When I was first given this topic as the theme for this newsletter I was a bit perplexed. What was so special about change? After all we are beings existing within continually changing parameters – no two breaths are alike; no two nanoseconds pass without physiological change in our bodies. Our energetic bodies are continually changing too in response to our emotions and the external forces at play. We continually recreate ourselves and our circumstances with every decision we make in every moment of the day so why – “Change is in the Air” – it’s always in the air.

The answer is quite simple really. All that I’ve said previously is true. We are intrinsically beings in constant, fluid states of change. There are times however, when the universe gifts us a potential for change that can affect us and our lives very profoundly. It gifts us opportunity laden with promise and the free will to accept the opportunity or not.

The opportunity is not always as it seems. I was gifted the opportunity just recently to change my perspective. To look at a situation that was causing me great pain, differently. It may sound like an easy thing to do but it wasn’t. I had to ask for help, a lot of help and it took a great deal of self-healing and introspection to do it. It seems like such a small thing; put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see it from their perspective, their point of pain – it isn’t. The grace in this, is that I was given the opportunity to heal through change and when I took it into my heart and changed my perspective, I was rewarded beyond measure. As soon as I made the commitment to change, help poured in from all sorts of sources. It was as if love took me by the hand and led me forward back into the light and out of the darkness that had been eating into my soul. Change not only creates, it heals.

Change gives us the opportunity to step up and do something magical or to remain as we are in our protected little worlds where we believe we are safe. As a group, dear Sisters of the Rose, I feel we are on the cusp of something magical. With our meditations on a Sunday and our focussed intent, we can indeed “move mountains” – become a force for change with the pure, unconditional love that is the energy of the Rose. The choice is ours as always. We can just “be” and affect change as we go along in our own way, or we can band together again consciously and direct our efforts with intent, as we’ve done before.

The change we affect is not literal – it’s energetic. By surrounding a person or situation in pure Rose love, we become enablers for change. By changing negative energy into positive, we enable people to choose differently, to see the situation differently. We enable God’s grace to enter the picture and give exactly what is needed at the time. Magic indeed.

Individually we have all been blessed with different skills and abilities. I feel too that as these gifts are offered up to eachother and the world, new opportunities will arise for their use. There is such a sense of expansion and promise around us; I feel a little shiver of excitement running up our collective spine.

So change is indeed in the air, bringing with it who knows what – are you ready?


Said the sun to the moon,
You cannot stay.

Says the moon to the waters,
All is flowing.

Says the fields to the grass,
Seed-time and harvest,
Chaff and grain.

You must change,
Said the worm to the bud,
Though not to a rose,

Petals fade
That wings may rise
Borne on the wind.

You are changing
said death to the maiden, your wan face
To memory, to beauty.

Are you ready to change?
Says the thought to the heart, to let her pass
All your life long

For the unknown, the unborn
In the alchemy
Of the world’s dream?

You will change,
says the stars to the sun,
Says the night to the stars



Change is in the Air

Yes change is in the air!

A wise priest friend who has been a significant leader in the American church wrote this to me yesterday:

These days we are witnessing the collapse of the institutional church.  The old apparatus is finished now.  Some people remain as the remnant.  Maybe the people, especially women, can refashion a new church in line with the gospel. I’m ready to work for this.  But I am tied to the institution and judged thereby. I love the people but they are so angry and fed-up that it’s hard to know what to do at this point.  Happily, at the retreat house we are somewhat removed from the crisis.  Those broken by the abuse (victims and their families) find a haven here.  And those looking for some hope come here searching for it.

As one who lived intimately within the Catholic Church as a nun, I felt this collapsing energy about 40 years ago.  I used to say the Church is crumbling open and the new is emerging. I also had an intimation that it would be the paedophilia issue that would de-pedestalise the clergy and so clear away energies that no longer serve humanity.

Now I say the higher dimensional energies are tumbling into the earth plane in a powerfully transformative way!

In my work at this pivotal time, I notice that people are allowing 5D and higher energies in so easily now. Why?  Because there is a critical enough mass who are awake, aware and conscious and who are operating from the higher energy levels; hence the bar is raised for all of us.

And as far as the Rose energy goes, Mary Magdalene and the Beloveds are unstoppable now; they are supporting Rose sisters and brothers all over the planet to clear spaces within and without where disempowering Masculine energies have thwarted and crushed the Feminine, thereby creating imbalance – physical, emotional and mental.

The world of the past is gone!  It’s a matter of sweeping up old remnants now to allow more of higher plane or heavenly energies bathe and bless this earth.  And they will prompt the change spoken of in the Book of Revelation:

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.

We are in for a great ride!

What a precious time to be alive!



Fresh, acute levels of ROSE CONSCIOUSNESS are now continuously expanding us upwards and outwards, raising us to renewed heights of awareness. Many Rose Sisters are experiencing massive changes on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We can certainly call these the “Winds of Change”.

There are now different ways of operating and “being,” as we intensify our connection with the Source. We are transmuting, transforming, clearing, surrendering and shifting old patterns and paradigms through unconditional love, and acceptance of others and ourselves.

The September 22-23 Autumn / Spring Equinox opened the door for these winds to gain momentum. Allowing us to cross the bridge between ego and the higher, expanded self so as to feel the connection in every cell, every breath, every thought, to the Source. Strength, love and extreme fearlessness is required in order to make the crossing.

This Equinox was a perfect balance of day and night. If we look deep inside our souls. It ushered in a phase to earnestly seek harmony and equilibrium within all areas of life.

And so with the changing of the seasons, there was also  a shift in the flow and direction of energy. These shifts in nature give us a clue as to what shifts are occurring within ourselves.

This year, the September 2018 Equinox carried special influence because of the asteroid Chiron.

Chiron’s wounds are karmic, and represent lessons and themes that souls have come to achieve in this life.

The asteroid Chiron, called the Wounded Healer, was potently activated around the time of this Equinox, indicating that a time of healing has begun, releasing some profound karmic wounds we may be carrying.

The Consciousness card from The Rose Sisters Oracle Deck depicts the main nave of the 12th Century Cistercian Abbey of Fossanova, about an hour’s drive south of Rome. Designed according to the sacred geometry of the Cistercian master builders, who had every column aligned in a specific direction, so as to create harmony within the sacred space. Light refractions are always visible from the small Rosetta window behind the altar and from the huge Rose Window at the front of the Church. These refractions differ depending on the light at particular times of day.

Those who sit in quiet meditation and prayer here are blessed with a special lightness of being, a grace bestowed by the wisdom and knowing of the Brothers and Sisters who dwelled here in medieval times.

My visions have shown me the community who roamed the cloisters and I have heard their soft, haunting voices at vespers raised to venerate the connection with the Divine.

So, gaze upon the Consciousness card and breathe deeply and evenly. Inhale the purple/violet hues into every cell of your being: colours of wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. Purple is an introspective colour, and allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts while violet has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum. Breathing the purple/violet energy into our mind, body and spirit as we gaze at the image, facilitates the union of body and soul creating a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies.

We now expand our awareness upwards and outwards, connecting us to that higher realm of consciousness which we can describe as the Rose Source. Feel a sense of completeness and the essence of pure joy in your heart. Allow the magnificent pink rose inside your heart space to unfurl and open to compassion, joy, self-love and respect.

Breathe deeply….take a few minutes to just “be”.

The Winds have changed direction….gently, lovingly, honourably, peacefully.

You are Home.

Leslina Fanelli
September 2018

Change is in the Air

The Winds of change were blowing right into my soul as I walked around the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. The imposing building represents one of Rome’s greatest symbols of Divine Feminine intensity. It was the first day of autumn in Italy, my last day in the splendid city before my journey back to the southern hemisphere.

The Basilica is the largest of 26 churches in Rome dedicated to Mary and it was built on a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Cybele, the great Mother Goddess of Rome.

Archaeological evidence indicates that the church was  founded in the early 400s  at a time when the cult of Mary was gaining strength  all over the Roman empire and especially with her official acceptance  as Mother of God at the Council of Epheseus in 431.A miraculous snowfall in the middle of summer had actually outlined the site and the floor design for the Church as communicated by Mary to Pope Liberius in a dream.

I had always felt a connection to this particular site, having visited it on two previous occasions over the years.

There is a  compelling  and magical sense of Mary’s presence within.

The famous icon of the Virgin Mary known as Salus Populi Romani, “Health of the Roman People”  can be found in the Pauline Chapel in the left of the nave. To me, this icon represents the raw, Inner Core of us Rose Sisters.


Her name derives from Rome’s miraculous salvation from plague in the Middle Ages and later the cholera epidemic of 1837. The icon was paraded around the city. It is said she moved her eyes. Legend claims the image  was painted from life by St. Luke the Evangelist.

My Rose Element Card for the Rose Sisters Oracle Deck  was inspired by this miraculous icon.

She personifies extreme fortitude, resilience, the Mother who will fight to protect her children. She is the timeless warrior who can overcome evil through her potency. A Divine Protector and symbol of feminine force.

On this most recent visit, I entered the Church full of intense grief and emotions for a situation I had been struggling with over the Summer.

The tears flowed as I moved around the church, especially when I stopped to pray in front of the magnificent icon. It was like she could see into my heart, my soul. Her eyes seem to penetrate right into my breaking heart. And as the tears flowed I experienced an intense energy shift within my mind, body and spirit.

I visualized myself as a Rose Warrior, dressed in the pinks and purples depicted in the Rose Element Card, finding the courage to defeat the darkness of my own soul. It was like I could now awaken, arise and transform myself with wisdom, power and strength. My inner Rose light could now shine again.

It is my fervent hope that this light can expand, refract and reflect so as to encourage and inspire others out of their own darkness.

Change is in the Air like never before. So, it is my belief, that, In order to transform and heal we must consciously and courageously release the limitations imposed by our own minds and emotions. Only then can we rise up and claim our legacy as Sisters of the Sacred Rose.




Robyn Adams     September, 2018

The only thing we can be certain of, is that things will change. That was the motto of Lifeline when I volunteered as a telephone counsellor over thirty years ago. Two years into the role I realised I was there for me. My life was in upheaval as my first marriage fell apart. As I listened to the advice I was giving callers and listening to their stories, I thought I should be following that. It was a great wake up call, one of several, to pull me out of my hurt emotional state and begin to seek other ways of Being. I joined the Lifeline speaker’s group and learned valuable techniques in public speaking. The first talk I gave was to five hundred boys and their teachers at the Melbourne Boys High School. Before the talk I dosed up with Bach Flower remedies and imagined standing apart from my body on the stage looking out at a sea of divergent faces. Baptism by fire.  I also realised that by helping others, we help ourselves to move through the sea of change. Until that marital emotional crisis and betrayal my life had flowed fairly smoothly, with one or two hiccups to hone the template of my soul, but I obviously needed a wallop to allow the Great Awakening to consume me, which it surely did. Since then, I have embraced change, even welcomed it as the air becomes charged with new possibilities. I also learned that when change sees a need to move us on or up, it is far easier to flow with it than to resist, for fear of change holds us stuck. Remember, it is not change that causes the pain, it is the resistance to change that is the problem. I believe that by resisting change, we can set up the possibility of disease or other illness affecting our body as we block the energy waiting to liberate us.

 This happened in the early 1980s when a breath of spiritual fresh air washed Australian shores and many teachers and healers began to share their insights. Many of us awoke then and began our life mission, as we found out why we had incarnated on Earth. In 1986 Change whispered that it was time to leave Melbourne and move to the Blue Mountains where my second husband (to be) owned a large property called Belltrees (later renamed Glastonbell). That was an immense challenging change as the house was without power, but the power of the land led to a journey I could have never dreamed. Change called many time over the following years as I wandered the world, Earth walking and visiting ancient sites of power and worship, my abilities to ground energies and do earth acupuncture increasing.

Now in the late 2010s change is in the air again: a different sort of quickening and change is taking place, not only for those who awoke back last century, but for the many who are yet to awaken to the reason they incarnated on Earth who being called whether they like it or not, are in the throes of change. Those who awakened back then are honour bound to assist those souls spiritually struggling to make sense of their changed world, as we who are older are finding it a challenge to understand the new technology bombarding our lives, and require the assistance from the younger ones. But whether or not we can cope, great change is in the air and pulling everyone along with it at a rapid pace to some point in history (her story) that our descendants will find hard to believe when they look back to the early 21st C and wonder how and why so many humans resisted the move into 4D and 5D reality from the 3D that has entrapped us for so many aeons. Fear of change?

During the past 40 years many more old souls have incarnated and are taking their place on the world stage, those called Indigos, Crystal children, Star Seeds and Rainbow children to name a few monikers.

So let’s welcome the change in the air, learn as much as we can to help others deal with the resulting health, emotional, and electro-magnetic changes bombarding our daily lives, and not get caught up in the “isn’t it awful” syndrome on daily news broadcasts or be outraged (so in vogue at present) by the things we cannot change, but keep our sense of humour on tap at times of tension and stress. For this too will pass. Change is our saviour from mediocrity and being bogged down by the past. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying (and he had many) “Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, it must be accepted.”  I think that accepting is no longer an option, for change requires adaptation, something humans are extremely good at, as we have survived many changes in our long history on Earth.




Are you drawn to the sacred energy of the rose?  Do you feel a stirring within indicating the awakening of your own Rose Consciousness? Activating an understanding of your rose lineage gives you a real possibility of stepping up to your full potency.  In this time of unprecedented energetic expansion the new paradigm of the rose can act as your guide, your mentor and your best friend.

What is the rose energy?  It is a sublime symbolic energy based on the nature, form and scent of the rose flower.  The rose is a living entity in her own right. Whilst the energy of the rose is closely linked with the divine feminine we should in no way neglect her masculine equivalent – the Brotherhood of the Rose.

There is a special body of ancient esoteric wisdom which secures and protects the energy of the rose.  To understand its mystery is to comprehend the quintessence of the universe.  When I began to learn about the rose energy I dreamt about roses and their associated meanings.  I learnt to meditate and then began to share my sacred journeying with others.  Over a thirty year period I researched and received in-depth information about two special mystery schools which had their beginnings in ancient Atlantis – the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose. 

In Atlantis these two mystery schools worked co-operatively however nearer to the time of the Fall of Atlantis this relationship took on a different more competitive and combative pattern.  The major point of conflict was the contractual arrangement made on Sirius, the Blue planet, prior to the Atlantean embodiment. 

This contract was called the Rose Covenant.

To understand the terms and conditions of the Rose Covenant it is important to read my book ‘The Rose Revolution’ which contains all the information on this topic.  Suffice to say that the members of these esoteric groups were influenced by the need to survive which was strong and exacerbated a growing rivalry, even dissension, between the two groups.

Members of the Brotherhood taught ‘Rose’ Reiki whilst it was the Sisterhood who trained initiates in ‘Rose’ Seichim.  It is now time to bring these two aspects together in one harmonious whole – this is how the concept of ‘Rose’ Alchemy was born as this is the divine combination – the integration of the two. 

What follows is information on the infinite possibilities expressed through this magical path to integrate the two aspects of ourselves – the male and female – into one glorious combination – the divine masculine and the divine feminine – melding together to create the basis – the platform – for our journey into Rose Consciousness itself. 

Should you take the time to enjoy the rose energy you may find that a number of subtle, sometimes barely perceived shifts, have occurred in your consciousness and that you have travelled a long way on your journey through the world of imagination and creativity. Working in this way brings out a sense of inner trust and wonder bypassing the rational mind and helping one to journey to the absolute central core of one’s essential self. 

This is the true home of the rose.

This information is amongst the most recent to be received on the nature and form of the rose energy so I am pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

I would also remind you that the work on this site is copyright.  You may not quote my work or re-use it in any form without my direct permission.

Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist


The Rose Sisters Oracle deck designed by Leslina Fanelli in 2014 is currently in the process of rerelease with a new revised edition coming soon.

 An online course to accompany the Card Deck will be also be released later in the year.

The Energy of the Sacred Rose is expanding in magical ways!!!


Dear Sisters,

I have a new page for my website with information that has come through  about the energetic return of the Black Rose.

My web person is away now for a few weeks, but she uploaded it today and  I am sharing a link for those that may want a peek!
Here is the link for the written text

With Love and blessings,
Linda x x x

A High Cross stands in front of Iona Abbey in Scotland. (Visit Scotland photo)