If so, welcome to the Sisterhood of the Rose. As we begin to find each other after such a long hiatus, many of you may remember our time in Atlantis when we gathered during an early time on Earth? We performed what today would be called miracles, but to us were merely our sacred roles? That ancient time, possibly our first time on this planet, was filled with love, companionship and support for each other. Our work comprised healing of mind, body and spirit, telepathy, balancing the Earth’s energies, alchemical experimentation, and teaching the younger ones sacred rituals, special exercises, to name just a few.

I am sure you will each remember the various roles you all played.

With the traumatic collapse of that ancient continent, many of us were deeply traumatised and it took some time for us to regroup. Other memories will probably be written by the Sisters as their memories are recalled, but remember they were happy and fulfilled until the destruction, which was beyond our power to prevent. It is time to release any residual effects in our minds, bodies or spirits as we move forward into a higher level of development and towards ascension.

In times when the Sisterhood of the Rose was fully functioning and its women were awakened to their roles, they knew that each group of twelve consisted of twelve different coloured roses, which complimented their auras. If they weren’t aware of their colours when they were initiated into the Sisterhood, it soon became apparent that their existing skills fell into different categories of expertise. When they were assigned their rose colour group, teachers enhanced their skills so that each woman became highly proficient in her role. Their combined, shared skills made life easier. All the groups were highly trained in meditation.

The 12 Roses

White Rose – this Sisterhood group create resting and safe places for the teaching women of the Pink Rose to stay, teach and regenerate as they travel from place to place. There is a purity in their devotion which draws others to their door.

Yellow Rose sisters are the administrators who are responsible for the day to day running of the priory or house where they live.


Amber Roses are the predominant healers of body, mind and spirit who have a great knowledge of herbal lore, flower essences and energy transference healing like Seichem.

Green Rose sisters are the agriculturalists responsible for growing foods for feeding the groups and flowers and herbs for medicines.

Blue Rose sisters are the mystics, those who spend a deal of time in meditation and prayer to contact the higher realms and bring down vital new teachings (although all the other groups are highly trained in meditation).

Lavender Rose sisters are those in transition between the Pink and Blue rose groups, those who no longer need or wish to teach and becoming more finely attuned to the higher realms.

Red Rose sisters are those who display courage, passion and fearlessness in the face of danger. They are the protectors and the emissaries.

Orange Rose sisters are very creative, artistic and the scribes of the group.

Then there are the Sisters of the Black Rose – those brave souls who walk between the worlds, who carry the pain of aeons, who help others through the dark night of the soul, the hidden ones. They are the most spiritual of all for they delve deeply into hidden mysteries.

There are two more roses yet to be revealed….

Once again, we have been called to reunite. Now with the ease of international travel and the wondrous World Wide Web, we can choose to live anywhere, not together in a priory as we once did. However, that would still be a wonderful option – imagine – a Spiritual Retirement Village. For me our reuniting now is the fruition of over twenty-five years of waiting, for the Rose revealed herself to me in 1991 on the island of Gozo (Malta) in the temple of Ggantija, home of the ancient divine Feminine. I had been called there on the inner level by the Spiritual Order of Malta; (not connected to the Order of Malta whose headquarters are now in Valetta) and asked to write a book as an awakening call to the Sisterhood.

As I had not written a book before, this seemed quite daunting, but the words just flowed as though I was over lighted. I sent it off the several publishers that rejected it until I rewrote it in 1999. In 1993 I returned to Malta to meet up with nine extraordinary people to continue an ancient task we undertake every 5000 years, and met the actual Spiritual Order of Malta inner core who resided there. That story is written elsewhere, in a book by Francis Aloisio called The Islands of the Dream Speak. Ch.5. Anyone contemplating a trip to Malta should read his books and my book The Sisterhood of the Rose.

My book, set in the time of the third Crusade, was not published until 2004 and again in 2009 in USA. It is recommended reading for all awakening Sisters as it will give an insight into the Sisterhood and hopefully, awaken many ancient memories and talents. The Maltese temples act as a receiver for the down-pouring Cosmic Consciousness and transmitters up to the Cosmos via inaudible sound and their structures are encoded with ancient wisdom, maps to humanities origins and future.

Following five years of wandering the world spreading the energy that I received in Malta (Rose perfume) into hearts and souls and opening the Rose pathways until 1999, I settled in Yamba, on the north coast of NSW, Australia. Part of that story is included in my chapter in this eBook.

In December 2017 I returned to Egypt. My last visit was in 1981 when I was given my name, sound and my soul journey on Earth. Since then I have been Earth Walking. That was the Alpha experience and I have just completed the Omega for I was released from further such journeying and given my freedom from this service. In several of the temples along the Nile River that we visited, I heard the same message. There was a similar release in January 2018 in Malta where I received an energetic upgrade the results of which hopefully will be revealed to me this year. I returned to Malta to research a sequel to The Sisterhood of the Rose as much has happened since I first wrote it back in 1991-3.



The “Rose of the Inner Sanctum” was created in January this year and was originally dedicated to four Sisters in Australia who were expanding the energy and expression of the Rose and raising the esoteric level of its intensity.

A lot has since occurred during the course of 2017 and while these four sisters remain devoted to the cause, others, in diverse parts of the globe, have now joined them, integrating forces and merging confidences. And so, the sheer magnificence and magic of the Rose has been revealed.

My own journey this year has reaffirmed the profound and mystical rose connection at my home in La Fiora, in Italy. During the six months there, some beautiful new Rose Cards for my Oracle were born which emanate more depth, more complexity than those originally designed for the first edition of the deck in 2014.  I have found that the six new cards reveal new pieces of the Rose puzzle and I feel an incredible sense of excitement in what has so far been revealed.

Experiences during the year have also confirmed my perception of the “soul essence” of the Rose as compassionate and caring. Purity of heart and spirit is so integral to our Rose Consciousness, Links to those of the Velvet Rose group have caused certain heartaches and disappointments for me this year but the wisdom and insights gained have been truly remarkable. By connecting with these individuals, my perception of the duality, the polarity that is integral to our Rose doctrine, has deepened and expanded outwards with amazing force.

The Rose Collective has touched and established heart connections between Sisters from many parts of the planet. Beautiful Souls anointed with pink rose light and radiating such a purity of Spirit that sets them apart.

The ancient rose lineages are now stirring, waking, whispering our names. The lines run deep and past lifetimes are revealing glimpses of who we were and which lineage we belonged to. Some of us are experiencing visionary dreams. We are recognizing certain symbols, long forgotten and hearing the voices and vibrations of the Sisters who have walked the planet before us.

The image of the huge white living breathing rose, its petals moving and pulsing from side to side. And of all the Sisters dressed in white within this Rose, each with a silver crescent moon over her throat chakra. This vision remains a constant source of comfort and inspiration to me. It is always present, calling me forward to discover what is in the golden heart core of that Great Rose.

It is such a comfort to now have all my Sisters of the Rose Collective, the expanded Inner Sanctum, as my dear companions on this glorious journey.

Leslina Fanelli

Thailand, November 2017


More and more of the stories of the rose are being remembered – and with these memories comes a rising excitement in my heart as the rose weaves increased levels of magic through us and throughout the world.

New energy streams have been activated which are raising the vibration of the rose as she works more and more of her magic in our everyday world. During the writing of my book ‘Radical Roses: the Rose in Action’ I was shown images of us as healers in the ancient tradition of the rose and these memories gradually became an everyday occurrence and a central part of my sacred journey.

Currently the Rose Collective is being re-born. Until this moment we have been like a sleeping giant. And now that we have awoken it seems that our collective is far greater than we imagined.  United we stand – divided we fall – this old saying still has merit.  There is so much more to our Rose Collective and to the sacred rose herself than we may have considered. Please breathe that possibility in for ten seconds.  Experience that belief flowing to your heart, your mind and all through your body – and as it does begin your rose energetic expansion.

Knowing that everything in our dreams is now possible gives all of us the faith, hope, awareness and strength to carry on.

Any painful residue from our past lives – and indeed from this one – should be released and transformed now.  There is no hurt possible from those quarters anymore and I am sure you find this as much of a genuine relief as I do. I can feel my body relax as she realises she no longer has to run and hide.

Nevertheless the current manipulation of the world energies and the introduction of increasing number of toxic stories mean that we need to expand our own rose stories to activate the subtle energies of transformation. In order to do this effectively it is worthwhile recreating the story of the rose in her many and varied formats – and this is what we have done as a Rose Collective – we have brought together the creations of the rose women working in their own unique way to provide an expansive rose story!

It is our collective intention that this expansive rose story will provide one path to Rose Consciousness for those who are seeking to enhance their energetic vibration.

There truly is something great about the rose.  She has come into her own now. We no longer need to vibrate at the lowest common denominator – we no longer have to fit in – we no longer have to be afraid of being our full selves.  We have done – all of us – a brilliant job of reaching this collective point.  We need to accept our brilliance and be proud of it – we came through – we escaped the wrath of those who did not want us to succeed.  We walked out of the shadow where our enemies had been lurking to limit our success and now we are fully in the light.  And we did this virtually alone. The Rose Road is not one for the faint-hearted – it is often a road we have to walk unaccompanied through light and dark.  Usually we cannot share our experiences with others as they are so unusual. One of the greatest of the spiritual teachings is that everything we have been through in our lives is something we had to experience in order to make it to this meeting place.  We were meant to get to this point – we were meant to survive – and we were meant to re-meet now – contributors and readers alike.

It has been my great privilege to activate the reunion – something I promised that I would do a very long time ago.  And now the reunion will take on its own persona, its own form as it gathers together its own incredible collection of roses. We will continue to seek out other roses until the Rose energy reaches a tipping point – that is when the new Rose Paradigm will be created as knowledge of the rose permeates previously bleak energy points to create her unique scenario.

The Rose will offer the world a different way.

Can you imagine it – what a sacred role we have – and now that the collective has been born the possibilities are even more radical.  So I have not called my contribution ‘Radical Roses’ for nothing – we are part of a Rose Revolution – make no mistake about that. Wherever you are in your life right now you have done an amazing job to reach this point where you have either contributed to this reunion – or whether you have found the website and you are reading and integrating the content which it lovingly provides.

It will start with a trickle – however it will become a raging river.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to be your authentic self.  Our time has come – we have arrived – we are here – so join with me to experience what we have been waiting for now for many lifetimes – open your hearts to the rose and she will never desert you – be who you really are – and your life can change for the better in just one glorious instant.

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist

Dr. Cris Henderson

* Special rose gratitude to Rebecca Gresham and Trevor Foster for their invaluable dedication to the creation of this beautiful website.