing really did help my lungs – I feel so honoured and blessed to have a space in which such deep healing can take place and I wish this for everyone on this entire planet!! What a wonderful world we would have if each and every one of us knew this type of healing was available!!

Okay that’s a little bit about my experience with the healing fields. Somehow I feel like I could write forever about it and even that wouldn’t be enough!!

Thank you dear sisters for reminding me of this Divine Space xxxxx Freyja



In more recent times and since I was shown the pathway to the Rose Healing fields of Heaven I have begun to dance in the Fields.  As I dance I look at the tents and I notice that they too have changed in their nature and form.  Some now are covered in spirals – the sign of the never-ending dance – and some are multi coloured in glorious rainbow hues.

There is also a special space in the fields where there are individual tents given permanently to those who may need them – access here is limited and is usually activated by contact with Mother Teresa who walks gently through the fields imbuing them with her healing presence and inspiring everyone who comes to the fields to be more than they are – to expand into rose consciousness.  Her diminutive frame is ever-present and her tranquility inspires us all.

There are also now a multitude of different access points to the rose fields – and they lead on into other parts of the sacred geography of heaven that were previously not open to us. You may decide to explore these in your own way – and I hope that, if you do, you will come back and tell us all of your exciting journeys.

Rose wishes from Cris


We are entering a whole new phase of grace and gratitude – and to embody this new sacredness within ourselves we only need to visit the Rose Healing Fields of Heaven with this avowed intention. It is here that the symbology of the emergence of the Rose Twin Flame will appear to the diligent seeker.

Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

As we now access the deeper levels of the Healing Fields – and this is often our intention when we meditate on Sunday nights across the world – we are opening a new portal of transformation within the Rose Fields and redefining the nature and form of the rose energy as we experience it in our collective

Many of you know that there are individual tents available as special gifts to those who are in particular need – and I sometimes offer this as a gift to non-rose people when they are in trouble – and so can you of course – last week I even developed a healing tent for a small dog who was getting all her teeth removed – apparently she loved it and appreciated and absorbed the energy almost lapping it up!!  She is still visiting and often present in the Fields.

So as we visit the Healing Fields how do we find or assess our own energy and the energy of the group – from up here as we look down on the energetic imprint we are creating together as a rose collective it looks dazzling.  And so with this dazzle often come new challenges which we can view as challenges – or we can change them to opportunities and this is just what we have been doing recently – what a lovely place to do it – here in the Rose Healing Fields where we can meditate and reflect on the nature of what we are doing together and begin to realise that now we are here we are opening new portals and bringing in new phases of rose energy – can you feel it dear sister?  Are you aware of the opening of the new energy portals in the Rose Healing Fields?

For example there is a Rose Lake in the centre of the Healing Fields – and it is here that the swans gather – when we saw the swans in our various meditations and wrote of them I began to see them moving past the tents – stopping as needed – and then I found them gathering on the Rose Lake.

The Rose Lake is part of the Rose Valley whilst the Rose Well too is integrated into this heavenly landscape – for those who might be interested there is a full description and access details on my website for the Rose Well – it is a very sacred spot and a journey of understanding in its own right. However now it is quite wonderful to see that the two have come together – that is – the Rose Healing Fields and the Rose Valley – the Rose Valley has merged to become part of the Rose Healing Fields themselves.
I find this so exciting – this it is part of the process of our personal integration as well as a further opening point to Rose Consciousness – in other words another step along the way.
I looked back on what had been written before in relation to the Rose Well and the Rose Valley – here is a short quote
The healing power of the rose is becoming infinite. The energy of the rose is expanding all over the world. It is seeping through the cracks and crevices between the worlds – it is assisting change – it is generating knowledge and wisdom and it brings with it the marvellous energies of grace and gratitude, that powerful combination that can heal anything, anything at all. Now is the right time for the wisdom of the ancients to be revealed to all those who want to take up this challenge. It is time for a better life. Understanding the energy of the sacred rose will help all of us to find a different perspective on current problems.
As part of this expansion varying aspects of the sacred geography of heaven have opened to us to explore. The Rose Valley and the Sacred Rose Well are two such spaces.
The Rose Valley is very special – it is a place of commitment – as well as a sacred space where a member of the rose family can take someone in preparation for their death – once they know where it is located it is entirely possible to meet them there at any time – before or after death. The sanctity of this space must never be disturbed by inappropriate behaviour. The rose, well she will not tolerate it as this is Mother Mary’s place. Mary has only offered to share it with us because of the level of need that she sees in our world now.

So come with me on a journey to the Rose Valley and the Rose Well and afterwards you may wish to bring these elements of the rose into your own body so that you can connect with these spaces at any time you choose.

And so the Rose Healing Fields provide a universal space for us all where we can evolve from our individual selves into the planetary mind.  We have seen the symbol of the swan as she makes her presence felt in the Fields.  In relation to this integration and evolution – the merger of the Fields with the Rose Valley – it is the eagle who is our guide and mentor.  The soaring vision of the eagle helps us to notice our own memory in the activation of the planetary miracle – she provides the tone of compassion.  With the eagle’s help and as we hold ourselves in the translucent centre of the Fields we call our light body to wakefulness – we acknowledge the wonders of Mother Earth and her infinite capacity to sustain nurture and to heal us – we ask the question – what is the secret of the sacred rose? 

The secret is love – together the rose collective is helping to restore the vibratory pattern of love.  This is our role.  This is our purpose. We are harmonizing with the new music that drifts through the Healing Fields now – can you hear it – the hypnotic refrains which sooth and expand us – so harmonize with this new music and discover your own rose note to help to ground this new vibrant pulsating energy that has just been created in the Rose Healing Fields of Heaven.

Rose delights to you all – Cris



The way of the rose within the healing fields

Trust the wait.
Embrace the uncertainty.
Enjoy the beauty of becoming.
When nothing is certain,
Anything is possible.

The meditation was with ease and I felt I was flying. As I entered the Rose Healing Fields, I approached the three meter high golden gates and they opened slowly walking through the gates a breeze brushed my face.

Christ’s energy just filled the air. I was guided by a beautiful scent, a sweet scent of the rose. I completely trusted I was going in the right direction.

I saw Mother Teresa and Arch Angel Rose Michael in the tent covered in bright yellow large roses the size of large saucers …round with an inside that represented Sacred Geometry ‘

The divine, the colour yellow, fields and fields of buttercup coloured roses. Full of roses and more roses. I was running through the fields with a great sense of LOVE.

I saw golden roses above and below ‘heaven on earth’

An eagle was flying over the earth dropping sprinkling from its mouth the essence of GOLD. Golden snakes were moving slowly like the wind and swaying with a feeling of calm.

Yes, the energy felt like a vortex swirling and swirling. It went deeper and deeper like a hole with a golden light. Then I also saw colours so vivid; orange, magenta, indigo, fern-green, then I felt everything was golden. 

I then saw a golden dragon with golden roses coming out of its mouth. Very peaceful clear and embraced with a serene sense of peace.

Within what felt like seconds, I was on my back in an emerald green calm clear water looking up at the stars. Everything was through a golden lenses and I felt my stomach flutter as if I was in a car going over a hill fast or on a roller coaster.

I called in Mary Magdalene to embrace and support me on a journey of accelerated awakening.

I asked for the Love of the rose to transmute all that does not serve me as a divine being, and to wash and cleanse…the pains, the hurts, the shadows, all lower frequencies. …. to divinise my limited human mind. It felt magical….

My heart blossomed and felt flushed, with the ROSE elixir. I went deeper and deeper into a much deeper, blissful, expansive, peaceful state of being surrounded by an amazing vibrant green.


The BIGGEST AHA moment was the realisation that the answers are within, they are within ourselves and always have been. This has been a journey of pure LOVE.

Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. When you’re appreciating something, your ego moves out of the way. You can’t have your attention on ego and gratitude at the same time. The word gratitude comes from the Latin root gratus, meaning “pleasing; welcome; agreeable.”

Gratus is also the root of related terms such as grace, gratuity and gratis, all signifying positive moods, actions and ideas.  Being grateful is equivalent to feeling the presence of the Divine in our lives. It is the same as being in a state of bliss. It allows us to see value, virtue and benefit in everything. In this regard, gratitude can be considered the antidote too many forms of suffering.

References: Deepak Chopra’s article ‘Sowing seeds of Gratitude to Cultivate’


April has made this gorgeous Rose video. In it is a photo of her son who is her spiritual ally.



“The Healing fields of Heaven”

The Healing Fields were first revealed to me via the writings of Dr. Christine Henderson and I first travelled there during group meditations in 2013 and 2014 in regular sessions organized by Cris with Rose Women in various parts of the world.

My visions were incredibly vibrant and always took place in the pink, sandy desert landscapes of the Middle East. Having lived in the United Arab Emirates for 6 years, these landscapes were real, vivid and beautiful.

I was always dressed in the same garb. A long white dress, a silver crescent moon choker, a silver belt and with bare feet so that I could really feel the sublime, velvety sand between my toes.

I was always walking toward a place in the distance, a site which appeared like a kind of campsite with pitched tents. Sometimes others were walking with me, those who needed to receive healing. If they were too ill or weak to walk, then a chariot with a white horse would appear to transport us, magically across the sands, to the Fields.

Whenever I approached the location I saw that there were heavy garlands of roses looped around two flags which heralded its presence. The signposts read: “THE HEALING FIELDS OF HEAVEN”

So, the place was full of tents, different shapes and sizes, all made of fine silk, mainly warm colors, red, orange, gold, and also pink and purple.

All kinds of healing were in process inside the tents: massage, hands-on healing and psychic surgery. Balms, oils and herbal remedies all made from roses. Each time entered I saw people I knew from past and present lifetimes receiving therapy. Many times, I had to lead some of the souls in need to the appropriate tent.

Inside the tents were silk cushions and beds with gossamer curtains. These were scattered with rose petals. The fragrance of rose oil burning in softly-lit lamps was comforting and serene.

Healings usually took place in silence though sometimes the Sisters would chant in unison as part of the cure. I perceive this now as a kind of mystical sound therapy.

The healing was often led by Mother Mary, Magdalene or Sister Angelina. On one occasion Christ appeared to assist in the healing of a person very ill with cancer in his current life. I recognized other faces, other Sisters from past incarnations. There was a great sense of peace, love, compassion and serenity. Sometimes souls had to stay for extended periods in the Fields.

One particularly beautiful experience I remember was when I took a trip one evening, only to find the Sisters celebrating: dancing, singing and drinking a burgundy wine made of distilled roses. I will never forget the sense of joy and the heart connections with my Sisters of the Rose on that occasion.

In 2014, I created the Rose Sisters Oracle Deck and one of the cards is the Healing Fields of Heaven. It is portrayed, as I saw it in my visions and appears when healing is required, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Often, we, as Rose Women, are concerned with bestowing healing rather than receiving it. This card may be a reminder of self-preservation. It is only through nurturing ourselves that we can support and assist others in the name of the Rose.

Leslina Fanelli

March 2018


“Rose Catchup on the Gold Coast

Beautiful meeting of two Rose Sisters in February 2018, at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Serendipitiously, the seeds for a face to face  Rose Reunion of the Australasian Sisters were sown during this brief linkup of the two Sisters.

Gorgeous Freyja has offered her home for our group sessions.

The event is scheduled for 9-11 November, 2018. The rose excitement is building!!!

Stay tuned for more detailed information in the next newsletter regarding this event.



Here is my contribution for the next newsletter….  when I had a reading with Anrita who wrote the below, it was the first time that the Sisterhood of the Rose appeared in my life (they came in to support and heal…. Mother Mary in particular)…

So I’m am sharing this for all…. it sounds beautiful to me and I will be doing – there is the MP3 audio which you can listen to (see down at the bottom of the email) rather than just read everything xxxxx

ignition of the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness

ignition of the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness


Mp3 download

Welcome precious hearts, this is Anrita Melchizedek, and what I would like to offer you at this time of moving into the Equinox energies, is this really beautiful transmission that you can step into, called the Ignition of the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness. With the Flame of Divine Love now activated within the hearts of all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth, we are able to deepen into the embrace and love and appreciation of ourselves and others upon this sacred earth. With this, we step into a new flow and balance within our daily lives we Ignite the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness within our Christed Hearts, and draw to us the Overlighting of the Divine Feminine deities of Creation.

In this transmission, we are invited into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart to deepen our journey along the Path of the Rose, the Path of Divine Love, through the Divine Feminine. As we activate the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousnesswe merge with the goddess archetypes through the Overlighting of the Sisterhood of the Rose. Mother Mary steps forward with the archetypal energy of the Mother Queen, activating the Red Rose of Love and Beauty and Passion within our Christed Hearts. Lady Isis steps forward with the archetypal energy of the High Priestess activating the Pink Rose of Appreciation and Gratitude within our Christed Hearts. Mary Magdalene steps forward with the archetypal energy of the Wise Woman activating the White Rose of Purity and Innocence within our Christed Hearts. Lastly, Lady Venus steps forward with the archetypal energy of the Lover activating this beautiful Orange Rose of Desire and Enthusiasm within our Christed Hearts.

As we purify our lower mind and lower bodies as these open hearts and sacred Flames of Divinity, we release the vestiges of any perceived levels of separation or blame, unforgiveness or judgment within our hearts, embracing the Pathway of Divine Love, the Path of the Rose. Through a series of Light transmissions, we experience a renewed balance between our Divine Masculine and Feminine spirits, embracing and integrating all aspects of ourselves within our Christed Hearts, within the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness.

So let us set up our sacred space as we moved deeper into these beautiful energies of Light, deeper into the Love within our hearts, and deeper into the Love of all creation as we come together as One Unified field of Divine Love. Simply allowing ourselves to connect into this weaving of Light within us and around us, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and into this connection to all soul and star family and friends of the Light. Linking in now to all those at a higher light level listening to this beautiful transmission with us, opening ourselves to simply receiving these energies of Divine Love. And as this Unified Field of Divine Love activates through the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness and into our physical vessels of Light, this is further activated for all Life on this sacred earth so all Life may receive these divine frequencies of Love and the energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose should they so desire. And as we start now, just breathe in Love and breathe out Love. Inhaling through the nose and out the nose or mouth. Breathing in Love and breathing out Love. Deepening into the stillness and Love within ourselves.

As we have this sense of merging and connecting with our soul and star family and friends of the Light and to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High we personally acknowledge, and that are connecting with us in this beautiful transmission of Light, we continue to breathe in Love and breathe out Love. We have a sense now of grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, breathing deeply into the body, and feeling and rooting ourselves into the energy of the Earth Mother.

As we centre ourselves now in perfect alignment to the Divine, to the Cosmic Heart of God, and to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, we have a sense of your own energy fields expanding in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love activated now through the Sisterhood of the Rose and all the beautiful Beings of Light from On High that are working with us as we walk the Path of Divine Love. Bringing a focus once more to this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love around the body and energy field, we invoke the Sisterhood of the Rose. Calling in now Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Isis, Lady Venus, Lady Hathor, Lady Kwan Yin, Lady Pallas Athena, Lady Portia, White Buffalo Woman, and all the other feminine deities you personally acknowledge, having a sense of how your own heart is deepening into the Christ Hearted and the Flame of the Divine Mother.

* * * * * * * * * *

We move deeper into this sacred state of beingness, of Divine Love in a series of invocations and affirmations as you get yourselves comfortably relaxed, sweet ones, whether you are lying down or sitting up, just know that you are indeed walking this Pathway of Divine Love greatly celebrated, appreciated, supported and deeply Loved as you balance the polarity into the knowing that all is Love, all is Love. Placing your hands energetically or physically upon your heart as you say to yourselves: “I Love you, (giving your name), I Love you, I Love you.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Good. Let us begin. I call upon the Overlighting of Mother Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge as I now merge with my Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that I Am within the Cosmic Heart of God. Through the Overlighting of the Sisterhood of the Rose I am wrapped in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love as I anchor the sacred Flame of Divine Love within my Christed Heart, my heart chakra, and now, within every sub-atomic particle of my Beingness.

I now find myself traveling with soul and star family and all awakened souls into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart within the New Earth templates of Light. As I enter into this Temple of Divine Love, I start to feel this deep level of self-love through my Christed Heart as I start to see around me now the Divine Feminine deities of creation as they take me into this beautiful central octahedronal shape Temple of Divine Love. Within this Temple is this magnificent Pink Flame of Divine Love. As I enter into this Temple and into this Pink Flame of Divine Love, I release, recalibrate, realign and experience the Divinity that I Am in my magnificence and Light, in my innocence and purity, amplified a thousand fold a thousand times through every good deed that I have ever done upon this sacred earth in this lifetime and every other.

I am ready now to move completely onto the Path of Divine Love, the Path of the Rose, no longer needing to experience these unique third dimensional realities of conflict or blame or unforgiveness, or resentment. I recognize too that often what others reflect are simply where they are in their levels of conscious awareness, and I am come deeper into the Love within my Christed heart, choosing to activate and ignite this Flame of Divine Love within my heart, I experience this compassion and Love for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Mother Mary now steps forward holding the energy of the Divine Mother and activating this beautiful Red Rose of Love and Beauty and Passion within my Christed Heart. Mother Mary, Ma Rei, illuminates the energy of the Love that I have within myself. I experience this by simply releasing judgment as I walk this Pathway of Divine Love, passionately and lovingly, coming deeper into my heart’s dreaming and into my hearts joy and into the deepest level of self-love that I am able to experience at this time. I know that I have experienced many challenges and initiations of Light to reach this sacred Now moment. But I am ready to BE Love, to remember I am Love, and to release and let go of all the aspects of myself that have forgotten they are Love, as they find their way home, into my sacred heart, into my kingdom of Love.

In this safe and sacred space I choose to Love and honour and appreciate and celebrate the full range of my emotions. When the wounded soul aspects come up I embrace these aspects within my Love, giving them a voice to be heard and seen. Each time I experience something that makes me into feeling unloved or unappreciated, I bring my focus to my loving heart and to this beautiful Red Rose within my Christed heart of Love and Beauty and Passion. I now breathe in Love, hold my breath for as long as I can and breathe out judgment of self and others. I breathe in Love, I hold my breath, and breathe out judgment of self and others. 

As I call upon my Beloved I AM Presence to activate the purest vibration of this Divine Love into my heart and through each one of my chakras I experience a deeper sense of this Flame of Light moving through each one of my chakras. I am coming deeper into the understanding of the Love, of how I am able to flow in Love, and to be kind and compassionate and generous to others. And how all these many gifts I have given to others are now amplified and reflected back to me now once more, a thousand fold a thousand times. As I bring a focus now to my loving heart I promise to recognize my Beloved I AM Presence always as my guiding Light to God and to constantly hold the Flame of Divine Love within my heart, within each unique experience I may choose. I allow myself to embrace and Love and accept and appreciate every experience I am having, in remembering and knowing that I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love.

I ask to move into the complete surrender of the Will of God. I ask that I may be able to remove the veils of Illusion. I ask that I may step deeper onto the Path of the Rose. I ask that I may remember who I Am always and eternally, as this Flame of Divinity and as a Master Being of Light. And so it is.

* * * * * * * * * *

And now it is Lady Isis who steps forward holding the archetypal energy of the High Priestess activating now this Pink Rose of Appreciation and Gratitude within my Christed Heart, and now through each one of my chakras. Lady Isis holds the energy of the power of the Divine Feminine, and of the ability to truly greater levels of appreciation and gratitude in every circumstance and situation. I know that many of these challenges have been re-experienced in different timelines; I know that pre-birth agreements I made to experience the karmic dance of the victim and persecutor consciousness in every lifetime was to lift the consciousness of all humanity and all I need to do is to know myself as Love and to remember that the hidden aspects of myself are truly Love. I call upon Lady to bring in her energies to restore, replenish and rejuvenate the soul aspects of my consciousness that are tired, that have experienced disillusionment, or perceived separation; that are not sure that they can rise above the challenges that are presented to them. I know within the deepest levels of my beingness that each challenge is an initiation of Light and I need simply surrender to experience appreciation and gratitude in each Now moment.

I now experience the temple teachings of Light, of hieroglyphics, sacred geometries, immortal key codes and the key codes of rejuvenation and regeneration amplify through my body as this beautiful Pink Rose activates through each one of my chakras. I now breathe in appreciation and gratitude. I hold my breath and I breathe out disillusionment and perceived separation. I breathe in appreciation and gratitude, I hold my breath and breathe out disillusionment and perceived separation. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Mary Magdalene now steps forward with the archetypal energy of the Wise Woman activating this now with this White Rose of Purity and Innocence within my Christed Heart and now through each one of my chakras. I recognize the wisdom that I have and hold. I let go of the aspects of my consciousness that are touched by the lesser-than and better-than consciousness or the victim or persecutor consciousness comparing myself to others or the aspects of myself that consider themselves a fraud, for this is a common false belief that has been experienced by many Lightworkers through the increased sensitivities on the sacred Earth and the increase of the empathetic nature in particular ~ there is a sense of not being good enough. I release this along with any issues of being unwanted, unappreciated, unheard or unseen, or the aspects of the wounded soul that do not feel they have the knowing and wisdom of God. I ignite deeper into the Light of Creation in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, into the blissful Divine creative energy of the wisdom and knowing, illumination and enlightenment that I have and hold within my heart, deepening into the purity and innocence of myself, as a Flame of Divinity, as a Child of God. I breathe in purity and innocence. I hold my breath and I breathe out victim and persecutor consciousness. I breathe in purity and innocence. I hold my breath and I breathe out victim and persecutor consciousness.

Mary Magdalene now dissolves all misaligned energies within my body and energy field into the highest Light stream of the Consciousness of Creation that is able to be experienced at this time. As I nurture and Love myself I experience the regeneration and regeneration of my selves into the innocence and purity that I Am. All That I Am.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lastly now, Lady Venus steps forward, with the archetypal energy of the Lover, activating this beautiful Orange Rose of Desire and Enthusiasm. Lady Venus amplifies this archetypal energy of the Lover as I find myself now experiencing this beautiful Orange Rose of Desire and Enthusiasm anchor and active within my Christed Heart, and now through each one of my chakras. I come into a greater level of desire and enthusiasm for my Life as well as a deeper level of supporting my physical and energy bodies as a Flame of Divinity, as a child of God.

I now find myself as the Lover of life, embraced in enthusiasm and desire, and if I choose this at a soul level, the embrace of partnership of my soulmate/twin flame energy. I experience this dance through the Lover archetype into the soulmate/twin flame energy, calling in or upon my Beloved. I am ready to experience a deeper level of the Lover archetype through the Overlighting of Lady Venus, inviting another into my body, into my heart, into my soul, and into my mind.

I am also ready to deepen my service work through the Flame of the Sisterhood of the Rose in the willingness of desire and enthusiasm to experience the radiance of my physical body as a Temple of Light, loving and appreciating myself. I choose to nurture myself. I eat the foods that support my body. I find time to balance my energies energetically through my own routines of meditation, creative endeavours and my loving heart, loving and appreciating myself and my gifts and my passions in Life. I further release any old planetary contracts or pre-birth agreements that I still need to play out old karmic mates to know myself as Love.

Wrapped in this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love as this Orange Rose of Desire and Enthusiasm continues to activate through my Christed Heart and into each one of my chakras, I know that I have the power as this unlimited Flame of Divinity to magnetize, to manifest and to co-create in any way that I choose as I walk the Path of the Rose. I am this abundant, manifesting co-creator, and I co-create with the soul and star family and friends of the Light as we all experience a deeper sense of this Flame of Divine Love ignite within our Christed Hearts, as and we experience this renewed balance of our divine masculine and feminine spirits. The last remnants of any misaligned energies and false beliefs regarding men or women now release through each one of the chakras and through the subatomic particles of my Beingness. And So It Is, So It Is, So It Is.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am free now to nurture myself; to deepen the energy of self-love, to fill my mind with the Light of God as I walk the Path of the Rose as the Lover of Life in desire, enthusiasm, abundance and expansion of my own energy, magnificence and Light. I breathe in desire and enthusiasm. I hold my breath and I breathe out lack of passion and lack of self-love. I breathe in desire and enthusiasm. I hold my breath and I breathe out lack of passion and lack of self-love.

* * * * * * * * * *

I now have a sense of activating a Pillar of Fire. This beautiful Pillar of Fire amplifies this Pink Flame of Divine Love from within the Heart of Mother/Father God onto this sacred Earth within and through Mother’s Mary Temple of Immaculate Heart, amplified by the Sisterhood of the Rose, and from here is experienced at deeper levels through the hearts of all life upon this sacred Earth. As the Rose Grids amplify through the Unity Grid of Divine Love we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, walking the Path of the Rose. It is Mother Mary that comes forth Now and places upon my head a crown of roses. This crown of roses carries the energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose and these beautiful Roses of Creation. When I am ready and in my own time have a sense of simply activating this Pillar, this Flame of Divine Love called the Fire of Love. And as I ignite within my Christed Heart the Pink Flame of Divine Love, the Flame of the Divine Mother, and into each subatomic particle of my Beingness, I place this beautiful crown of roses upon my head and ask for the frequencies of the Sisterhood of the Rose that would serve me best to activate and amplify in this Now as I walk the Path of the Rose, the Path of Divine Love.

* * * * * * * * * *

I know that I am indeed stepping into a greater level of my magnificence and blossoming and Light and this experience for me now is coming deeper into the self-love within my heart. I walk this Pathway of Light, knowing all is well, all is well, all is well. I now breathe deeply and out my mouth as though sucking in through a straw and then blowing out. This deep sucking and exhaling breath aligns me deeper to the Divine and the Cosmic Heart of God, while releasing the remnants of false beliefs and judgments that have come up for me at this time.

I now thank all of the Illumined Beings, the Sisterhood of the Rose and Mother Mary as I find myself moving back into my sacred space, grounded and centred, and firmly in my body. Within my sacred space, I see this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love expand from around my body, expand now around my house, through my neighbourhood, through my state, county or province, and now through my country and connect to all these other beautiful Pink Flames of Divine Love around the globe.

* * * * * * * * * *

I connect energetically now to the soul and star family and friends of the Light that I will deepen my journey with as this Flame of Divinity walking the path of Divine Love. I am ready to move deeper into my heart’s dreaming and joy and as a co-creator to heaven on earth in this sacred journey of the heart as I walk the Path of the Rose. And so it is.

In my own time now I ground once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High and my Beloved I Am Presence. I gently open my eyes, being fully present, looking through my master eyes at all of Life around me, knowing how much I am celebrated, appreciated and deeply loved. I take this time once more to place my hands, physically or energetically upon my Christed Heart in the centre of my chest, as I say to myself or out aloud: “I Love You (giving my full name now). I Love You. I Love You.”