MAY 2018

To me rainbows are the reflecftion back to the earth of God’s love for his creation. The pure bright white light of God’s unconditional love is beamed to us in the myriad colours of a rainbow. Who of us does not look at its pure beauty and feel joy!

Rainbows have come to represent comfort and reassurance that I am loved and that I am not alone. They come when I am afraid, uncertain, filled with self doubt and they offer hope. Their energy touches my being, keeps me moving forward; reminding me that there is a reason, a purpose for everything. Reminding me to find the grace in what is troubling me.

I use the energy of the rainbow as a vehicle when I meditate. I use it to ground and protect me and it takes me to the Healing Fields or wherever else I may journey and patiently waits to bring me lovingly back. I cover those I love in rainbow energy to protect them. My life would be much emptier without this glorious gift of love.

I use this meditation, with the help of my rainbow, when I need to recharge my batteries:

Start by taking a slow, deep cleansing breath, right down ito your belly. Hold it for as long as feels comfortable and exhale slowly. Do this a few times until you feel your body settle. Now as you take the next deep breath, picture a beautiful rainbow above your head. As your breathe in, picture this rainbow being drawn down through your body, slowly moving down each of the seven main chakras all the way to the bottom of your spine – hold the breath and then as you breathe out feel yourself pushing the rainbow of light deep into our mother earth, feel yourself being anchored in her love. With the next in breath, feel it coming up from deep down in mother earth. You now see that the colour has changed to a beautiful green; mother earth sending her love back out to the universe. Breathe this green up through your body and out through the top of your head. Repeat this pattern of rainbow light in and green love of the earth out at least ten times, knowing as you do this, that you are protected by the divine light of the universe and anchored to the deep love of mother earth.

Once your body has settled and you can feel yourself surrounded by divine love and light, find the door to your sacred heart, that special door between your shoulder blades. Breathe and focus on that door until you see it open. Enter through your special door and into your heart. You hear the door close softly behind you and you find yourself on the sea shore in the evening. There is a gentle wind blowing and small waves are lapping at your feet. A full moon transforms the water with her brilliant silvery light. A moonbeam finds you and you feel the love of the moon Goddess penetrate to your very core. You know that she is watching over you and protecting you. Turn your face into this loving, nurturing moonlight, feel it embrace your whole body.

Bump, bump… hear the sound of a wood against the sand on the shore and looking down see that a small boat has appeared next to you. Someone you recognise is in the boat clearly in charge of a sizable pair of oars. He beckons you to step inside and shows you where to sit. You do as instructed and immediately the boat heads out to sea. You ask the boatman his name. He tells you he is to be your guide. There isn’t an obvious destination in view but you trust the familiar boatman. The boat makes little waves as it moves along in the water; the moonlight reflecting back at you as you gaze down. Soon you see what looks like a large rock appearing ahead and in the moonlight you see the opening of a cave. As you draw closer you become aware of a group of very big clear crystals right at the opening of the cave. The moonlight reflects through the crystals – never have you seen anything more beautiful.

The boatman brings the boat alongside and helps you onto a ledge directly in front of the crystals. As he does this their light envelops you and you know that every scrap of negative energy in your being is being transmuted into crystal moonlight. You find yourself feeling lighter and brighter with every moment that passes – feathery light. You guide joins you for a time until he signals that it is time to move on. Moving so lightly now that you can almost not feel the rocks beneath your feet, you follow your guide further into the cave.

You expect it to be gloomy but instead find a wonderland of colour around the next corner. Rainbows of every size are being reflected back and forth from the walls of the cave. They seem alive as they dance and mingle with each other. Even more incredible is their source. Along the walls of the cave are hundreds of crystal roses. They are the source of the light making these rainbows; the light coming from deep within them. The rainbows dance around you, the light penetrates every cell in your body, energises every chakra and soon you find that you are emitting a light as bright as the roses and have become a source of rainbows yourself.

Take some time to admire your light and feel its power and its grace. As you do this, a clear, well defined rainbow forms from your head to your heart, through the door of your sacred heart and back to your head. A perfect circle of light linking head to heart. Total peace and deep gratitude fill your being. You are totally in balance. You remain in this state of grace for some time – until you feel your guide gently take your hand. It is time to leave. He guides you slowly back to where the boat has been moored alongside the moon crystals. You thank them for taking all that was negative from you and for their generosity in transmuting it to moonlight. With a steadying hand your guide helps you into the boat and begins to row back to shore. The boat reaches the shore and the boatman, your guide, helps you out. You feel immense love for your guide and gratitude for the part he has played in the night’s events. You embrace knowing he’ll be there should you wish to return to the cave of crystal roses. Back in your sacred heart, you give thanks for what you have experienced and leave through the same door you came in. You hear it close softly behind you and find yourself back in your meditation room.

Write your experiences down if you can – try to express the new awareness of balance that you feel – heart and mind, male and female now playing equal roles in the choices you make. Both aspects loved and honoured.

With love and Rose blessings



My favourite song as a child is ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ .I believe this is a song all children know. The magic about being a child…is the fact we are very present living in, the moment in the flow, in our joy with total trust, connection to, that is above and that is below.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
and the dreams that you dream of, once in a lullaby
somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
and the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
that’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
And the dream that you dare to
Why, oh why can’t I?

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top
that’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
And the dream that you dare to
Why, oh why can’t I?

Songwriters: E.Y. Harburg / Harold Arlen Over the Rainbow lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Symbolic Meanings of Rainbows

  • Life
  • Hope
  • Divinity
  • Promise
  • Creation
  • Initiation
  • Potential
  • Provision
  • Harmony
  • Expansion
  • Ascension
  • Spirituality
  • Connection
  • Transformation

The philosophy of spiritual cohesion is a common current in the meaning of rainbows. The rainbow holds a ubiquitous meaning of unity in numerous cultures. This pervasive message of unification is specifically addressed in the union between sky and earth, with the rainbow serving as a bridge between the two.

In Chinese wisdom, the rainbow is a bridge illustrated by a double-headed dragon. This sky dragon is the mediator between heaven and earth. With two heads, the rainbow dragon is able to intercede on behalf of the people, by relaying their thoughts and prayers from the earth-bound head and sending them to the head pointed heavenwards. The rainbow is also a symbol of yin and yang in Chinese legend. In this sense, the Chinese recognize five colours in the rainbow, and harmonized, they represent perfect balance.

‘My life belongs to me’ is the last line of the song roses and rainbows, the rainbow shows us how magical our lives can be, how we create our own dream. We are here on earth to create heaven on earth – to be …

As William Shakespeare said ‘to be or not to BE, that is the question’

The rainbow guides us with the rose to be in the moment to trust that ‘We rise by uplifting others’ …..

Roses and Rainbows

So here I am, alone again.
Not at all like I thought that it would be,
Guess I lost my way,
Seems like yesterday,
Somebody promised me the sunshine,
Somebody promised me the moon,
Somebody told me there’d be roses and rainbows,
I only hope they’ll get here soon.
Seems I’ve been waiting here forever,
Thinking that love would come for free,
Someone’s still waiting for those roses and rainbows,
I hope that someone won’t be me.
So let go now, you’re on your own,
It’s okay to be lonely now and then,
Open up your eyes, you are much too wise,
If someone promises you sunshine.…
You better known there’ll still be rain!
If someone says he’ll bring you roses and rainbows,
You’d better take a look again.
You’d better find out who you are girl,
Before you run to someone else,
Instead of waiting for those roses and rainbows,
You’d better give them to yourself.
Somebody promised me the sunshine,
Somebody promised me the moon,
Somebody told me there’d be roses and rainbows,
And now I know they’re coming soon!
And now I’m ready for the sunshine,
And I’m as happy as can be,
And all my days are filled with roses and rainbows,
My life belongs to me!
My life belongs, to me!

Lyrics: Carole Bayer Sager / Music: Marvin Hamlisch / Vocals: Julie Budd



As I thank the Rose Council for appearing in all its beauty and power,

I ignite my luminous body from the acceptance of my divinity.

From within the vastness of my inner Sun, I birth potential worlds.

My personal Tree of Life glistens with anticipation, love and unadulterated power.

Its roses blossom into rainbows and reach out into the sky.

Within the foundation of my human form I awaken my star essence,

touching gently all worlds and all beings.

Feathers caress my inner and outer being.

My inner Sun blazes with unconditional love.

I feel the radiance of my embodied Moon. I taste its brilliance.

I express my gratitude to the Rose Council for holding the energy

so that I can activate change and I express my vulnerability

as the change for which I have been waiting comes to me.

The time is now. I Am the Rose Miracle!

Dr Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist


Recently I began to think more deeply about the chosen topic of the rainbow for Janet’s May newsletter. I wondered about the energy of the rainbow and the more I did the more it appeared in my life – primarily it came into a new initiation I have birthed about the Resurrection and in this initiation the rainbow feather plays a strong role. She is there at the foot of the Cross paving the way for an immense transformative experience.


The new initiation is called The Emerald Gate – the Sacred Womb of the Rainbow Resurrection. It forms one part of the myths and legends and special initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose and this one has been a special privilege to bring through as it vibrates at an extraordinary level. [i]

It also brings together the members of the Sisterhood in their fraternity at the foot of the Cross on Golgotha. It revives these memories and it also transforms them. Those who have already completed this journey seem to have found a special level of peace and tranquillity in their lives.

This inner journey is potent and facilitates an enormous paradigm shift in our collective and individual rose consciousness. It brings with it a soul activation that takes us into the next phase of the Rose Road – we will become – in this journey and beyond – completely connected to life and living – completely available to generating the pure miracle of our essential selves – and at last we will be able to revel in the alchemy of the gathering of the sisters which is expanding all over the globe. Please contact me for further information. It would seem the more of us who do this initiation the bigger the effect on strengthening the group energy – however it is of course entirely up to each individual to make that choice.

Dr Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist

[1] This initiation is now available on my new website under Rose Initiations



In pain, in darkness, in suffering, in confusion, I lose sight and I lose hope and in this moment I am not sure where I can turn…

I feel the Black Rose and I feel her thorns hooked deep within my womb, she cuts me and makes me bleed.

She yearns for my attention. She cries ‘you will face me’.

My womb, my deep, dark womb? That space of guilt, of shame? That space we are told to forget? Can I face the deepest, darkest aspects of my Self?

I see her emanating her dark light, moving closer and closer, crippling me, making me cry.

I can’t fight her any longer.

I surrender.

Black Rose – I welcome you.

Pure love. Pure forgiveness.

Now in her warm embrace she transmutes and reveals her inner Sanctum.

The three-fold Phoenix rises from her ashes.

Dear, sweet, inner alchemy, outward.


We Are the Womb of Life and We Remember our Divine Purpose Now.

And so it is.


What will it take to shift and create complete balance, and bring our masculine and feminine energies into union?

We all have masculine and feminine energies within us and the challenge now is to bring these energies into balance and union to feel harmony and peace within. Whilst these energies go way back in history and past lives, they are still aspects of the One.

We are not always present in our own bodies and without developing an awareness of who we are and understanding what ascension is about we cannot activate our full Light potential. Part of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within is becoming aware of the importance of the Chakras – for they are all influenced by a male or female energy.

The Rainbow Message

Love and miracles appear in our interpretation of the mystery of things, in our connections with others, and when we become aware of the nature of consciousness in all its disguises – including the Goddess’s, Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters where we see consciousness and synchronicity as the anonymous faces of Mother/Father God.

Miracles and Love come in the most unexpected and sometimes unassuming ways that can alter our own sense of reality when we are committed to an inward journey – and it is there that lies not only the miracles, but the healing and raising of our vibration too.

We all live our own dreams in our own universe and reality, and I understand that just because I get an intuitive nudge about something that is true for me does not mean it will be a truth for others. If I want clarity or confirmation on something I ask for it to be reflected in a way that I can understand – accepting that it may or may not be confirmed.

One such moment happened when I had been taken by a friend just before Christmas to do some grocery shopping. Whilst in the shop I was drawn to a plant stand that had some pretty little flower bowls complete with some Iris bulbs and compost that just needed water adding to them for a burst of spring indoor colour. Two people came to mind so I thought they would make an ideal Christmas gift, but then my mind questioned and judged why I would buy such a thing for them and so I walked away and carried on with my shopping. I came back to the stand a while later and then walked away again. I was drawn back a third time, and trusting all was in a Divine order that I was not privy to for the moment, I purchased three and kept one for myself.

We are all familiar with and in awe of rainbows after a storm, so when one appeared over my house on the Christmas Eve I knew there had to be a bigger message to share of its presence. So I asked if there was a Goddess of the rainbow, already aware of the Angels and Archangels of the rainbow. There was. Her name is Iris. In mythology, Iris is a messenger of the Gods who used the rainbow to move between the realms of Heaven and Earth to unite God and Humanity – as do the Angels and Archangels of the colour Rays.

All of nature holds a message for us when we take the time to stop and listen. Iris graced me with her secrets, for Iris flowers are catalysts for raising awareness, and the vibration of Iris also asks us to balance our masculine and feminine qualities. Our Chakras are the Gateways to higher consciousness that hold the masculine and feminine principles.

The Light Rays of the Angels and our corresponding Chakras

The Angels are Gods messengers of Love too. They are a manifestation of Divine archetypes of Divine form which are held in Sacred Geometry and the Divine manifests through seven rays or emanations. Seven is the number of Cosmic Law as seen in the seven major planets, the seven basic rays of the rainbow – and the seven major chakras within our etheric body.

Within the Planetary Hierarchy of the Earth there are also 7 major Ashrams, each corresponding to 1 of the 7 Rays of God. When we undertake a journey through our seven chakra system we are taking a journey through the rainbow where our masculine and feminine energies blend into union through the prisms of Light.

The rainbow we see in the sky is formed by white light composed of photons of different vibrational energies from the sun being refracted by water droplets in the air. It is the outer manifestation of Light, Colour and Sacred Geometry that provides us with a “map” to our own chakra system which vibrates at different frequencies and states of consciousness within us.

Colour is the Language of our soul which has a vibrational resonance that is encoded with information and higher intelligence that is beyond the mind, but which can support us to transcend duality. We are all multidimensional beings of Light, and Love is who we are. Love is not just an emotion it is a vibrational frequency that we can align ourselves with, and that means we have to raise our consciousness, expand our thinking and take full responsibility for what we are creating with our energy.

Each chakra has its own makeup and character and communicates through our own unique being. Each colour ray affects different parts of our Light body which in turn can create different thoughts. It is our thoughts that communicate with the cells in our body and it is our thoughts that tell them what to create in our reality. It is the memory in our cells within our DNA structure that also holds our beliefs in past lives.

When we are not aware and conscious, many of us react to our unpleasant experiences and challenging situations in our lives with anger, fear or insecurities never realising that it is us that creates what we experience through our thoughts, beliefs and judgements.

That anger, fear or shame can get lodged in our body and obstruct the natural flow of energy through the body. When we suppress our feelings this also blocks our body’s ability to receive the benefit from life force energy, which can adversely affect our psychological and physical well-being too. When we have healed our pain and fear from the past our Kundalini starts to rise through the chakras, and it is also our chakras that play an important part in the mind–body-spirit connection to illness and disease.

As any energy healer knows there is more to “balancing” chakras than swinging a pendulum or placing hands over them. Although we can be conduits for the angelic realms and Ascended Masters to assist in any healing or spiritual work, it is my experience that people do not heal because they want a quick “fix” and are not prepared either through choice or ignorance to take responsibility for their own part in the healing process.

Our lower three chakras and upper three chakras meet at the Heart – the fourth Chakra. It is in our lower three chakras that pain, trauma and emotional wounding reside from this life and past lives and it is these three chakras that are our inner roadmap to self healing and growth.

Language of the Heart and Soul

All of us now are being asked to awaken and to evolve through the Heart. Through my own journey of ill health it is my belief that whilst there are many factors involved in the onset of illness and disease, from my own experience a lack of self Love, a “broken Heart” and crippling thoughts, beliefs and judgements were at the root of it.

Our planet is being bombarded with higher frequencies of powerful Cosmic Light to assist us to evolve into a new way of thinking and being. As the earth receives these higher frequencies of Light, we can all bathe in these powerful energies for healing.

Our Higher Self is our link to the angelic dimensions, and we align with our Higher Self through the chakras. It is through Light, Colour, Sound, the vibrations of the rainbow Rose, Angels and Ascended Masters that our human consciousness can be raised to higher levels. Whilst the rainbow is a thing of beauty consisting of wavelengths of colour within white Light, there is so much more to these rays of Light than we can see.

Each ray of the rainbow is governed and overseen by higher levels of intelligence, each Ray has its own Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters of Love, each with its own sigil and Codes of Light that communicate telepathically with us through the colour rays, offering us divine guidance and healing to those who are open to receive. We need all the colours of the rainbow to be whole and happy. On an energetic level we are the rainbow, and when all is balanced and in union within we are the vibration of Love.

Beyond the Basic Seven

The energies of the Angels and Archangels cannot be comprehended with our minds, they have to be felt with the Heart. If you have read this far then maybe you are answering the call of the Angels. There is no co-incidence. It is a direct soul connection. Beyond the basic seven are the Planetary and Cosmic Rays too and a twelve chakra system.

If you feel drawn to allow the highest vibration of Love to anchor into your Heart, receive the Light Rays of the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Metatron and the Messengers of the Rainbow Light, Enlightenment gatherings, attunements, meditations and Rose Ceremonies are offered for anyone interested in embracing the Angelic, Cosmic and Galactic energies. If this resonates with you or you require further information, please feel free to contact me via the contact page in the menu bar above.

In Love and Grace


“Healing Rose” by Carol Cavalaris.



The Symbolism of the Rainbow is primordial and mysterious. In ancient times, the Rainbow was seen as a Bridge linking the Spiritual Realm with the Earth Plane. In this way, we can see it as a Ladder by which Spirit can descend into matter.

“All four Elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water participate in the creation of a Rainbow. The Rainbow is created by the first rays of the Sun (Fire) piercing through the heavenly dew (Water) which is still suspended in the sky above (Air) after a rainstorm. And the Rainbow touches the ground below (Earth) at both ends of its majestic arc.”

The adepts of the Rose Sisterhood perceived the colours of the Rainbow as an expression of seven Rose Archangels to whom the Sisters were devoted, calling upon them frequently to assist in matters of mind, body and spirit.

Within the Rose Sisters Oracle I have included A ROSE ANGEL CARD. This is a generic representation of Angel Wisdom and depicts a beautiful Angel below the Rose Window of Fossanova Abbey. The tones are pink and burgundy and the Angel is in deep contemplation, her gaze directed downward to the earth plane while her consciousness is elevated by the Rose Window, reflecting the Connection between Heaven and the Earth Plane.

This card can be used as a tool to work with any of the Rose Archangels listed below. You may want to work specifically with the Archangel who rules your Colour Group.

Blue- Angel Michael (Divine Protector from Evil)

Archangel Michael is renowned as the supreme angel of protection and the most powerful of all the angels. He is considered a leader within angelic realm and a patron angel of righteousness, mercy and justice. He protects those in danger. He helps to release fear and doubt, and supports us in making life changes. He works closely with those who perform healing work or provide spiritual teaching. Additional areas where Archangel Michael can be of assistance include courage, direction, energy and vitality, all aspects of life purpose, motivation, space clearing, spirit releasement, worthiness and self- esteem.


Yellow- Angel Jophiel (Beauty)

Patron saint of artists, her name means ‘beauty of God’. She helps us to see and maintain beauty in life, she supports us in staying positive and creating and manifesting beauty in our surroundings and hearts. Archangel Jophiel watches over artists, assists us in bringing calm to our lives, heals negativity and chaos, and encourages stability. When seeking wisdom or a shift in perspective, Archangel Jophiel can uplift and inspire.


Pink – Angel Chamuel- ( Relationships)

This archangel’s mission is to bring peace to the world and as such he protects the world from fear and lowers negative energies and vibrations. He is believed to have all knowing vision seeing the interconnectedness between all things. Archangel Chamuel assists us in finding the strength and courage to face adversity when it seems we have none left. He can also help to find items that are lost, to find important parts of our lives such as life purpose, a love relationship, a new job, and supportive friendships, and to find solutions to problems. Archangel Chamuel also helps to heal anxiety, bring peace, and to repair relationships and misunderstandings.

White- Angel Gabriel ( Revelation)

She is often portrayed holding a trumpet. As the patron of communications, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, acting as a messenger of God/Goddess. She helps writers, teachers, journalists and artists to convey their message, to find motivation and confidence, and to market their skills. She also assists in overcoming issues of fear and procrastination in communication as well as in all areas related to children, helping during conception, pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.

Green- Angel Raphael (Healing)

Archangel Raphael rules physical and emotional healing. He helps in healing individuals and also assists their work. He can help reduce addictions and in curing injuries and illnesses. Archangel Raphael can restore and maintain harmony and peace. He is the patron of travellers, guarding over them to ensure a safe and harmonious journey.


Red- Angel Uriel ( Wisdom/Energy)

Uriel carries the supreme knowledge of all that is. A gifted teacher, alchemist and guide with much wisdom, love and spiritual discernment. He brings a higher dimensional aspect to the journey of being human and works with those seeking the path of enlightenment. He instils strength and compassion as we reach for peace within ourselves.


Purple- Angel Zadkeil (Mercy)

Zadkiel helps people to find mercy and to show mercy to others. He can help you to forgive those who ever hurt you. The angel of mercy will help you to deal with your feelings and hate and find the way to forgiveness. He also helps people to find comfort from painful memories, healing emotional wounds. Archangel Zadkiel can fix bad relationships by teaching us to feel mercy and compassion for the other.

Leslina Fanelli – La Fiora, Terracina
May, 2018


Why is it that so many people find the sight of a rainbow arching across a freshly washed sky so appealing? Is it because they are secretly looking for the proverbial pot of gold deep within hoping to find enlightenment, or perhaps they are literally seeking material treasure. Perhaps buried deep in our DNA is an ancient memory of a promise made that the world would not be destroyed by water again, using the rainbow as a symbol of hope. Or it could invoke a deep sense of inner peace at just witnessing such beauty painted across the sky.

To me a rainbow indicates a sign that I am in alignment with the spiritual world on my Earth journey. For instance, several times when involved in ceremony in different parts of the world, a rainbow has encircled the sun blazing in a blue sky. One circle was reflected on cloud below the top of Frenchmans Cap in Tasmania as we joined in a global ritual. Nearly 20 years ago when it was time to find a permanent home after five years of wandering without a key to my name, as I drove into Yamba where I now live, a vibrant rainbow arched over the tall white lighthouse on Pilot Hill between the sea and the town. Even though I occasionally search on my travels, I have not yet found another place that feels so like home on Earth, for my true home is not here. Many years ago it was a rainbow that taught me how to merge my chakras into a glorious opaque unified column of light to connect with source. Rainbows have alerted me to sacred sites, Earth lines and ancient holy places.

Some see it as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, especially now that we are breaking away from the old 3D way of being that has set the consensus or collective behaviour and moving towards a multi-level state of a new reality. Aware groups and individuals with the ability to focus energy and shape plasma energy can manifest material experiences; in other words – create their own reality, to redesign their DNA so that they can function within the multi-dimensional reality that is based on the new 5D ascended Earth. For many years, those of us with the ability to walk between the worlds have secrectly continued on a rather lonely path. That is now changing as more and more people (star beings) awaken to their true reason for incarnating on Earth and reach across the rainbow bridge towards a new world by raising their vibration while living on the old 3D Earth.

Everything is fluid, so when people are no longer stuck in any reality, they are able to change the shape of the way they are by reimagining it and freely choosing to move into the higher dimensional realities. Once we find that the Rainbow Bridge is within us, we can activate it when we make the choice to relocate our life into the multi-dimensional New Earth. The symptoms that this shift has been achieved are – feeling relaxed and content, joyful and peaceful, creative and healthy with a strong immune system. When we feel stressed, anxious, angry or fearful and are constantly sick then we are still in 3D space. During the transition we will feel both states until our frequency is sufficiently stable in 5D reality. Then life becomes magical and rainbows abound. What I now see with my inner eye is a myriad of colours, as though a rainbow has been pulsed in a blender and thousands of shards of brightly coloured lights sparkle and dance.

So, Sisters of the Rose, let us help each other across this rainbow bridge between 3D and 5D towards our destiny. Don’t get concerned with 4D or we may become stuck in that astral dimension – not a place for us.

This is the journey we conducted around Aotearoa back in 1998-9. I don’t even know if Wiremu is still alive as he was pretty ill when I saw him in 2011. You can see the connection to Rainbows.

The legend as told by a tribal elder:

Uenuku was a man, a normal human, neither a king nor a god. One morning while hunting, he saw a vision. A beautiful woman appeared as if from the mist. Uenuku was captivated and persuaded her to stay with him. She did so but only for a moment. The maiden explained that she could not exist in the light of day. Each night she would visit until dawn, then she would return to her home in the sky. Time passed and their love grew. The maiden agreed to marry Uenuku with the condition that Uenuku never revealed their relationship.

For days, weeks, months their romance endured even though the maiden returned to her home high above the earth each morning. A baby was born to the proud parents.

In time, Uenuku’s friends heard rumours of his mysterious romance, of his offspring from a sky-spirit. They taunted him for proof. He explained that she could not exist in the daylight and his friends came up with a plan. Uenuku waited until his wife was asleep. Then he covered the windows and entrance of their whare so that no light could enter. The sun rose but his spirit-wife remained. Eventually she awoke and realised that she had been tricked.

Angrily, she left Uenuku and returned to the sky, never to set foot on the ground again.

Uenuku was heart-broken. He had made a terrible mistake and lost his true love. He spent the rest of his days wandering, searching in vain for his maiden of the mist. He had become an old man; lonely and bent over with age. Rangi, the sky-father saw Uenuku and took pity on him. Rangi turned Uenuku into a rainbow so that he could finally join his wife in the sky.


The Golden Rose of La Fiora, planted for Mother’s Day, 2018

I chose a yellow Rose to plant for Mother’s Day here in Italy. The first flower on the Bush was a soft and gentle yellow shade.

However, the bush is now yielding golden roses. I perceive this as a symbol of alchemy and of transmutation, a secret known to the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose.

The Bush, just after it was planted in my garden with the first, gentle yellow Rose.

Gazing into the Soul of the Gentle Yellow Rose I asked the Rose Guardian to bless our beautiful Group, the Sisters of the Rose and to expand our energy outwards in golden rays to help and heal wherever we are needed.

Two golden roses have now appeared right on the Eve of the Taurus New Moon. Their colors are rich and dazzling and the roses emanate vitality and creativity.

Rose blessings from La Fiora,
May 2018


I planted my rose but it didn’t have any flowers or foliage… it was already pruned and ready for a Winter rest…

But attached is a photo of what I chose.. because it is perfumed, linked with France which is my place that I feel most connected to my soul/heart… and because my rose is the Pink Rose….

Much rose love xoxoxo


I have a Rose to plant up that was a Christmas present from my mum. It is a David Austin Rose called Strawberry Hill.

APRIL planting a white Rose

Janet Planting a rose called Jolie Noel – because it’s winter here in NZ, she has been pruned and is asleep – have no blooms to show yet.