APRIL 2018


Forgiveness is a powerful and sacred act of transmutation. It takes energy that is dark and heavy and turns it into light; it does this because the intent of forgiveness is pure love. For me, the master that is most associated with forgiveness is Jeshua, because that was the grace that He Himself had to master.

Jeshua incarnated into this thick and heavy energetic dimension as a highly enlightened and evolved being. He came with a knowing of what He was and what He was meant to accomplish, something that very few of us can say. He also came with all the restrictions of living in a third dimension body in a third dimension world and He felt all the same emotions we do. He felt frustration, anger, sorrow, happiness, desire and all the other myriad emotions we experience every day and, like us, He was expected to master them. He wasn’t only here to teach, He came to learn and develop his own self-mastery.

Regardless of our religious beliefs, I think there would be very few who would not acknowledge Jeshua as a Master, a being of light who trod the earth filling it and those he encountered with light and love and peace. In return He encountered false adulation and eventually physical and mental abuse at the hands of the Romans and the Pharisees. It didn’t stop then, His words were taken and manipulated over time to become a vehicle of control of the masses and the subjugation of women for centuries. This may sound hard core but it is the truth.

One can only imagine what the energy must have felt like at that time – all that hatred and anger and fear; imagine what it must have felt like having it directed at you.

Jeshua was a man and He would have reacted to this as a man in spite of His spiritual status. He would have felt the energy. He had help and support from many enlightened beings who had incarnated with Him and help from many who were still in the higher dimensions; He knew what had to be done to transform it into light. Jeshua many times would have had to dig really deeply to be able to find the grace in the situations He encountered. He would have had to remember that these were also divine beings who had chosen to experience the situations they were in. He had to look through the eyes of unconditional love at His fellow human beings and forgive them. Not a flippant okay I forgive you let’s move on – rather a deep understanding that they too were love, they too were worthy, were God’s creation. They had chosen difficult lives and needed compassionate support rather than judgement. That act of acknowledging the love in those He encountered, changed the energy of the situation from dark and heavy, to light- a massive act of transmutation. An intention to choose love over judgement. To me that is what forgiveness is – THE INTENT TO CHOOSE LOVE OVER JUDGEMENT.

Sounds easy but it isn’t. Even more difficult is to forgive yourself; to love yourself enough, to show yourself the same compassion you would show another. We judge ourselves every day – we are almost schooled to do so from the day we’re born. I believe one of the most important elements of self-mastery is the ability to withhold judgement and forgive ourselves.

I read a book by Cynthia Williams entitled Jesus: my beloved connection to Humanity and the Sea. In the book a doctor channels Jeshua and He describes His thoughts on forgiveness. He explains that we incarnated over many lifetimes to experience life in all its forms – good and bad. We carry memories of our lifetimes when we were malevolent beings and we judge ourselves. We surround ourselves with this heavy, dark energy and wonder why it takes so long and so much hard work to shift it. We are still judging ourselves – have not yet totally forgiven ourselves.

He then suggested that to help the situation we go into a deep meditation where we align ourselves with our Christ-self. From this place bring in the Law of Forgiveness, the transmuting violet flame and bring it in for all beings, in any lifetime that you may have harmed. You ask that the energy be transmuted and returned to source. Ask that all of those beings, in all the dimensions and time frames, be blessed as that negative, heavy energy is removed. He said “can you imagine the shift in the energy of the earth if all who read this could make this call for forgiveness for five days.” By doing this, He said we are calling the alignment of our Christ-selves forth for the healing in our DNA of all the malevolent things we have ever done, all the abuse that has existed and thus influenced many individuals. You are asking for all of this malevolence to be undone, to be transmuted and then asking for all the individuals to be blessed – what a huge transformation of energy into light and a beautiful way to bring healing to our planet!

As Sisters of the Rose, we have lived through times of great hardship and turmoil and we have buried these memories and the associated pain deep within our bodies. It’s time to let it go. It’s time to forgive those who had caused us harm and bless them. It’s time too, to forgive ourselves for ill feelings against them that we would have internalised. It’s time to show ourselves compassion, to understand our reactions and transmute them. I know that there would have been times when we would have done things that harmed others for the greater good of the whole. Stop judgement of yourself – bring this to the light with love. Ask for help in whichever way feels right to you to cut the cords and clear the karmic debt – love yourself enough to do this and set yourself free. We are Sisters in Love – not sisters in bondage.


Love and blessings for all eternity


Please find my contribution on forgiveness for the April Newsletter

I believe that to forgive is one of the most beautiful qualities a person can hold forgiveness is love and what gift can we give to others and ourselves than to forgive,  when we forgive others we are in fact forgiving ourselves .

’We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies’ Martin Luther King, Jr

I love the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono pray, it’s a beautiful reminded to ourselves as we repeat the words to forgive ourselves. It has such power that when repeating these words, it uplifts us to realise. We are all one and equally make mistakes, however big or small and to forgive is to forgive oneself

What is ho’oponopono?

On the surface level, many people have understood ho’oponopono to be a mantra where one repeats the words ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’ as a form of mental and spiritual cleaning that could be compared to Buddhist techniques for clearing karma. It has been defined as a forgiveness and reconciliation practice, cleansing of ‘errors of thought’ – the origin of problems and sickness in the physical world, according the Hawaiian worldview. The literal translation is ‘to put to right; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat.”

The power is in the feeling and in the willingness of the Universe to forgive and love.

  • Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY….
  • Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME….
  • Step 3: Gratitude – THANK YOU….
  • Step 4: Love – I LOVE YOU.

Roses For ForgivenessPoem by Daleen Enslinstrydom

When the sun’s rays peep into my room
my eyes catch the roses that you have left on my pillow.
There is a red rose for every tear that I have shed, 
a white one to heal my broken heart, 
a yellow one just to say that you are sorry, 
and a purple rose just because I like it.

There are roses for every emotion
and even for the ones that I do hide.
Mistakes are made
but saying sorry may make up
for the things that are said.

With every rosebud on my pillow
I know that you do care
and I do forgive you
although my heart is still aching
and only time does heal the wounds. 


Forgiveness is LOVE

Quotes from Bible

Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us. (Matthew 6:12)

Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father! They don’t know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)

Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ. (Ephesians 4:31-32)



Written for Noelene 12th April 2018

My toes curl
As my mind wanders
To recall unbidden unwanted memories
They trail across my mind
And shelter in my heart
As I lie sleeping
Or pretending
 Or being
Whichever it is
My body rocks with pain
And I cry out
No more please no more
I have come so far along this path
And it has been hard and often
My rose dreams have sustained me
Until now
The turning point
The action time
When I must decide to live or die
Yes, it has come to that
I am deciding in my wisdom
What it is all about
How it matters
What it means
How I can sustain more growth without pain
My tears fall unrestrained
Upon my bedsheets
I try to rise and I cannot
I linger longer
Wondering how and what to do
Then I see her
Rising in the room
Blue gown glittering
Bright stars surrounding
Looking at me lovingly
And without judgement
Noticing my weariness
Understanding my pain

She says – talk to me rose sister
Daughter of mine
Talk to me now
I am yours to command
Your friend, your mentor, your mother too
All these in one
Remember the day of the crucifixion
She asks as my tears shine and deepen
Remember how we held one another
At the base of the cross
Remember the resentment
That rose within you
And how you screamed
I will seek my revenge
All the years and centuries following
Unknown to you
That thought form has stayed in your body
Your mind and your spirit
Unnoticed until now
It has caused you pain and hurt
It has never deviated only grown
Larger and larger
Until we come to now
The present moment
This day this time this place
She takes your hands
And she holds them lovingly
On her heart
Your heart tunes in to hers
You synchronise
You match
You vibrate in harmony
And now at last
The tears change their form
They are joyful
They set you free
They open you to new visions and vistas
They help you to know
That every step has been planned
Every choice has been guided
And that now you have reached
A wonderful place

The rose harmony heightens and strengthens
We are in the Rose Healing Fields together
And as we turn we see the rose sisters
Alighting from the Bridge of Living Angels
Their hosts and companions of destiny
Moving with them through the dark
As they and we
Enter the light of the new dawn
We watch this procession of light
And Mary turns and hands you
The Amber Key and the Golden Feather
Two of the age-old symbols of the Rose
And we are at last free
And you are free
And I am free
Free of the pain
Free of the memories
Free of the nightmares
And able to sing again
With heartfelt exuberance.
With love from Cris
This work is copyrighted to Dr. Cris Henderson and cannot be reproduced without permission.


Robyn Adams

To forgive or not – that is the question that many who think they have been wronged ask themselves.

Forgiveness can free the mind from constant self-talk about what has happened, frees the ego to retain its equilibrium and returns power to the forgiver. The art of forgiveness is both bold and powerful; it takes courage to forgive and cultivates the positive qualities of the human spirit. By holding vengeance and anger in our heart we give our inner power to the one we feel has wronged us.

There is time for constructive anger – for anger can be either constructive or destructive – when it is appropriate when directed accordingly. When we bottle up our anger it can eat away at us, possibly leading to cancer or some other destructive disease.  Anger taken to the grave achieves nothing but can lead to a higher incidence of ill health by developing increased stress, higher blood pressure, heart disease and pain like arthritis and headaches. We can allow anger and bitterness to sour our relationships, leading to loneliness and isolation, become easily offended and anxious and become so focussed on the ‘wrong’ that we cease to enjoy life. Why do that to ourselves with thoughts of revenge and unhappiness. And what does vengeance really achieve.

A family or community that practices forgiveness and cultivates love and humility, is stronger and more productive than one that is constantly recalling the perceived wrongs done to it. There is more energy available to achieve a positive future. One that plays the victim to others is so weakened that it can collapse into revenge and warmongering. How much time and money are wasted in litigation and retribution. There may be times when this is justified but mostly it is no more than vengeance and a bruised ego.

Actually, forgiveness means pardoning the offender and letting go of anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge. It does not mean condoning a wrong, minimising it, or pretending it did not happen. Forgiveness can be a well thought out personal choice that reflects a loving commitment to peace and building and maintaining a good relationship with another or a group, thereby retaining our inner power. It also reflects understanding, for no one is perfect and has never made a mistake. So we wisely continue putting up with each other to get on with life and hopefully, learning from our mistakes.

As we begin to take more responsibility for our thoughts and actions, e.g. putting a filter between our mind and our mouth, there is less chance that we offend another. When the heart and throat chakras are linked, when truth is spoken with love, few people take offence when told the consequences of their actions, and the act of forgiveness is not necessary. But when this is done in anger, feelings get hurt on both sides. However, we seem to be turning into a society where taking offence and being outraged are becoming a strategy to manipulate the actions of those who don’t agree with their prevailing point of view and ideology. Do we just smile and forgive while we see the world that we knew crumbling into chaos.

The greatest act of forgiveness I made, although it took me a few years of spiritual searching to gain the strength to do so, gave me a sense of freedom and joy, enabling me to get on with my new life without dragging the old bundle of betrayal of trust and friendship, and abandonment behind me. Forgiveness of an act ultimately led me to pursuing a deeply spiritual path in search of answers as to WHY this had happened. Along the way, some wonderful happened. It liberated me to live the life I chose and not one mapped out by years of expectation and disappointment. How grateful I realised I was for the gift of freedom given to me by two people I loved, although they did not realise it. Yes, the liberating gift of forgiveness frees us to become who we truly are, especially when we forgive ourselves for the pain we suffered, and being so caught up in the drama; and no longer choosing to suffer or make others suffer. As we now transcend all this lower dimensional emotional manipulation, we are truly free to fly into the light, for we can take nothing of Earth life through the veil, on our way to our next assignment.


Forgiveness from a Soul Perspective

Forgiveness. What does it mean and whom do we need to forgive? What if we made no judgement of another – or ourselves? Without judgement, would there be any need for forgiveness?

My own journey of healing and self-discovery over the years taught me to re-evaluate the purpose and meaning of forgiveness – and I have certainly been tested over the past few months to put this into practice.

As a society, we have been conditioned for the past two thousand years that to forgive someone for their sins against us is the right thing to do.

So I have spent my whole life putting the focus on others in compassionate understanding why they did what they did and setting myself up to get hurt again by saying it’s ok, when it truth it was not. As a consequence, anger and resentment built up in my body as I perceived myself as a victim which later in life manifested as a chronic illness.

I had not learnt the lesson that it was ok to put my emotions first. Whilst “forgiveness” is about saying it is not ok what you did to me, forgiveness is never for the other person and it must come from within to help us release negativity and move on with an open Heart.

We must also take responsibility for the part we played in the drama too. Moving into union and Oneness is realising that from a soul perspective there really is nothing to forgive – our ego chose to see it a different way.

If we have awareness of our soul agreements and contracts, then any challenges along our spiritual path are there to help us to grow, to heal our Hearts and Core Wounds, so how could there be anything to forgive?

If we hold the belief that things are done TO us rather than FOR us, we will remain in the duality and separation of the egoic 3D world that requires forgiveness.

From a soul perspective, when we can see and understand that the challenges we are faced with are opportunities to grow in unconditional Love and heal all aspects of perceived separation, we then move into the knowing of a deeper truth that we and the other are One always and separation is just an illusion.

Emotions, beliefs, conflicts and core wounds will still arise within us on our journey to wholeness, yet when we recognise the beautiful dance our souls have chosen to play with another in a drama unfolding, we eventually get to a place of “forgiving” where we can be thankful for the other soul for providing us with an experience and opportunity to evolve and grow more deeply into Truth and unconditional Love.

I chose to set forth on a quest for Truth, and in so doing I learnt things do not happen to us randomly, and that we have soul contracts with many people in our lives particularly our family. Knowing this helped me to accept and value the challenging relationships in my life, without the need to apportion blame as each soul was playing their part for my own spiritual unfolding and evolution. 

When we know this, it is Truth and not forgiveness that will set us free.

In Love and Divine Grace,




The circle of women – the Rose Circle – that we have created has its own power and potency.  This form not only exists externally and between us – it exists internally in our own bodies.  We are all in a constant spiral of creativity.  We feel this in our beautiful bodies and we observe it in our external circumstances.

We know and understand that being in Sisterhood was once dangerous.  The echo of that danger sometimes comes into our feelings and limits our choices here and now.  Being safe in the circle means that we can relax at last as we begin to know one another better.  What we carry is therefore received and never judged – so that no fear of persecution remains – there is a level of being received and honoured for who we are that is beginning to happen between us now– so now we move now into a more conscious process of energising the circle.  And that is why the Blue Rose has come to greet us – you have met her individually in many other places and in other times – welcome her again now to the collective.

The Blue Rose is present in our lives to release any old patterning that may remain between us from other times and places – to bring us to the next level of vibration – whatever and wherever that might be – and to hold us in an ocean of calm as we make the changes into Rose Consciousness.  Originally the Blue Rose was used by the Blue Nuns and it was their symbol.  Of course she may well have been in many other places doing many other things. Enjoy the glorious vibrancy of the Blue Rose.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

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This work is copyrighted to Dr. Cris Henderson and cannot be reproduced without permission



From Cris Henderson PhD

The Blue Rose is the sign of the Magdalene – she is the sign that the time has come – the change is here – at last it has arrived – the change for which we have waited for centuries – the Blue Rose is the living memory of the rose that we have sheltered for many millennia within our own bodies – shielding her from the storm, hiding her from those who would misappropriate her.  So now she in turn – the beautiful Blue Magdalene Rose – helps us to see the way forward along the Rose Road into Rose Consciousness – so now she guides us into glory!

The Blue Rose has come at last
And the first phase is done
The Blue Rose has come at last
So now we can be as one!
Leave it all behind you
The pressure and the pain

Leave it all behind you
And heal your lovely frame!

Give thanks for your helpers
The Goddess of the Light
And for all those others
Who have helped to change your life!

The Blue Rose is with you now
You will always understand
That she will walk beside you
Into this brand new land!

Say thank you to the I Am
For coming in with glee
And thankyou to the rose family
Who have helped to set you free!

Say thank you to Mother Earth
You begin your proper role
Living as you were meant to do
Has helped to heal your soul.

Say thank you to your Shamans
They are visible at last
They transform your work to Starlight
They never were typecast.

God grant you new light energy
To help you on your way
You have work to do tomorrow
And you have so much to say.

In transforming all your grieving
At last you beat the pain
You bring light to everyone
So no one remains the same.

And as you clean the portals
This is what you are here to do
You bring to earth the goddess form
A form you always knew.

The blue rose has come at last
And the first phase is done
The blue rose has come at last
So now we can be as one!

This work is copyrighted to Dr. Cris Henderson and cannot be reproduced without permission


There is something special about our Earth Mother that is making its presence felt in my life recently.  I have always experienced a slight disconnection with her and now that I am reconnecting with her more fully I am asking her forgiveness for the neglect I have shown her for long periods of time.  I have walked on her and yet I have not been with her. I have not been fully present and aware of her needs and how I could contribute to her. However thanks to the amazing work that Jody is doing on womb healing I have been inspired to reconnect with our Earth Mother.  I wondered whether we could do something as a collective on Mother’s Day 2018 to honour her – it is just a suggestion and you only need to be involved if you wish.  Could each of us who is willing plant a rose or place one in a pot in our home to honour the Earth Mother and say a special invocation to this effect?  This will be a real test for me if we do decide to go ahead with this idea as interestingly I have always found it hard to grow roses.  Anyway should you like the idea would you please respond to Janet and show your interest.

Rose thoughts from Cris

This work is copyrighted to Dr. Cris Henderson and cannot be reproduced without permission